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Q: What color is your toothbrush, since last time someone asked you it was yellow?
A: My toothbrush is green and white!
Q: How many children do you want to have, and how many would be girls or boys?
A: I would have 2 guys and a girl. (Kyle, Drew, and Halie)
Q: Do you believe in the saying "opposites attract" or would you rather date a girl that had the same interests as you?
A: I think I would rather date a girl that has the same interests as me. This way we would have fun doing something we both love.
Q: Hey Jesse!! What do you usually eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?
A: I don't usually eat breakfast, but for lunch I love sushi or any kind of Japanese food, and for dinner I love BBQ'S
Q: I have a question for Jesse what is your social standing at school. Are you one of the guys that every girl likes or are you an outsider?
A: I have a bunch of good friends at my school that are both guys and girls!
Q: What grosses you out?
A: What grosses me out the most and makes me sick to my stomach, is when a girl files her nails. To me, it's like fingernails on a chalkboard!!!!!!!!!
Q: How do you prepare for an audition?
A: I make sure that I’m very comfortable with the script. It's better to have your lines mostly memorized so u don’t have to keep looking down at the script during the audition.
Q: What's your favorite thing to eat on Thanksgiving?
A: The mashed potatoes and the cranberry sauce are my two favorite parts of the meal.
Q: Hey Jesse, if you weren't a rising celebrity, as a teen, what type of job would you apply for?
A: During the summer I'd probably take on the job most of my friends have. I'd work at a pool as a lifeguard.
Q: What is your favorite acting role you've played?
A: I think so far I had the most fun with JR on "All My Children." There were a lot of different changes that occurred during those three years that I was on!
I know this is random, but do you cuddle?
Who’s asking? Wink Wink
How exactly did you get in the soap business?
I have a theatrical agent who got me an audition with the casting directors of All My Children. I went in and read one scene one time and didn’t hear back for 4 weeks. I figured that the job possibility was dead but it shows you anything can happen.
What’s jesses favorite thing to do when he really doesn’t have anything to do?
I like to hang out with my friends and play sports whenever possible. I water ski in the summer and I just learned to surf this past spring. Sometimes, to chill out when I’m home alone, I play xbox.
Why do you like girls who wear Abercrombie and Fitch?
That was just a joke. You know that song by LFO where they say “I like girls who wear Abercromie & Fitch.” It just popped into my head when I was asked what kind of girls I like. I really like ALL kinds of girls.
What is your favorite movie that you saw this year?
I think one of my favorite movies this year was “The Italian Job.”
I heard you were really good friends with Lindsay Pagano? ( friends) Where did ya'll meet?
Lindsay and I became friends on the Aaron Carter tour. She opened for Dream Street, and since then we’ve remained friends!!
My question is… is there any person that just totally inspires you in anything you do?
James Taylor for music, Edward Norton for acting, and Mickey Mantle for baseball.
And now for some REALLY random questions:
What kind of shampoo does Jesse use?
Pantene Pro V
What kind of socks do you wear?
What's your favorite kind of lightbulb...100 watts...etc?
Dark. I like the dark.
Do you prefer soda out of a bottle or a can?
French kissing or french toast?
French hugging! haha.
8)What's your favorite letter...mines X? Y?
Q: Is "why don’t you kiss her" about Katie?
A: No...haha..Katie's a good friend of mine. I just liked the song a lot!
Q: What do you like doing more, performing as a solo artist or did you like it as a group with Dream Street?
A: I like performing with a band behind me better than just a track, but i did have a lot of fun with the other guys...I like them both a lot.
Q: Hey Jesse! I was just wondering now that your 16, did you get your permit? I'm going this week to go get it.
A: I haven't had a lot of time.
Q: What is your fave girl and boy name?
A: I like Halie or Taylor for a girl, and Jack or Cole for a boy.
Q: i was just wondering... Jesse if ur single.
A: Yup....been single for a while now!
Q: To bring back an old subject (sorry for all the people still asking), how did you feel when you found about the verdict to the lawsuit?
A: I was very upset at first, but i learned that things work themselves out and that everything works out for the best!
Q: i recently saw a commercial on tv, (an anti-smoking commercial) and the guy who is talking to the girl in the commercial looks exactly like you... is it?
A: Yea that's me....I'm the bad guy, but the point of the whole commercial is to teach kids not to smoke.
Q: Hey Jesse!! I wanted to know if you have a favorite song of yours that YOU sing?
A: I really love "Beautiful Soul."
I've seen the film trailer of "The Pirates of Central Park." I've noticed Adam Lamberg aka Gordy on Disney's Lizzie McGuire is in it. Do you guys still keep in touch and follow each other's careers? We just reunited at the NYC Film Festival. I hadn't seen him since we did the film together. He's living on the West coast now but we'll stay in touch via the phone.
I was just wondering what color your is your cell phone? How did you lose the other one? My cell phone is black. I lost it on tour...I just left it somewhere.
Do you take drama or acting classes at school? If you don't, what class do you choose as an elective? I don't take Drama at school. I take Art.
I love the Spring, listening to the sound of the rain outside my window as I slowly fall asleep. What is your favorite season and why? Fall...I love the trees during the fall and the smell of the air.
Although it is a few years in the future, what college do you want to go to? Perhaps UCLA.
What is your best subject in school? Spanish
I was reading your album thank yous a while ago and I read that you said something about band class to your band teacher in them. So my question is do you still take band or chorus in high school? If you take band what instrument(s) do you play? I no longer take Band in High School but I played Saxophone from 3rd through 8th grade.
What kind of vegetable do you HATE? Brussel Sprouts.
Do you ever wear disguises when you go out in public? I wear hats sometimes at malls, etc...
Do fans ever come to your baseball games? A few have come, yes.
I was watching Soap Center and they had this thing where they asked soap stars how they memorized their lines and I was'd you memorize your lines when you were on All My Children? I'd just read it like 3 times. Fortunately I have a good memory.
Have you ever wanted to dye your hair BLUE? No, but I dyed it Black once for a community theatre role.
If you weren't in Dream Street or on television what do you think you'd be doing with your life? Playing Baseball.
What kind of books do you like to read? Biographies.
I was wondering... what is your fave breakfast food? And do you like eggs? And if you do, how do you like them done? I like eggs (scrambled), but I also like Pumpkin pie for breakfast too!
What kind of milk do you drink (skim, 1%, 2%, etc...)? 2%
Have you ever had a fan cry when they saw you? How did you react? Yes. I gave her a hug.
Do you like lollipops? What is your favorite flavor? What is your favorite kind (ex: dum dums, tootsie roll, etc...)? Yes. Raspberry tootsie roll pops.
What do you think of girls that find your house and pick a piece of grass and go home and cherish it forever? That's funny and be careful...I have a cat who "uses" the grass! Ha!
There are Millions and Billions and Zillions of girls and websites that say that they are going out with you and they are friends with you. So what is the truth? You single or not? Single yeah. Lots of posers are out there remember! I have friends at school I go out with.
Is it true that you failed science? No. I like science.
What is your real favorite food? I've heard pizza, beef jerky, dumplings, candy and bunch more. So what is it? Can I have more than one? Steak, California Rolls, Bagels & Cream Cheese.
If a fan somehow got your screen name and IMed you, would you talk to them, admit that you were actually you, pretend you were someone else or block them? I try to keep my email private and don't usually talk to anyone unless I know who it is.
Have u ever thought of putting in a search for Dream Street/Jesse McCartney fans on AIM and them IMing someone? (If you do after this...think "Nicole"!). No. Ha Ha. Hi Nicole.
What is your favorite key on the keyboard? Middle C
Do you believe in love at first sight? Oh yeah!
Did you get to go to school during the trial? Yes. Most days I didn't have to be there. Only the attorneys spoke.
Did you write any songs on your new album? Not yet...I'm workin' on it.
What is your favorite NON Dream Street song? Right now probably Mario's new song.
What's going on with you and Halie? Do you have a crush on her? (I know this one is personal, but I just HAD to ask!) Halie and I are good friends. But we live in different states.
Do you like to sleep? Sleeping is my favorite thing to do! Ha Ha!
Do you consider Cheerleading a sport? (please say no) No, but it is good exercise.
When you have a rough day, what do you do to try and put it behind you? I put on my headphones and listen to music.
Do you consider yourself a normal teenager? Yes. I'm a normal teenager...just one who works in the professional world too.
Do you realize how much you mean to some of your fans? Like literally there are some of us that worship you...LOL. Thank you. But don't ever worship anyone except GOD!
What would you say is the easiest way to meet you guys or to attract your attention? Come to a record signing or a concert. We get to meet a lot of people there.
What is your favorite way to travel? (Bus, plane, car, etc...) Plane. It's faster.
What is your favorite place that you've been to in the U.S.? Yosemite and the California coast.
I read on a website that you like girls that wear Abercrombie and Fitch. Is that true? What about the girls that wear Old Navy or PacSun? (me...LOL) That Abercrombie and Fitch comment was quoting that song by LFO. It was a joke that was blown way out of proportion. Clothes don't make the girl!
You do so many photo shoots but where do all the pics go? Towards magazines and posters and stuff.
I have almost 400 pictures of you on my wall...739 of Dream Street all together...What do you think of that? Wow...that's flattering. Does your Mom think you're nuts? :-)
Would you say you are the bad boy of your old group Dream Street? Nah. Maybe a little mischievous.
Do you guys do pranks on each other? If so who is the prankster master? Oh yeah, I'd say Matt and I are the best on pranking!!
I love the way you look and I was wondering how do you stay in shape? I play sports at school and water ski in the summer. I also like to run and rollerblade at the track.
Are you looking forward to going on another tour to promote your solo album? Sure. I love to tour.
What do you like to do when you get home after a concert or tour? Sleep, then see my friends that I haven't seen in a while.
When you go shopping what is the first place you go to or the one you always have to shop at? Tommy Hilfiger
Was it hard to adjust to being with older guys you didn't know when Dream Street was first starting out? No. We instantly hit it off. Besides, I grew taller than Matt the 1st year so I could keep him in line. Right Matt? :-)
Does it ever bother you that people who don't even know you make things up about you or that you can't go out without being recognized? People telling stories about me is annoying because some people believe them.
I know this is a weird question, but what does your room look like? It has a bay window, gold carpet and blue & black & gold quilt. I have lots of gifts from fans in my room on my window sill.
Do you ever get bored out on the road? Never!
I've noticed in most pics you never smile. Why? I dunno, I like to smile when it's natural. I'm not mad or anything. I think that's just my style!
I was just wondering if you ever got into small fights or arguments with the guys when Dream Street was together? Of course!
I know you must miss your family when you are on the road. So how do you deal with it? I call them a lot.
Out of all of the old Dream Street guys who would you say is the neatest or most organized? Definitely Frankie.
What kind of things go through your mind right before a show? All the girls in the audience.
Do you have anyone in particular who inspired you to act or sing? My parents.
Has the fame of being a popstar changed you in any way? No, I just think of it as something I love to do.
I saws the pic of you guys from the magazine M. The one with the silly string and I have one question. You were eating the silly string because? It tastes good...I didn't mean too. Ha!
I know that you rarely have spare time but when you do, what do you like to do? Play ball and hang with my friends.
After the signings and practices that last from 6:00 to 1:00 what is the thing that keeps you going? Coffee!
Are you going to keep looking for roles and acting? Yes, I definitely want to keep acting.
What would be something that turns you off? Lies
Is your room messy? A bit....yes.
Do you share a room with your brother? The TMac - No Way! We keep him locked up downstairs. Ha! ;-)
What do u look for in a girl? Well as far as physical aspects, I love a girl with nice eyes and as far as personality I love a girl that can make me laugh. I'm not a real laugh at anything kind of guy and I don't laugh and smile all of the time. But if a girl can make me laugh....I am in love!
I was just wondering if Jesse has a girlfriend? I have dated off and on, but at this time I am single! Don't believe all the internet rumors about me dating everyone on the planet. I have a lot of friends who are girls, but don't really "date" all of the time.
Does Jesse like being a singer more than a actor? I like them both the same since I have been doing both since I was 7 years old.
Jesse, have you ever considered a solo career if you and the boys of DS didn't work out? I really don't think about that. I want to concentrate on the positive and make it work out!
Was it hard for you to act high on All My Children? It really wasn't that hard (no, not because I do drugs or know personally about them) since I got help from a narcotics officer on the set that coached me on the symptoms of drug use. She explained to me the reaction and appearance of someone on Ecstasy and other drugs.
How long has Jesse had braces? I have had them on for two months and they come off in a couple of months (I hope!).
Before you go on stage [in front of so many people] are scared or do you feel nervous? If so how do you get rid of that feeling? Sometimes I get a little nervous before large crowds and important concerts. It may not really be nervous as much as excited. Going out on stage and having a bunch of girls screaming your name is such a rush and very flattering. The feeling goes away once I start singing.
Does Jesse have an e-mail address? Yes, but I use it for communicating with family and friends. I can't give it out to everyone because I would be swamped and never be able to answer them all. Then people would get mad at me for not answering. There was a time when I gave out my screen name to fans and I would get so many IMs that it would freeze my computer up! I hope you understand :-)
Whats your least favorite food? Brussel Sprouts.....yuck!!!!!!!!!
Do you ever feel left out because you are the youngest member of the group? Not at all. I've known all the guys for three years of Dream Street and some before that from acting. We are like brothers all doing same thing and we all hang out together.
What's your favorite junk food? I love gooey Gummi Bears and Sour Patch Kids.
Unlike other celebrities you didn't want home schooling and you wanted to go to a real high school. What made you consider this? Do kids in your school treat you differently? I chose to stay because of the experience that you can't have back once it is lost. I have so many things I like there like my friends, teachers and baseball. The people at school don't really treat me any differently. I have known and gone to school with most of them my whole life and since I've acted and sung that long they don't really think anything of it. Sometimes someone may say "hey Dream Street" in the hall, but only joking and it doesn't bother me.
Which member of Dream Street are you closest with? We are all friends and nobody is really closer than anyone else. I sometimes do things with only one or the other if it's an activity that maybe only we like to do, but we are all friends.
My friend was listening to Z100 one morning and a girl called in saying she was your girlfriend and that she was only dating you because you were famous and in Dream Street. She also said that she throws keg parties at your house every weekend. I was wondering if this was true ? No it wasn't. I don't drink and have never had any drinking or drugs at any party. I laugh at some of the rumors about me, but then I realize that some people believe anything if it repeated enough. I think it is sad that people have to make up stuff about me to either make themselves appear to be in the know or just to cut me down. Sometimes something may be just partly true and it gets told so many time and gets changed around to a complete lie. For example the rumor that I hate my fans and am a very mean person. There may have been some isolated incidents where at a signing I may have been in a bad mood (you know.......up till 2AM after a concert and then waking up early to sign and then signing for hours on hours). A couple of people get mad and start telling everyone on a message board and then all of the sudden it just isn't the two that experienced it, it is someone that says they know of someone who knows of someone, etc... and then it goes on and on and on. I am not the phony friendly kind of guy and I am usually very quiet and not a big laugher, so sometimes people take that for rudeness and being mean. If anyone got that impression, I apologize. I love my fans and REALLY appreciate all their support and kind words!
What is this 1 thing you miss most about being on the road? I miss all the cities and meeting fans.
What has been the weirdest thing you've ever autographed for a fan? Shoes and dirty socks.
What was your weirdest fan encounter? One time we were having an autograph signing and this girl decided she was going to jump toward us. She jumped and landed on the table in front of us and the table folded up and collapsed and she got tangled up in it. We all just stared and started to laugh (she wasn't hurt!).
Would you ever date a fan? Absolutely. But I would have to get to know them first of course.
Where is your favorite place to perform? Why? In the shower! I love the echo and I usually stay in there about an hour.
What do you think of the rumor (which from experience isn't true!) that you sometimes have an attitude? Like I said is sad, but not much I can do about it. It is usually started by one or two people and then it spreads like wildfire. People mistake my reserved personality for an attitude. But it isn't true! I feel blessed to been given this chance and to have such great fans.
I was wondering what your middle name was? I've heard people say its Arthur, Adam, and Abraham. I'll never tell!!!!!!!! I just like to keep a little bit of privacy.
Boxers or Briefs? Boxers baby!
I just wanted to know when do you wear your glasses? I don't need them to correct my vision. I wear them sometimes just for fashion.
Is it true that you eat peanut butter out of the jar with your hand cause that is what Greg And Matt said when we asked him? Those guys! I like peanut butter, but the whole thing started because in an interview, when I wasn't there, they said I was a peanut butter freak and away it went. People bring me jars of peanut butter ( the way!) and think I loveeeeeeeeeee it. Well really I like it, but it isn't my favorite food of all time. That was just Greg and Matt joking and having a good time at my expense. See, we are like brothers!
Ok, I read somewhere that you guys like to go to Six Flags! So I was just wondering what was your favorite ride there? Goliath. That is one awesome roller coaster!
What has been the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you while on stage performing? On this last tour, with Aaron Carter, I came out on stage and was in position to start, then the lights came up and we started to sing and dance. I reached up to adjust my microphone and it wasn't there! I had left it back stage! I ran off the stage to get it and got back on stage just in time for my solo part. That was embarrassing. What singer forgets his microphone?
Do you ever get online and talk to your fans? Not really because of my computer freezing up with so many. I have given out my email to some people, but unfortunately they have given it out to other people and I will probably have to change it.
When I go to different Dream Street chat rooms a lot of girls say that they have your email address and screen name but others say that you have never and will never give them out to any of your fans. Is this true? There are a lot of posers out there. Sometimes people get my email and pass it around even though they promised not to. I have given it out in the past, but don't anymore since it seems to get passed around and posted to the internet.
What is the craziest thing a fan has ever done for you? Well not really the craziest, but one of the nicest things was a great fan gave me a 24K gold bracelet with my name on it. Wow was that unexpected!
Hey I was just wondering what does everyone (meaning all of Dream Street) do when you are on the tour bus? We do our school work and when we have free time, we play Xbox...A LOT!
I know this sounds really stupid but what's your favorite animal? Giraffe
Are the rumors true that Jesse is going to go out with Kaci? What about Hilary Duff? I know of Kaci, but we are not going out or plan to go out. I don't know where this whole Hilary Duff thing started....about us dating and kissing under the mistletoe and us being cousins, etc... To set the record straight.....I know who Hilary is, but I have NEVER even met her. You can ask questions via this forum to confirm any of the wild rumors you hear. Remember that most are not true anyway.
What nationality are you? English, Scottish and Irish
What is Jesse's favorite candy? It used to be Hershey Kisses, but I got so many as gifts in the mail and at signing that I got burned out on them. I'll stick with my Gummi Bears and Sour Patch Kids right now.
What kind of cologne do you wear? Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani
What is the stupidest rumor you have heard about yourself? That I have the best keg parties in the New York area.
What do you do with all the stuff your fans give you? Most of it I keep, but I give a lot of things to charity (like Teddy Bears......we have been given a lot of them!).
I always see you wearing a cross necklace, are you Christian? Yes, a born again Christian.
What religion are you? Protestant
What is your favorite kind of ice cream? Chocolate
When do you think you will be getting your braces off? Today! I had them taken off earlier (May 10th)
There is a rumor going around that Paul McCartney is your dad. Is it true or not? No, I am not related to him in any way.
Hey I know you don't like LOOOOOOVE peanut butter, but since you like it so much but not love it (lol) what is your favorite kind, like crunchy or smooth? Smooth, I'm not obsessed with it, but I do eat it.
What is your favorite game to play on Xbox? NFL Fever
If you had a chance to chose any celebrity to work with recording and/or acting, who would you chose? Will Smith
Are you allergic to anything? Nothing that I know of
Do use an electric or regular toothbrush? What color is it? I use both. The Electric one is white and the regular one is Yellow.
What is your favorite snowball (snow cone) flavor? None, I can't stand them.
I read in the Popstar! magazine that you like to write. I love writing too. Just out of curiosity, what type of things do you like to write? what genre? Poetry, fantasy, nonfiction, songs, stories, plays, etc... I like to write Drama and Poetry.
Do you read fanfiction? If so, what was your favorite one? No, I've never heard of it until Bob (my publicist) just told me.
Jesse, I heard that you took Spanish. Do you like it, totally hate it, or is it in between? I like it.
I was just wondering, do you eat fast food? and if you do, what's your fave fast food place? Yes, I love it. Especially on the road that is all we eat! Wendys is my favorite place. I usually get either a Taco Salad or Chicken Nuggets.
What do you miss about being on AMC and who do you miss the most? Do you ever visit them? I just visited them last week to pick up my Emmy reels (video clips of my work on AMC). I miss the feeling of being a family I had on the set. I miss all of the cast, not just one person.
Do you enjoy listening to yourself sing or would you rather listen to other bands most of the time? I'm sick of hearing me! I like to listen to other people.
I know you play baseball, I was wondering what your jersey number is? 7. It has always just been my favorite number.
I know this is kinda random....but whats your favorite fruit? I'd have to say two of them....Kiwi and Strawberry
I was just wondering what song you sang for your DS audition? Actually I sang three of them. Don't Want to Miss a Thing (Steve Tyler of Aerosmith), As Long As You Love Me (Backstreet Boys) and Blue Suede Shoes (Elvis Presley) for my dance portion.
How old were you in the short film "The Pirates of Central Park"? Is it available on video? I was 12 years old when I filmed that. It was just a short film and as far as I know, it is not available on video.
Who is your favorite baseball player? I like a lot of them, but I'd have to say Derek Jeter of the Yankees.
What is your favorite baseball team? The New York Yankees!
If you could have any special power, what would it be and why? Special power to take away my laziness. When I am home, I tend to be sort of a couch potato.
What was the most awkward moment you ever had with a fan? I think when I was singing at a concert and a fan reached on stage and grabbed my pants and pulled them down to my ankles! So there I was standing there and singing to the crowd in my boxers!
I think about you every night when I go to sleep? I was just wondering what you wear to bed so I have a better image when I'm dreaming of you. Usually I wear flannels and no shirt.
What position do you play for your baseball team? I am a Pitcher (right now I'm 6-0...woo hoo) and Shortstop when I'm not pitching.
What really bugs you? I know it sounds strange, but a pet peeve is when women file their finger nails. To me it's like fingernails on a chalkboard!
When you are performing what song gets the crowd going the most? I'd have to say Sugar Rush gets the crowd going.
If you were stranded on a deserted island, what 2 items would you bring with you (they can be ANYTHING) and who would you want to be stranded with? I'd bring my music and my cell phone. I think I'd like to be stranded with Britney Spears.
Have you ever been out of the country? Yes, but not very far. Only to Canada.
Have you ever broken any bones? Which one(s)? Nope......I've been lucky and have never broken any bones.
What happened to Jesse's left eyebrow? It looks like he has a scar. It is a scar. I fell on a radiator when I was four years old. It took 8 stiches to fix it (4 inside and 4 outside).
How does it feel to be nominated for an Emmy for the second year in a row? It feels amazing. Especially since I left the show. I am very honored and am enjoying it. I look forward to seeing some of my cast mates at the award show. It is sort of awkward since there is someone else playing J.R. now.
What did you do for your 15th birthday? I went to Florida with my Dad and we did some bonding :-) We played Golf and got passes for Island of Adventure.
Is it true you ice skate? Yes, I do. But I don't play Hockey.
What is your bad habit? I'd have to say biting my nails. I wish I could stop!
What is your most embarrassing moment off stage? When I was in 2nd grade I had a girlfriend and was riding my bike by her. She had training wheels but I was Mr. Cool and didn't need them. So I was showing off to her riding around, I was looking at her and smiling...not watching where I was going and BAM. I ran into the back of a parked car and got knocked silly. My Mom carried me off crying like a baby! Good impression to the ladies, eh?
Since your turning 15! Are you gonna get your driving permit? Unfortunately in New York state, it is Sixteen. So I have to wait another year.
Did you get any cool gifts for your birthday? From who? I got many cool gifts and cards from some fans. I really wanted to thank everyone who did that for me! I also got the trip to Florida with my Dad and a new cell phone since I lost the other one on tour.
What are your favorite clothes to wear? I like to wear sort of preppy clothes. I like to wear a shirt tucked in with a pair of Khakis and a belt. I also like to wear shoes, not tennis shoes. I like the brands of Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein.
What are the best and worst things about being famous? The best part is the fans and being on tour and singing with my friends. I also get to see a lot of the country and meet many great people. The worst part would have to be the lack of privacy and the invasion of privacy. Sometimes it is hard to go out to the mall or out to eat.
Do you remember the first time you were ever recognized in public? Yes, it was about three years ago. I was in The Gap and a lady came up to me and said "You are Junior on All My Children." I was thrilled and proud about that!
This might sound like a weird question, but how late do you usually stay up until? On weekends & school nights? I usually stay up until about 11:00 PM on school nights and on weekends about 12:30 or 1:00 AM.
I have a walk-in closet covered in DS pics. I go in there when I need time alone. Where do you go when you need to be alone? In my room with my stereo.
When you go to a pizzeria. do you get pizza or something else? I usually get Chicken Parmesan Pizza.
I just was wondering if you even knew how you lost your cell phone? I lost it at a hotel while I was on tour.
And what size shoe do you wear? I wear a 9 1/2.
My friend and I sent you boxers for your b-day. They were white and said "McCartney 01" on the back. Did you get them? Yes! And I wear them! Haha.
Hey Jesse! what is your biggest fear? Car Accidents.
Ok I know this is a dumb question but.. Do any of the guys (DS) or you snore when they sleep? I don't know about that one. I haven't really stayed up to hear if any of the guys do. I don't though.
Jesse, I heard that you played pitcher, and I was wondering how fast can you throw and do you strike a lot of people out? My fastest is about 65 MPH. People strike out on the curve ball.
I read once in a interview that you grew up listening to James Taylor with your father, is this true? Do you still listen to James Taylor? Yes I did. I love James Taylor. He's a great musician.
How old were you when you had your first kiss? was it a disaster or was it a "memorable" moment? It was in the sixth grade. I liked her a lot!
As a musician, has your views of music changed since you've joined Dream Street and have met so many people? What has music always been for you? I listen to a variety of music. I like Hip Hop, Pop, Rock and some R&B.
What is your favorite soda?! Pepsi and Root Beer
My favorite super hero is Zorro. Who's yours? God!
Hey when I was a signing of your I saw Timmy and Lea and they are both so adorable! they look just like you! I was wondering if you get a long with them? or do you guys get in fights a lot. We're like every other bunch of brothers and sisters. We have our moments but for the most part we get along. Haha.
What clothes do you wear while you're at home? Sweat pants and a t-shirt.
Does your sister have a crush on any of the other dream street guys? who? I'm not too sure, but I think she has a "thing" for Greg.
What's the name of your baseball team? The Panthers.
What do you sing in the shower? Everything!
If you were a fan on MTV's FANatic, who would you be interviewing? Will Smith.
Can you cook? are you good? what can you make? I love to cook! One of my friends and I cook all the time. We come up with our own concoctions.
This may be a weird thing to ask, but do you have a favorite cartoon? Anything with Elmer Fud and Porky Pig.
Do you like to listen to Destiny's child and if you do what is your favorite song??? They're cool...I like "Say My Name."
And what kind of car do you want when you get older? What color? BMW M3. Baby Blue or Electric Blue
What kind of cat is Oliver?? like what breed .. if you even know that and is he indoor or outdoor?? I don't know what kind he is, he really likes my sister more than any of us. He's both outdoor and indoor.
Do you wear contacts, or have your eyes always been GORGEOUSLY green? Nope, those are my eyes!