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"Yeah Right"

by Untold Story

Dont give me shit, I gave it a try.
It didnt work out, dont look at me I dont know why
We laugh about it now, how can that be.
We can be friends, after what we tried to do.
From what I hear thats hardly worked before.
People talk, so do we, telling us to get together again
let the flame re-lite, not now,
but maybe some lonely night
when I've happened to lose my sight

Refrain 2x
Yeah right, us together again?
We can hardly be friends.
Fighting, bickering and theirs punching too
we came unglued, pulled out eachothers hair,
somebody must not like us up there.
So yeah right

We tried it once, it failed miserably,
us together again that wasnt a treat.
What were we thinking in the 1st place,
if only we could have seen into the future on our 1st date,
my head might have dropped in my plate.
The spirit of love was never something we embraced,
I wouldnt even know what to say to give it a test.

Refrain 3x