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Christopher Ryan Trousdale
Birthdate:June 11,1985
Place of Birth:New Port Rechley, Florida
Height: 5'7"
Weight:around 115lbs
Current Residence:New York
Hair Color:Brown with Blonde tips
Eye Color:Hazelnut Brown
Favorite School Subject:Science
Which subject do you just hate?Math
Favorite Sport:Roller Blading
Favorite Color:Blue and Orange
Favorite Food:Crabs and steak
Favorite Candy:Anything sour
Favorite Drink:Coca Cola
Favorite Movie:Scary Movie
Favorite TV show:Southpark/The Simpsons
Favorite type of music: Pop & Rap
Favorite DS song:"I Say Yeah" & "They Don't Understand" (Pokemon Version)
Best Feature:Hair
What type of girls do you like?One that has a sense of humor
Motto:"Life's here so live it!"
Favorite Phrase: What's uuuuuuuup?!?!?
Described as:Funny,caring,loving,adventerous, unpredictable, a flirt.
Which DS member do you get along with the most?Frankie
Brothers:Ronnie who's married to Tracey who have a son named Ryan (5) and Nick (1)
Parents:Mom named Helen
First Kiss: "My first kiss...well I could give you a cute story.When I was really little,like 5, I used to watch you know,movies and stuff, and they used to tease me about romantic kisses. When I was really little, there was this girl who used to live right next door to me. So one day we were acting really shy with one another, and I just went right up to her and gave her a big peck on the lips. I mean, you know, you see babies kiss each other all the time. My mom told me that was my first kiss; I don't really remember it. My first real was probably around twelve. I had a little girlfriend and...well my first kiss was really was awkward, I have to say, when you first do it, you get a little rush and you're like, "Oh my lord!"but then you feel so relieved afterwards...but we were really young, know...(laughs)"
Pranks you've pulled on people? I once asked Timmy (Jesse's little brother) to go up to a random fan and tell her that he was named Dorothy and that he lost-and Timmy did it!
What is your favorite sandwich? Tomato and Mozzarella
What instruments do you play?Piano
Where's your ticklish spot?My Sides!
Specialties:Ballet,Tap,Jazz,Hip-Hop dancing, Irish step-dancing
What languages do you speak?English,Spanish
What is yuor shoe size?12
Food Fact:When Chris get's to working really hard, he sometimes forgets to eat. The other guys have to remind him!
What hand do you write with?Right
What would you say was the weirdest autograph?People have asked me to sign underwear, the weirdest is when I have to sign thongs.
How do you pronounce your last name?Trousdale is pronounced TRUES-dale, not TROWS-dale!
What is your favorite cologne?Curve for Men
Favorite Cartoon:SpongeBob SquarePants
Ethnicity:Irish,Greek, Spanish
I didn't ask Chris these question I found them at the Unofficial Dream Street Fan Site or something like that!