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Dont't forget to buy your copy of "The Lonely Position of Neutral" July 23!!
[6.18.02] So, let's see....this website has taken major time and effort to create - countless hours! And I'm not even computer illiterate. Anyways, I just have one page left to create...the photos, and that should be easy. In the media section I tried to have songs from "The Lonely Position of Neutral," but for some reason it wouldn't work...hmm, I'll have to look into fixing that. If anyone has suggestions of how to get audio, email me! What else...oh ya, feel free to IM me on AOL. My sn's leobeo87. That's basically it for now. Looking forward to Warped Tour, yay!!!!! [6.14.02] There's a slight setback in the release date of the cd. It's now due on July 23, giving the band more time to prepare. Here is the track listing of "The Lonely Position of Neutral." 01. Downfall 02. Falling Apart 03. Hover 04. Running From Me 05. Slipping Away 06. Figure 8 07. The Fear 08. Deeper Into You 09. Drop To Zero 10. Finally 11. Take It All [6.10.02] This is my new website. I hope you like it! It's still a work in process, but it will be totally up soon. It's taking me lots of hard work and time. In the meantime, definitely check out The Official TRUSTcompany Website and listen to their cd due on July 9th.