I don’t know if people are missing this or they don’t remember but I’ve received a lot of questions regarding the Marauder’s Map. Anyway, just to clear this up, you can reread part of chapter 5, 6 and 12 when Harry and Draco are talking about it. It’s stated there that the man does *not* show up on the map. There is an explanation for this and that will be told later but please do take note of this. Thanks.

Other than that, there are the same warnings as all the other chapters and trust me there will be a big surprise in this chapter.

Chapter 13: Time Stops, the World Falls

Draco winced as he carefully shrugged off his robes, grimacing again as the fabric rubbed against the injured and torn skin of his arm. /Bloody hell! How man ruddy Manticores are there in this damned place?!/ He thought to himself with a sigh as he leaned down to pick up a bowl of water and a towel.

Sighing, he glanced up at his magically conjured clock and frowned as he noted that Harry should have returned by now. /Maybe he’s on his way. I hope nothing happened to him./

The silver-eyed boy shook his head to rid himself of any thoughts that his boyfriend could possibly be hurt and forced himself to concentrate on cleaning his wounds.

* * * * *

Harry cried out painfully as he slammed back into the stone wall. Somehow he had managed to scramble out of the way in time to escape being hit by the Death Curse but had instead ended up thrown back by another spell.

Gritting his teeth stubbornly, the Gryffindor rose and stood defiantly before his foe. “You would think that after all this you would be able to do better than that.”

The dark man let out an almost insane laugh as he glared at Harry with angry and crazed eyes, blazing with a deep hatred. “Foolish wizard. You’re brave for someone that is looking death right in the face Harry.”

“The only death we are facing in this room is yours.” Raising his wand, Harry stared boldly back as his rival.

Chuckling dangerously, the older man shook his head. “Oh really? Quite the confident one you are. If anything that is the one thing that I like about you.” He said sarcastically as he laughed.

Harry’s gaze darted about nervously as he tried to come up with a plan and slowly an idea formed in his mind. Glancing over at his opponent, the Gryffindor quietly uttered a spell before casting another one, this one sending his unsuspecting companion flying back.

Taking the opportunity, the Gryffindor set off down the hall, ignoring the pain in his body as he ran full out towards his common room and to the one thing that he knew could help him win against the other.

* * * * *

Draco released a sigh of relief as he finished cleaning and healing his last wound. He dropped the now blood-soaked rag back into the bowl of crimson water before muttering a spell to send the bowl and rag to the kitchens.

Although, upon hearing a faint clank of metal, the blonde’s head flew up and his hand reached for his wand but as he looked around and saw nothing, he shook his head and his attention shifted to the portrait hole. /Where could Harry be? He’s already fifteen minutes late. Maybe something really did happen to him./

Chewing worriedly on the inside of his cheek, Draco pursed his lips as he transferred his gaze between the magical clock and the entrance. /Should I go look for him? But what if nothing actually happened to him and he’s on his way back and then I’m gone when he comes back. Than he’ll be worried about me too and leave to look for me and we’ll both be wandering around the castle for who knows how long./ Staring into the fire, the blonde sighed and slumped back into the couch, indecision warring in his mind. /What am I to do?/

Little did he know that that exact question would be answered for him in just a few short minutes.

* * * * *

Flying around a corner, Harry collided harshly into a classroom door as he couldn’t stop his momentum fast enough and he grunted at the impact. Determination shone in his eyes though and brushing aside the ache in his right side, he kept running full tilt down the corridor.

His breath labored, the young wizard almost stumbled and fell but he forced his legs to carry him and within a few minutes he skidded to a stop before the entrance to Gryffindor Tower. Shouting the password, Harry all but collapsed into the common room.

“Draco!” Harry yelled as he slammed the portrait shut behind him. However, as soon as he uttered his boyfriend’s name, the door behind him exploded open and sent the wizard flying across the room.

Draco watched in fright as Harry crashed into the wall and before he knew it, the Slytherin was on his feet, his wand at the ready. “Show yourself!”

“Draco Malfoy. We meet again.” A voice hissed and the next moment, the shadowy man stepped in through the ruined portrait hole. “You have greatly disappointed me Mr. Malfoy. I had such high hopes for you but again you have proved to be unsuccessful in what you were supposed to do.”

“Longbottom?!” Draco whispered in recognition and slight astonishment as he backed up a step before pushing aside his surprise and spoke. “What the hell are you talking about and what the hell are you doing this for?! Not to mention *how*.” The blonde snarled out.

Neville sneered, raising his own wand. He in no way resembled the normal shaking and nervous Gryffindor that everyone knew. Rather now he stood confidently, a cold smile on his lips and a spark of madness in his eyes. “Why am I doing this?! Do you think I enjoy being made fun of and having no one to help me?! Oh no, I’m tired of it and you’re one of the main sources of my embarrassment. Not to mention Harry! He’s never done anything to help! Always caught up in his own arguments with you, you rat!” He smirked pausing for a moment before continuing. “As for how, I *am* from a pureblooded [1] wizarding family. Do you seriously believe that I can be *that* bad at magic? I am perhaps even more powerful then you Malfoy.”

“Even if, you’re not powerful enough to do this by yourself Longbottom. Who are you working with?” Draco gritted out, not liking the insult but found that he didn’t have enough proof to deny it either.

At this, Neville laughed chillingly. “Why, Lord Voldemort of course. He was such a good master but then you had to. . . “ He quieted, anger overtaking him.

“He’s the one that did all this to everyone in Hogwarts?” Draco gasped out, his silver eyes large and he felt a wave of nausea wash over him as mental images formed of the torture that his classmates and teachers could have went through in Voldemort’s hands.

“You are partially correct but I’m afraid you have missed the larger picture.” He paused momentarily, an eerie smile tugging at his lips. “I asked for you and Harry to be here all by yourselves so that your bond of hatred would grow and perhaps you would kill off that pesk but I see you have again failed. So now I suppose *I* will have to kill both of you instead of just one.”

Draco laughed cruelly; and while he appeared brave on the outside, the Slytherin was horribly shaken mentally at the sight of the other boy. “Our bond of hatred?! Harry and I never *hated* each other. Always find out all the facts before you take action Longbottom.”

“I agree.” Came a shaky voice from behind Draco and Harry came limping over to stand near his boyfriend. An odd look was in his eyes as he stood resolutely beside the Slytherin. “You were dearly mistaken Neville and that one thing shall cost you your life. I am really sorry about this.”

Before either Neville or Draco could register it, Harry had charged forward, with the item he had called for in the hallway, the sword of Godric Gryffindor, gleaming in the firelight.

In that split second, everything seemed to slow to a stop but as the blade pierced the other’s heart the wheels of time began to turn again and together, the two Gryffindors sunk to the ground. One’s eyes filling with sorrow, the other in shock with an expression of surprise and speechlessness.

Draco was about to step forward to retrieve his lover when he saw Neville lift his wand weakly. Then, just before the last spark of life left the insane Gryffindor’s eyes, he whispered out a spell and Harry slumped as well.

The blonde froze in disbelief before grief took over and he took the few needed steps and dropped down beside Harry. Turning the other boy over, Draco cradled the Gryffindor’s body to his as he gently brushed his fingers over the features of the dark-haired wizard. He studied Harry, transfixed as one of his own tears dripped from his cheek down onto his lover’s and with a choked sob, Draco buried his face in the other’s wild ebony locks. Rocking Harry’s body back and forth, Draco managed to mumble one simple phrase before the world when black.

“I love you Harry Potter. . .”

T.B.C. (This is NOT the end.)

1. I don’t remember. Was Neville from a pureblooded family? Oh well, if he isn’t then he is in this story. Umm. . .yep and he’s also older than both Harry and Draco in this.

Big twists huh? Lol, anyway, I hope you like this chapter and I think there will just be one more chapter before this story comes to a close and maybe an epilogue. You know, just to answer the question of what happened to everyone. ^_^;;