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Feb. 3 2003

"Hi everybody Harry Caray here." Today I bring you news on the album. As of right now we are sold out (even though we only sold like 60 copies.) But anyways, if you have not gotten one yet we will be making more. There will be a slight change on the cover though. We have been having a problem with the $1 stamp at the top corner. To many people think that we are selling them for $1, when actually they are $5. The rest of them may not have the stamp at all. We are still deciding how to fix it. So any of you with the stamp KEEP YOUR COPY!! Who knows maybe one day it could be a collectors item. So until next time "Hey what if... Hey............Hey"

Jan. 26 2003

"We're off to see the Wizard, The wonderful Wizard Of Oz." Well actually we aren't. But we are off to our basement. Why is that you might ask? Well ladies and germs, the long awaited VALATIC CABIES compact disc "RURAL DELIVERY" is now completed and for sale. Where can I pick one of these up you might ask? Well that is a little more difficult. You can get them from any one of the band members. We have them and are selling them for $5!!! Yes only $5!!! It is a price you can't beat so come get your paws on them. So until next time "I'll smack your mouth off today."

Jan. 24 2003

So the page has been updated very slightly.  If you happen to check out the links page, you will notice that a link to has been added.  On said site you will be able to listen to a few full versions of songs off of our debut album, Rural Delivery. You should also check out such bands as Average Genius and Poleslide, both of which have excellent songs.  We hope you enjoy the tunes, and we encourage you to check out our show on March 6th at the Emerald Theatre with Poleslide and One Hump Chump.  If you need tickets just leave a message on the message board and we shall respond very quickly.  Thank you, please drive through to the second window.

Jan. 10 2003

It is the wee hours of the 10th and alas there are developments to the site.  For your aural pleasure we have uploaded some song clips.  If you cruise over to the multimedia page you will find clips of every song on our debut album.  These clips are intended to give you a taste of what we are all about as well as to prepare you for things to come.  We also hope it makes you want to check out the entire songs and to maybe check out our shows as well.  Enjoy the tasty treats, and until next time, keep your shoes tied.

Jan. 6 2003

Welcome back to the site all. Today, yes I made a very big update for you guys. What could it be you ask? Well if you would like to know I added 30 pictures. Yes 30!!! I know all you have been waiting for this, and I finally got it done. It didn't take to long but long enough. So go and enjoy the first dosage of pictures of Band Practice. Come back again.

Jan. 2 2003

Merry New Year and Happy Festivus to all.  It has been a few months since anything has gone on with this site, but a great deal has happened with the Valatic Cabies.  We have played a few shows and have finished up recording our debut album, Rural Delivery, with the help of friend and fellow musician Dave Conger. He spent loads and loads of time recording (mostly waiting for us to actually show up), editing and producing this album, so we owe him lots of thanks.  You can check out his site in our links page.  The album will be released very shortly, so keep your eyes and ears open.  In the meantime, we have added a message board to our site for everyone to talk about us.  So enjoy, and safe driving!

Sept. 27 2002

Well a pretty big update has occurred today. I have added many different things for your enjoyment. If you would like you could possibly download 2 of our songs from the Multimedia section. If maybe you would not like to do that you could always get our pictures, or use our buddy icon from the Pictures section. Other then that there are no more updates yet. Look again for more.

Sept. 26 2002.

Welcome to the new VALATIC CABIES site! We decided to start working on another one, and this is what we came up with. I just started so soon I will be putting up pictures, songs, links, and also a buddy icon for all of you fans. But for now just look out for new updates, hopefully real soon.