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Chris Trousdale Irving, Texas Concert Review

Hey you all, it's me Vanessa! Well I wanna thank the people who actually believed that I would give my little project to Chris cause I personally gave it to him in his hands and he loved it!!! Well around 10:30 a.m Chris was practicing his songs for the 2:30 show and he was unbelievable! After practice there were a couple of fans who were there way early and Chris was signing some autographs and taking pictures (of course I was there!) Well Chris was one of the most sweetest guys ever cause he attended every single one of his fans asking them what their names were and everything. My baby brother "Jesse" took a pic. w/ him and Chris was so nice cause he was all like "Hey Jesse, give me 5 dude!" and it was so funny! Then after a while of waiting, Chris arrived and everyone was just screaming their heads off saying "I love you Chris!!!" and it was awesome! Finally, 2:30! Chris walked on stage and sang one of his songs from his solo album, and it was just incredible, then he sang some of the Dream Street songs. After that he performed "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me" w/ "Play" LoL! and he was so HOT! Then he sang "You Can Count On Me" and "The Dream Is Gone" and he was pointing at me which just put me in complete shock! And you can't forget about one of the best break dancers ever who performed there, sorry I forgot his name! Finally it was time for the official autograph signing! After waiting for Jump 5 to finish performing Chris drove to the booth where the autographs were taking place and he signed my poster and he gave me an incredible hug cause I told him "Thanks for being such a great role model cause of everything that you've done after Dream Street" and he told me "Awww... those are some of the most perfect words anyone has ever told me!" I was just amazed at how well he was performing by himself without any of the DS guys cause he was just amazing!!! Well there's my Chris Trousdale concert review and if you read this Chris "I LOVE YOU and you did an incredible job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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