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"Everything To Me"

by Untold Story

I look around, you make me mad, you make me think
Another day you drive me to drink
But I wont cause I cant, cause I'm stronger than you
Top that, you're doing better, I'd like to see
Get along with out me, thats a joke. Trying to fit in with
Your new friends, the new means to your ends
Your whole perception of life depends on who you are no one

I guess this life is cut out for me to see, me to be
who I am, a month ago no one with out you, but now I'm everyone to me

I realize now it doesnt matter what you say, because
my head can always turn the other way, just because
your uncomfortable doesnt mean that I am.
Thank you very much I like my own skin.
I was giving you all of me, but you were taking more from me

Refrain 3x

On my own I can finally see, that you were everything,
but now no one to me.
Draining on my life, making it hard to decide that my best choice is to leave

Refrain 3x