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Name: Sarah Cave
Nicknames: Nez-pa, Move, and the hommies like to call me "look at that white girl with blue hair."
Job in the band: bass guitar /attempt at some background vocals
Interests: girls, music, guys, pixy stix, italian dressing, flamingos and bouncy balls
Bands I like: AFI, Zebra head, FurtherMore, Lost Beyond Reason, MSI, Manson, The Sounds, Jimmy eat World, Brittney Spears...;)
Things I do when not practicing (because our practices are so tedious =P): i dont think thats something i want to put on record...jk... hang out with friends, go to school, eat pixy stix, play with balls (bouncy balls that is...)
Favorite saying: "and that makes me want to say-oh man thats bad"