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We went to your concert in Massachusetts! You performed so good. When you took of the green shirt and we saw your muscles we were like wow! That comes to our question do you go to a gym and work out? (Cece and Stephanie from Massachusetts) Yes, I try to work out once a day. I have a gym in my room. Thanks

If you could be any Disney character who would you be and why? (Kel from Illinois) I think I would have to pick Prince Charming cause Cinderella is hot!
Hey Greg. We saw you perform in Braintree were the lucky girls who won the poster contest, we had 500 reasons why we love you on the poster. Anyway, we were just wondering if it was weird to perform without your band? You seem to get more into it and excited when they're there, because you can share the fun of being onstage with them. Did it feel funny not to hear the live band and have to sing to a track instead? (Dani and Nicole from Massachusetts) I definitely love performing with the live band better than anything else and truthfully I was pretty pissed that I couldn't have them there, but I had a great time anyway. It wasn't tough to sing to the tracks because I've become pretty use to it considering it's all we did in Dream Street. The live band is just so much more intense. If that's the only show you've been to then please try hard to make it down to a real one. Congratulations on being the poster winner!!!
I was wondering since the break-up of Dream Street which member have you seem to really keep in touch with? (Sarah from San Mateo, California) I've seen Jesse the most out of all the guys since the break-up, but I still talk to almost everyone on-line.
We wanna know, do you ever wear your hair long, straight, curly, fuzzy snaggy, shaggy, ratty, matty, oily, greasy, fleecy, shining, gleaming, steaming, flaxen, waxen, knotted, polka-dotted, twisted, beaded, braided, powdered, flowered, and confettied, bangled, tangled, spangled and spaghettied!?! (Misty, Angelica, Lindsey) Was it fun singing Hair?? LOL!!! I sang that song when I was around 12 years old. It was tough at first to get all the words memorized, but after that it was a lot of fun to sing. It's on the "The Broadway Kids Back On Broadway" CD.
Have you ever got in trouble in school, or gotten detention? Be thanks! (Megan from Chicago) Many, Many times.. If you want me to be real honest. LOL
Hey Greg! I've been to 3 of your concerts so far and in everyone besides Winter Jam, you played your "My Life" Video. I think you look so adorable in it! By any chance are you going to sell it for fans to buy cause I know I want it! (Marianne from Carteret, NJ) I'm glad you like the video, but I think it's gonna stay a concert thing. That way it'll make it more special to see rather than being able to watch it all the time. Plus I'd be way too embarrassed to sell that video.
Greg, I saw you at Jesse's first solo performance in Norwalk, CT and I was wondering if you surprised him or if he knew you were coming and what did you think of the show? (Sara from Massachusetts) No, he knew I was coming. He called me up to tell me about it so I took the ride out to show my support. I was happy for him. I think he did a great job and I'm really proud of him. Obviously from my own personal experience I know how much time and work it takes to get a show like that together and he did awesome.
I was at your concert on 3/30/03 (which ROCKED by the way!) and when you saw me in the audience singing along to "My Life" you waved to me. How does it feel now looking down into the audience seeing all those people singing along to your own songs that you wrote? (Lauren from Staten Island, NY) The only way anyone can really know the words to any of my songs is if you've been to my concerts because none of my music has been released yet. I have seen girls mouthing the words to some of the songs and it's definitely a weird thing to see. It's strange to think that the words I write when I'm alone sitting in my room become memorized lyrics that girls sing along with. It's the best feeling. I can't wait for my CD to be released so I can hear everyone sing along.
I wanted to ask you what were you thinking when you heard everyone chanting "WE WANT GREG, WE WANT GREG!" in Atlantic City and did you have a good time performing with everyone screaming? I have a good time and I hope to see you at another concert! (Vanessa from Hopatcong, NJ) I love it when the fans do that. Before every show I try to pump myself up on the side of the stage. Usually I'll do push ups or pull ups if there is something around. When the crowd is chanting it makes the suspense of going on stage so much greater. It's awesome.
I have heard a lot of girls say that when they are in a bad mood that they listen to a Dream Street CD. I was wondering what artist do you listen to when you are in a bad mood? (Jessica from MD) When I'm in a bad mood usually I'll just play the guitar or piano and sing with it. When I'm playing a song I forget about everything that's going on and kinda just drift into my own little world.
Hey Greg, every time I see a picture of you, you have a different chain on....How many chains do you own? (Julie from Coram LI) I think I have lost count cause I have so many chains from my fans, but usually I'm wearing the chain that I got from my Aunt Laura for my birthday. I love collecting gold and silver chains.
Are you related to Joe Raposo? (Melodie from Cincinnati, Ohio) My grandfather who passed away when I was 7 years old, told my Dad that Joe Raposo was a distant relative in our family. I am proud to be associated with Joe Raposo. He was a very talented songwriter/composer. He wrote many of the Sesame Street Songs and the theme song to "Three's Company ." Unfortunately, he passed away many years ago and I never had the chance to meet him.
Greg--You are so successful at all that you do. singing, dancing, playing guitar. You said that you don't get nervous on stage. So I was wondering do you have any tips for auditioning? What do you do to calm your nerves? (Tamara from New Jersey) For anyone whose auditioning, I'd say first of all don't go in saying your sick or you have a cold because I know a lot of people do that and all it does is show nervousness and insecurity. Just audition with all you got and after you walk out of the room then forget about it. If you book the job then they'll call you, but otherwise don't even think about it. Lots of the auditions aren't even based on your talent, but on a certain look they need for the part.
I was watching this celebrity thing on TV and one celebrity said that it was weird when fans come up them because the fans feel like they know so much about this person, but the celebrity knows nothing about the fan. Is it like this for you? (Angela from Clifton Park, NY) Yea it's definitely weird when a total stranger who you've never met before knows so much about you, yet you don't even know their name. At the same time though all a fan really knows about me is facts such as birthdays or favorite foods or stuff they read through magazines and websites. I don't really believe that anyone who I've never met before really knows the real me. I really do enjoy meeting fans. So if you see me come on over and say Hi.
I wanted to ask you what's the craziest thing a fan has ever had you sign? (Andrea from New Jersey) Other than body parts, I've been asked to sign stuff like shoes, socks, and even a molding of some girls teeth.
When you have true fans like me and my friends, who travel near and far just to see you and meet you again and again, do u recognize them? (Shannon from Dracut, Mass) I'm horrible when it comes to remembering names, but when it comes to faces I recognize most of my fans. I find it so amazing when my fans travel from far away places to see me perform. Thanks!
I know that you are Catholic, so is Christmas your favorite holiday? How do you like to spend it and do you have an ideal gift? (Joanna from Syosset, New York) Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday of the year. I spend it every year with my family. We switch around every year at whose house the party is gonna be at. This year I asked Santa for clothes.
Are Greg, Matt, Jesse, or Frankie seeing any money from The Biggest Fan Soundtrack? (Chloe) Sorry I usually don't answer any of Greg's questions, but I felt I should answer this one. The four boys Matt, Frankie, Jesse and Greg have not seen any money for The Biggest Fan Sound Track or The Biggest Fan Movie. Also after going Gold with their first Dream Street CD, they have never received any money from that album either. This is another reason why the boys needed to move on with their lives. Maryann Raposo
We saw your first solo concert and we saw you perform in NH on the 17th. We miss DS, but you look so much better performing in front of a band! What are the names of the guys in your band and how old are they? How did you guys get together? (Nicole and Dani from Salem, MA) I started recording at a recording studio once I saw that things weren't looking to good for DS. One of the guys Nick, whose 20, interned at that recording studio and that's how I met him. Now he's the bass player in my band. Most great musicians know a lot of other great musicians and between Nick and the other guys in my band we formed the whole band. Simon's the drummer and he's 18, Vinny is one of the guitar players and he's also 18, John is another guitar player and he's 23, Brian is the keyboard player whose 16, and Garnet is the other keyboard player who switches around with Brian who is 18.
Hey Greg! Every time you get on stage, us fans are in for a new surprise. Every concert is different in some way and with each concert it gets better. How does it feel to get on stage and to know that all the girls are going wild just for you and that they think you are the best performer EVER? We can never wait until the next concert! (Angela from Clifton Park, NY) I'm the same way in I can't wait for every concert. I had such a great time doing these past few shows and I really can't say I have a favorite one. Every show seems to always be different in some way and I'm so glad that everyone seems to like the new songs that I wrote.
Hiya Greg! I was really impressed when I heard you help different organizations like Kids For Kids. I was wondering, are you still active in those projects? (Kayla from Chicago) I've been really busy with everything that has recently been going on in my life, but I've always tried to be active with Children Charities as much as I possibly can. Even during Dream Street I would take some time off just to go perform with The Kids For Kids Project. The Kids For Kids Project will always have a special place in my heart.
Hey! I was at your concert at the Crocodile Rock Cafe, and when you got up on the bar, and ran down, and back, was that planned or did you just feel like doing that? (Jenn from Clearfield PA) No, I never really plan what I'm going to do. Every place is different so I can't really plan what I want to do anyhow. It's fun though because I have new stuff to work with at every concert and that makes every concert different for me and my fans.
I was wondering, How long does it take you to write a full length song? For me, it takes A LOT of time. I write what i feel, when I'm happy or sad and that usually takes me days even weeks (Jenn from NY) There really is no average time it takes me to write a song. I just keep going till it's finished. Sometimes it could take me an hour and other times it could take days or weeks. I usually don't write songs for weeks in a row and then randomly I get sudden inspirations and write 2-3 songs at a time.
I went to Winter Jam and you were incredible! Were you nervous performing in front of all those people that night at Winter Jam? (Lauren) Not at all. I was soooo excited to get on that stage. It was really amazing to see an audience that size and each face looking right at me.
I just got the new M-Mag for the December issue, the one with the poster of you in it! When I was looking at ur poster I saw that you were holding a guitar, and I already knew that you played guitar, I play guitar too, but this guitar was a different guitar than I saw from another poster. How many guitars do u have? Are all of them acoustic, electric? (Nik from Ontario) I've got a bunch of guitars. I've got roughly 3 acoustic guitars, 2 electric guitars, and a bass guitar.
Hey Greg! I'm so proud of you for overcoming all of those obstacles you've had and it's great to see that you survived through it all and you're on your way to success! My friends on the East coast are raving about you're solo performances. When do you plan to start your solo tour on the west coast? (Sarah from San Francisco) I hope to get out there as soon as I can. I've been bugging my manager to book a west coast tour everyday.
What's the first thing you think of before you go on stage? I was also wondering what kind of cologne do you use because you smell so good. (Angela from Clifton Park, NY) Before I go on stage the only thing that is going through my mind is how badly I want to get out there. I've got a bunch of different kinds of colognes thanks to the many fan gifts I get, so I switch around a lot.
Greg, What concerts do you like performing at the best? Your own or a Christmas Jam with other performers? (Kimberly from Concord, NH) They're both very different and I have a great time performing at both types of concerts. It's great doing my own shows because I can do whatever I want and stay on the stage as long as I want. When I do Christmas Jams and stuff it's fun because I get to hang out with all kinds of incredible artists and watch all of their acts from the side of the stage.
I'm a performer myself and I was you get nervous at all on stage or before you perform? (Tamara from New Jersey) Not at all. Before performances I get really pumped up and while on stage nothing but adrenaline is running through me.
Hey! I went to your December 29th concert and you were awesome!! Your music is unbelievable!! I loved it! You also threw in come little "Elvis" moves. That was so hot!!! It looked like you really enjoyed performing solo. You seemed like you really love being up on stage performing your own stuff. That brings me to my question... Do you enjoy being a solo artist or would you rather be in a group like Dream Street? (Robyn from River Edge, NJ) Performing in a group and solo are both very different and they both have their different highlights. I loved performing with DS and I loved the dancing that it brought to the stage. It was really fun to always be moving around and trying to impress people with various dance moves. Performing solo is just as great because I am free to do whatever I want on stage. With choreography your are also very limited to how much you can improvise on stage. Also it was very important to all of the boys in Dream Street that we all remain equal and don't run into a group like N*Sync where Justin and JC were the two main people of the group. Because of this we all had to be aware of not upstaging each other. For that reason there was always a sense of holding back somewhat. Being on stage alone I really let loose and just totally do whatever I want. I've enjoyed myself in both situations.
My question is what is it like to be able to get up in front of so many people and just belt out what you alone wrote? Also I wanted to know if you were coming out with a new CD and when it would come out? (Sarah from Perkiomenville, PA) It's awesome to sing stuff that I wrote myself. My music comes from the heart. It's a lot more meaningful and personal. As for my CD I'm in the studio almost everyday still recording and writing music. It takes a long time to record an album but I'm working as hard as I can. I hope to have a release date by this spring of 03.
Hey Greg! My name is Stacy Ho! I was at your concert in Allentown, PA at Crocodile Rock and I got you and "BIG-D" some Chinese food from my parents restaurant and I never got to ask you...did ya like your chicken and broccoli and do ya still remember me and my friends? Good Luck in all you do hunny! muahhhh! (Stacy Ho from Allentown, PA) Watsup Stacey Ho. I definitely remember you and it would be tough for me not too. The chicken and broccoli was awesome. Big D also loved it. Thanx!!
Since your now playing your guitar at concerts, are you gonna dance at all? I'm a dancer and I can't imagine my life without some sort of dance. If your not going to dance are you gonna miss it or is dancing something you were forced to do in Dream Street and you could really care less about? (Julie from Michigan) I've never taken a dance class in my life so dancing was never really a passion of mine. Through Dream Street I learned how to dance and I def. love it now. Without a doubt if I make it big enough to have my own big production of a show, I will throw in a few crazy dance numbers and rip it up with some background dancers.
Greg, you had your first solo concert. How did it feel to be in front of an audience without any of the other guys? I definitely miss sharing the stage with the other guys, but it felt great having my own stage do to what ever I want and not have to worry about upstaging anyone.
Greg, have you ever had braces? Your teeth are perfect! (Rebecca from California) Yea I had braces at nine years old and I wore them for like one year.
Do you ever get tired of performing for your fans? I mean your always up there singing your heart out for us... (Ally from Texas) I've never performed 2 concerts that were exactly the same. At every show there is always something different. I love having a new audience to perform for.. I don't get tired of it at all.
How do you feel about "The Biggest Fan" CD and "With All My Heart" Single being released? It was cool to hear you guys again, but I heard you, Jesse, Frankie, and Matt don't get any money for it. It was kind of funny though because Chris is the one they still manage, but they put your solo song on it, not his. Your talent is undeniable to everyone! (Tessa from Burke, Virginia) We were never very positive towards the whole Biggest Fan situation. I don't think Frankie, Jesse, Matt, and I will be seeing any money for it just like we never saw any money from our first album from Dream Street so it doesn't really come to me as a surprise. It doesn't bother me as much as it probably should because my parents have always supported and taken care of me financially. I had a great time in Dream Street and that's all that really matters.
Hey Greg! I saw you perform at the Winter Jam in NY and you were amazing! I can't believe how into it you got! How did it felt to perform in front of your hometown? (Caitlin) It was really one of the most amazing experiences of my life. It's a lot more meaningful to sing songs that I wrote myself with my band. Performing at The Nassau Coliseum is a dream come true for me. I have been in that audience so many times as a fan for other artists and now people were there to see me. It's the best feeling ever!
I saw you at Winter Jam on December 2, 2002, and I heard your new songs, and I absolutly LOVED them! I was just wondering if you wrote them, what they were called and if you had fun performing them, cause you looked like you did. Also, when you picked that one girl to come up on stage, did you just like pick her then or did she know before the concert that she was going to be asked to come up on stage? (Ashlee for Pittsburgh, PA) I write all my songs including the ones I sang at BLI. I opened with "My Life," then I sang "Start Looking For Me," "We're In Love," and then I ended my set with a tribute to Rock & Roll. The girl that came on stage was just a random fan who was picked out of the audience while I was singing on stage.
Hey Greg! I saw you at Popfest 4 and your were so hot and great. You put on a great performance. But one question. Who was the girl you were singing to on stage? Is it your girlfriend or do we all still have a chance? (Kristyn from Jackson, NJ) No I didn't know her. She was just a random fan. I usually bring a girl on stage for every show. I look for the that special girl who is really enjoying the show and makes the most noise.
I was at WBLI summer jam and I waited on that huge line to get your autograph and I was one of the very last people on line but when I got up there you were still so you ever get tired of having to sign so many autographs and talk to so many people? (Kelly, Valley Stream, NY) I definitely think autograph signings are the toughest things to do, but I enjoy meeting everyone. It can get very tiring, but I know it means a lot to many of my fans so it's all good.
Hey Greg!! In the new M Magazine, there is an article about Chris and how he says the break-up wasn't his fault. I don't know if you read it but is the things he says in it true? He says that you and Jesse were his best friends and he also tells us some things you said after the last court hearing. Is that true? Thanks and good luck on your solo career! I cant see you in Long Island, but I promise when you come to Boston, that I'll be the first one to get tickets! To answer you question about WHAT Chris said in M Magazine. Chris never ever once came to the court room. I have no idea how he can quote me if he was never there. Those were false statements.
Hey, what's up. I know your a guitarist and that you write songs. I heard you might be recording your songs and making a CD. That would be pretty awesome. So I was just wondering if it was true. (Brie from Hoboken, New Jersey) Yes, it's true. I am writing my own music for all my fans to enjoy!!! I am also recording in a studio. I hope to have the CD ready real soon. I played a few of the songs I wrote at my concert two weeks ago.
I just went to Orlando in July and one of my favorite parks: Universal Studios...While I was there, I spotted a store just for Pez candy...they had all kinds of Pez merchandise, shirts, hats, you name it...when I saw it, I immediately thought of you, Have u ever seen the store? (Sonya from Maywood, New Jersey) No, I haven't, but it def. sounds like a place I'm gonna have to visit next time I'm in Florida)
Greg, Hey did you ever live in Queens, NY? Cause I think I read somewhere that you did. (Katie frin Westampton, NJ) Yes, I was raised in Douglas Manor Queens. I moved when I was in 8th grade to where I live now on Long Island New York.
Hey Greg!! First of all, I just want to say that I love you!!! I'm not sure if you remember me but I'm the girl you ran into in the elevator of Mandaly Bay in Las Vegas when you were doing a concert there. Now to my question, where is the weirdest place when you got ran into from one of your biggest fans (other than an elevator!!) (Kristen from Skokie, Illinois) I've been recognized in some pretty random places. I think on of the weirdest was when I got recognized going through a burger king drive through.
They Greg! How does it feel to be a Senior now? Do you pick on the freshman? hehe. (Stephanie from Pequannock, NY) I love being a senior. It's kinda weird saying that school isn't actually all that bad anymore. On some days I only have to go in for two periods and I'm done for the day. As for the freshmen it's fun to scare them sometimes, but I don't really pick on them.
I have a really good question for Greg. Greg, is it okay that you are my role model? I have looked up to you for a long time. You and my grandfather who died when I was three are the only people I've looked up to. (Jonell) That's very flattering. I hope I'm a good role model and I'll do my best be a good one.
What's it like when people scream your name at concerts? Because I know me and my friend were screaming we love you Greg at a concert on December 30th! (Jackie from Cleveland, Ohio) It's awesome! The more my fans scream the more I give back in my performance!!!
How does it feel for you to show people your music that you have written yourself? I mean, I write poems and I try to write songs, but I never show anyone because to me they are too personal. How does it feel to share your music with everyone? Are you nervous how they will react? It's amazing to write a song and watch it come together with a band. I can't wait for my concert to show everyone some of the songs I wrote. I'm not really nervous, but I really hope everyone has a great time and likes the new stuff.
Since it was recently the 1 year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, I was just wondering, were you able to actually see the smoke/dust from the Twin Towers or are you too far away? (Cassey from Clifton Park, New York) I am like 40 miles away from New York City. I was able to see the smoke from the twin towers, but smelling it was the worst part. At school sometimes we had to walk outside to get to some different classes and the day after the attack the air was so dark and everything smelt so bad. It was very upsetting and still is.
Hi Greg, I was just wondering, but who was the 1st celebrity that you've ever met? Mine was Michelle Branch and she was so cool! (Brittany from Latham, NY) The first celebrity I've ever met was Mickey Mouse at Disney World. I was def. star struck. LOL
Hey Greg, congrats on getting a new band and a concert! I'm so totally happy for you! Anyway, I was just wondering if you were planning on making it over to the West Coast anytime soon. (J from Cali) Yes, I plan on touring the US If all goes as planned touring will begin very soon. Hope to visit the West coast real soon!!!
Hey Greg! I just wanted to tell you I think you are making the right decision for your career. I just want to know, I'm getting a guitar for Christmas, and I was wondering, what could I dot omake it easier to learn if I am teaching myself? I love the way you play, and I was wondering if you could help me! Thanks for your support!! Practice makes perfect. Play the music you like that makes it fun!!!. With time you'll be playing without even thinking about it. Good Luck!!!
I have three brothers and no sisters, and I hate being the only girl! Since you're the only boy in your family, do you ever at anytime hate being the only boy? (Nik from WJ, Ohio) I don't hate being the only boy, but I'd still love to have a little brother. I've been telling that to my parents for the longest time...
Are you going to make a CD soon? If you are I am so buying it. Are you going to college soon? If you are that college will be a landmark! I am behind you 150% in everything! (Mariana from Cincinnati, Ohio) I'm working on making my CD now. I appreciate your support and I hope to see you soon. College is something I def. want to do the the future. I am looking at different schools. Thanks for everything.. ttyl
I keep hearing people talk about your songs and telling me that they're amazing! I was wondering where I would be able to hear them? You can hear them October 13th at my first solo concert. I hope you'll be there. I'm so excited I already can't sleep thinking about it.
Do you ever get tired of answering all these fan questions? (Hannah from St.Louis, Missouri) I don't get tired of answering the questions, but sometimes it gets tough because I like to go on-line to talk to my friends. I guess that's why I take so long to reply to them. Usually I wait until a whole bunch pile in and then I just put up my away message and dedicate a few hours to just answer questions. I don't mind though because I know there are a lot of girls with many questions so I do it for ya'll.
Hey Greg! Well, I was just wondering what do you eat when you go to a Chinese restaurant? I LOVE YOU!! (Marianne from Carteret, NJ) Chicken and Broccoli everytime!
Hey Greg.....Your my favorite of the band and I think ur really hot....At summer jam I realized u interacted with fans the most! INCLUDING ME!!! ahhh! U laughed at me b/c I started flipping out and I pulled my cousins hair! I was the girl with the messed up hair b/c the rain I waited in and the phys Ed sweatshirt on! Well, anyway.....At concerts when you see girls be violent and push each other and scream at what goes through ur head? (Jess from Bellmore, LI, New York) It's always fun to look out at a crazy audience full of screaming girls, but if it becomes violent then the first thing I would normally do is turn my attention away from that area hoping they calm down. Girls can be pretty vicious sometimes and I hate hearing about injury stories from concerts.
You know how you're named after your Grandfather, Frank? Well, I was just wondering, If Daniella was named after your other Grandfather, Daniel? Thanks for your time!! (Emily from Virginia) Actually she is. Good observation . And to add to this Amanda is named after my grandmother and Nicole is named after my grandfather. I was named after my great grandpa Frank who I miss very much!!!
I just recently painted my room orange and blue (it might sound ugly but it looks really good) and I was wondering what color is your room? (Jessica from Maryland) Blue and White
Greg, I heard that you were putting out a CD of songs that you wrote. Where do you get your inspiration and how do you write music? For me, the lyrics are easy but the music I just simply can't write. Is it the other way around or the same way for you? (Kaitee from Manchester, CT) I've been playing the guitar since I was six so I don't have too hard of a time writing music. As for lyrics and topics to write about, my feelings are my inspirations.
If you could sing any song, by any artist, past or present, what would it be and why. Just wanted to say I'd love any song you'd sing. I love your voice. (Lauren from Lincoln, RI) I have no idea on what song I'd sing because there are so many great ones but some of my top fav.'s would have to be "Born to be Wild" or maybe "Good Lovin."
When I saw Amanda at WBLI I didn't know who it was until she went over to you..what I was wanting to say is that she is soooooooo beautiful!!! Is she a model and has she every wanted to be one? (Amber from Iowa Park, TX) Thank you. I'm sure she'd love that compliment , but no she's not a model and I think my Dad would kill her if she wanted to be one. LOL
What does it feel like to be up on stage performing in front of thousands of fans? I'm just starting out as a singer, but I haven't had my first official concert yet. I am very used to performing in front of small groups, not large. What's it like?? (Jewel from San Fransisco, California) It's great. Def. a feeling that I'm addicted to. Performing for small audiences is still just as great because it's easier to connect to each audience member and things are more personal, but nothing compares to the sound of a full stadium after each song.
What's your fav cartoon? (Chrystina from Long Island, New York) I used to love Ghostbusters and Ninja Turtles.
I just got the new M magazine and I saw a picture of you doing push-ups with Amanda on your back and my jaw hit the floor! How many push-ups can you do in a row? My God, you must work out all of the time! (Marie from Salem, Massachusetts) When I was on tour it was hard to work out consecutively because not every hotel had a gym. I did 100 push-ups every night to keep in shape. I don't know how many I could do in a row. I always try to do push ups before I perform. Amanda jumped on my back so I continued working out with her on my back. LOL
I was wondering what is your favorite cereal? (Celia from Albany) I have a bunch of different favorite cereals. Usually one will be my favorite for a few months and then I'll get sick of it and change to another favorite. I switch between, Corn Pops, Frosted Flakes, Fruity Pebbles, and as of right now, Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
Is your hair naturally curly, wavy, thick, etc?. Because all of the times I have met you, or in any picture, it looks pretty curly & the gel kind of straightens it out. Just curious, because no matter what it looks amazing! (Steph from the Jersey Shore) My hair is naturally wavy and thick. I use the gel to straighten it out more cuz up front it can get pretty curly at times.
I wanted to know what's your favorite fruit? (Monica from San Diego, CA) There's a lot of fruits I like, but I'd probably pick delicious red apples over the rest.
Hey Greg, first off just want you to know that I support you and the rest of Dream Street! I have heard loads of rumors about your Mom ruining your career and the other Moms ruining their sons career. I think your Mom is like the coolest and I know she would like never ever want to hurt you. Can you please just clear it all up for your very loyal fans. Also is it true that you called Chris and cried to him about your Mom ruining your life? (Elizabeth) Rumors are def. a big part of this dirty business and that's def. another one. I never called Chris and said that to him. Things haven't been going all that great with Dream Street lately but that's because of the court stuff that we have been going through. It has been taking a lot longer than expected and hopefully the lengthy break will not hurt our success too much. What we are doing in court is absolutely necessary for our well-beings and future lives and I know it must be very hard for fans to understand so I'm sorry for that. Please just don't forget me as I do promise not to forget my fans. I'll always work my hardest to achieve my goals. My Mom has always been truthful to our fans and she works so many hours everyday trying to help the fans get through this even though it's been so hard for her and all of us.
I know a lot of things are going on with DS and Chris and the lawsuit and everything but just one thing is truly driving me crazy. That is--what is going to happen to Greg Frankie Matt and Jesse? Will they just lose this lawsuit and go do other projects? Or will they all 4 start their own group? I personally hope that they would start their own group. I mean-it's bad enough DS is breaking up and I couldn't even begin to think of my music world without Greg Frankie Matt and Jesse. They are full of talent and me-along with literally millions of other girls really need them to stay. I will NOT support a new DS but I will support whatever Greg Frankie Matt and Jesse decide to do. I just hope I don't lose them. (Cassie) Thank you. That means a lot to me. As of right now I'm not sure legally how much information I can get into on that subject, but don't worry too much. Frankie, Matt, Jesse, and I are all really close friends with the same dream. Together we all plan to fulfill that dream in any way we can and hope to see all our fans real soon.
I just wanted to tell you that Dream Street has been truly an inspiration for me and several others. I've seen your concert in San Diego and I thought you guys were so great. The energy and just u guys made it so wonderful and now I'm hearing that DS is breaking-up. Is this true? Me and all your DS fans are making a petition and we are not gonna let u guys break-up. If you guys think that it's only affecting you and your family then your WRONG. All fans are worried. Could you clear-up rumors about ur Mom ruining your life coz I don't believe it. No mother could be so heartless as to ruin her own flesh and bloods life. Thank you for your time. (Pam) Pam, My Mom has supported me my whole life in all that I've done and dreamed of. She knows a lot more than I do when it comes to the legal aspects of the business and I support every decision she makes for me. She has always discussed with me every decision moving forward and we make the choices together. In no way has she ruined my life. I have the best Mom in the world and I can't thank her enough for all that she does and continues to do for me. Also thanks to all our fans who are holding on and supporting us.
How did your Mom pick out your name? Is there a story behind it or did she just name you? (Bri from Michigan) My Mom just really likes the name Greg. My middle name which is Frank is my great grandfathers name.
I honestly loved the song Don't Leave Me. It was so beautiful. Even if I didn't hear how the tune goes it made me cry. Even though I don't cry. My question is what inspired you to write the song Don't Leave Me? (Jen from NJ) I wrote that song in 5th grade after an experience I had with a young orphan boy. My old school invites hundreds of young orphans every year to come to the school for a day near Christmas time where all the students get together to provide all the kids with a great Christmas experience. It's called Head Start Day. We would turn our gym into the North Pole and put together all kinds of games along with a Santa Claus that would be on of the students dressed up. Everyone was assigned an orphan to take around the gym for that day and I was assigned to a boy named Rudy. He was only 4 or 5 and was one of the youngest kids there as well as one of the newest orphans. He never talked much and preferred just sitting in the library in the silence rather than the loud and exciting gym. I read him a bunch of books for hours when finally it was time for him to go back with his group and go home. When he realized he had to leave he broke down crying telling me "Don't Leave Me." All the counselors were really surprised that he opened up to me, but they just pulled him off of me and took him away. It was an emotional experience all around and it's where my song comes from.
Did you ever perform "Don't Leave Me" at any of your DS concerts? (Katie from Hawaii) I wrote that song a very long time ago. It wasn't written to be performed with DS and I don't see myself ever performing that song with DS.
I was wondering was it harder for you to learn acoustic or electric guitar? Or are they exactly the same (chord wise)? (Tiffany 14, Ohio) They're the same.
I read in a magazine that you went skydiving in Las Vegas. How cool was that? (Patsy from GA) It was awesome!!! It wasn't real skydiving out of a plane in was indoor skydiving, but the real skydiving is next.
I was just wondering if you ever get bored? Famous people always seem like they always have something to do. If you do get bored, what do you do to pass the time? When you're on tour it must be a whole different lifestyle than when you're at home. Is it hard sometimes to adjust to the change? (Jackie from New Jersey) When we were on tour we spent lots of time on the bus which gave us lots of time to be bored. Luckily we had the best bus ever so we never got too bored. We spent most of our time playing X-Box and watching movies. Tutoring was also going on. When we got tired we'd just sleep in our bunks or in my case just relax in my bunk with my guitar.
In the DS LIVE DVD in the beginning of "Jennifer Goodbye" you're like..."don't cry...'been there...done time too many..." Was someone at that concert (WWF the world) actually crying or did you stage the don't cry line? Yea, I know exactly what your talking about. There was a girl in the front row who was crying hysterically so I felt bad for her. When I told her not to cry she just started crying more.
I was reading the 'Ask Jesse' questions on his page. and he had said he was a born again Christian. I was just wondering what religion you are? (Hanna fr