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Hey there. We are The Unknowns, the world's newest band (we can't back that up, though) and we hail from FOREST GREEN, yeah! We play filthy, loud ska (no that ain't right...) we play neo-classical (no, still not right...) Oh screw it, we play WHATEVER THE HELL WE WANT! YEAH! And we may be unknown now, but come six months time... we'll still have no fan base. But give it some time, and maybe, just MAYBE people won't be put off by Flynny Mac's foul odour and repulsive face (cos we'll have fired him again by then- yes, we've already fired and re-hired him in our four day existence) but that ain't the point... WE ARE HUGE ROCK STARS! ---BYE BYE, STU n D BAND. But not Flynn.---


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