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Tyler's Bio

Hey this is Tyler. This is just to let people know a little more about me. I’m gonna start at the time I actually accepted Jesus as my personal savior. I was about six years old and I attended Faith and Victory Church in my hometown of Greenville, North Carolina. But it wasnt until the age of eleven after I had moved to Goldsboro, North Carolina that I fully trusted in God. When I was six I got saved for “fire insurance”. Later i realized that wasnt what God had in mind when he sent his son to save us from hell. Then at the age of thirteen I began what later was the greatest thing i have ever done short of salvation. I began to play the guitar. I was never good at any sports or anything like that, but when I began to play i finally found what my talents were. And at this time i would like to thank my first guitar teacher, Mr. Bob Braswell. And also thanks to Daniel Joyner my cousin for showing me a lot of my favorite songs are easy. And that really boosted my interest. If it wasnt for there two people I wouldnt be be writing this right now. Again thanks. In July of 2002 our church had a lockin. It was then that me and Louis began to connect with our music. From the start he had mentioned us forming a band, but i didnt take him seriously. But sure enough here we are. I also would like to list everyone that has a had an impact on my life musically. Whether it be a band or a friend. In no particular order: Third Day, Danial Joyner, Bob Braswell, Troy Schlak, Karen Taylor, Louis Sparks, Randy and Toni Morgan, and the great musician in the sky himself...God.