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"Rock 'n Roll Lifestyle"

by Untold Story

I'm not sad, and none of us are mad at our dads,
we just wanna sing and act dumb.
Maybe not to you, but to us that sounds fun.
Playing instruments and singing loud,
getting thrown out of bars and carded at clubs,
passing our exits and forgetting birthdays, its not absent minded
its the Rock and roll life style

Refrain 2x
Rock and roll lifestyle, thats for us,
hardly time for showers and no time to fuss.
We'd cant give up singing cause its a must.
You could come on the road but you'd never keep up with us

We have no money, its not funny, but we're not upset.
Because we have ourselves and eachother to rely on,
we dont need your sympathy, learn to feel empathy then get back to us.
Celebrating Christmas early and living in sin, its not sacraligus
its the Rock and Roll lifestyle

Refrain 2x

Rock and roll lifestyle, thats for us, could you keep up with us?
Doubt it, we live day to day, time to work but more time to play,
if you tried to talk me out of it you'd know what I'd say

Refrain 3x