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The Recruits HQ

Welcome to the very first but hopefully not the last website for THE RECRUITS, my latest punk rock project! We're a nasty group of guys from Central PA playing Punk, Oi, Hardcore, with some influences of Thrash and Speed Metal; but we're not just a bunch of morons who picked up instruments and play punk for chicks and money. We love what we do, this is our life, this is our passion, it's what we breath, drink, smoke, and eat everyday. We live the life, and we don't pose or sell-out...for ANYBODY. We're just getting started with our new project, out of the ashes of our old band (which I may add, sucked major dick). But now we're doing what we finally wanted to do: play kick-ass, in your face, loud as fuck, distorted to hell fast-paced hard rock music. Not for the weak at heart. We sing upon various different subjects, including politics, street life, social issues, growing up, and hell, even humor. So far our line-up only consists of two, being my good friend Sasha on drums, and myself, Jimi, on guitar and vocals. We are currently looking for a bass player, and I am currently looking for a new PA system. Once those two are in hand, we'll be starting our career, being as we already have a place to practice. So look out for us in the near future. We may be coming to your home town...ahahahahahahahahaha! [in an evil, horror B-movie kind of laugh] Make sure to check back here for updates, I'll keep you posted with song line-ups and progress on our band status. Eventually, when I feel like I can trust you son of a bitches not steal my lyrics (just kidding), I'll post them on the website. Until then, keep doing whatever it is that you do and I'll try to avoid the National Guard recruiters (They've been bugging me a lot lately; They just can't take a hint that I'm not up for 6 years of bullshit and a chance to be sent to Iraq). Cheers.


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