Chapter 11: Shadows and Hints

Harry laid there, in his bed for a long time, just listening for any out of place sounds. All the while, his patience grew thin and his apprehension increased until he couldn’t stand the wait anymore and sat up, pushing the covers away from his body.

Holding his breath nervously, the Gryffindor slowly slipped out of his bed and quietly stood. He cast a wary glance around the room before taking a deep breath and hurrying over to his companion’s bed. Hesitating for a brief moment, Harry steeled his resolve and then threw open the drapes fully expecting to find the fake Draco lying within the confines.

“The bloody hell?” He muttered to himself as he stared at the unforeseen empty bed. “Where did he go?”

“Looking for me?” A smooth voice, laced with malice and hate spoke up from behind Harry.

Emerald eyes widened and Harry spun around to face his enemy. His heart jumped as the person twirled his wand expertly in his hand before shouting out a spell. Harry gasped, ducking out of the way and bringing up his own wand in defense but his eyes strayed over to where he had last been standing and they widened at the sight. For now, what used to be Ron’s bed was just a smoldering pile of ashes and gulping, he turned back to his opponent. “What do you want with me and Draco?”

“I want the both of you dead. I thought I was pretty clear on that.” Drawled the imposter, his eyes narrowing.

Harry swallowed the lump in his throat at the mention of his missing boyfriend but forced himself to speak. “Who are you?”

“Now why should I tell you? You don’t deserve to know who your murderer is. You and that blonde brat have destroyed my life and I will make you pay.” He hissed out another curse, this one just missing Harry by a hair’s breath and the man snarled as he brought up his wand to cast again.

Leaping to the side, the wizard nearly yelped as he just barely managed to dodge the spell by ducking behind a bed. Harry rolled to his feet and then not giving himself time to reconsider, he shouted out the Impedimentia Curse while racing out the door and down the stairs.

As Harry panicked, he could distinctly hear his own blood pounding in his ears while the echo of pursuing footsteps sounded behind him. Scrambling to the door, the Gryffindor slipped out the portrait hole and cast the most powerful locking and repelling charms that he could remember before picking a random direction and running. /There’s no way that I can hold him off myself! He’s a lot stronger than I thought he would be!/

Skidding to a stop around a corner, Harry pressed himself back against the wall and tried to melt in with the shadows as he frantically attempted to form of a plan. /Why didn’t I think of this while I was laying there in bed?!/ Harry mentally scolded himself as he hit the wall with his fist, wincing slightly at the pain. /Probably because I was too occupied trying to figure out how to reach Draco. . .Draco!/ Gasping, he finally took notice of his surroundings and once he was sure where he was, the ebony-haired wizard raced off in the direction of the dungeons. /Merlin, please let Draco be alright! He still down there all alone and I don’t even know if that imposter left Gryffindor Tower or not. Why, out of all the directions I could have chosen, did I have to go in the opposite way of the dungeons?/

Rushing down the last corridor to the room where he knew his beloved was, Harry didn’t even try an unlocking spell this time, and rather he went straight for the Reductor Curse; blowing the door apart. Leaning against the doorjamb, the ebony-haired boy bent over as he tried to catch his breath.

“Draco?!” The Gryffindor managed to call out between pants, his eyes darting about the barely lit room and dread filled him when he saw no one there. /Oh no. . .Where could he be? Please don’t say that he was taken. . .please. . ./

Although just as Harry was about to sink to his knees in shock, someone stumbled out of the shadows of the room and the moonlight caught the person’s delicate, ivory features and platinum hair. The brief shimmering of fine silky locks caused the smaller wizard to look up and his emerald eyes widened as he caught sight of his boyfriend.

Draco, for his part, just managed to whisper out Harry’s name before his arms were filled with a sobbing and shaking boy. Closing his eyes, the blonde tugged the other into a tighter embrace, enjoying the warmth and the security of his companion’s presence as he buried his face in the wild ebony hair.

“I was so scared that you were hurt Drac.” Harry murmured into his boyfriend’s neck as he held onto the Slytherin tightly and sniffled, a few tears soaking the other’s fine, black robes.

Eyes warming with affection, Draco tilted the Gryffindor’s face up to meet his and placed a gentle kiss on Harry’s lips. “I’m alright Harry. He wasn’t going to do anything to me yet. All he did was put me to sleep for a while. Shh. . . don’t cry love. I’m fine. We’re both okay now.”

Harry smiled up at him through watery eyes but nodded and he leaned into the hand that wiped away his tears.

“Harry? Could I ask you something?” He paused until he got a confirmation from Harry before continuing, “How did you figure out that it wasn’t me with you?” Draco asked quietly as he lovingly cupped the other’s cheek, kissing Harry’s forehead.

Cheeks stained with an adorable blush, the Gryffindor looked away in embarrassment, “Well. . .it was just that I didn’t feel safe around him. I mean, even when you and I were enemies, I felt safe with you. It’s just you’ve always been so. . .dependable. . .for lack of another word.”

Smiling down at the younger wizard, Draco kissed the top of Harry’s head. “I love you, you know that?”

“I love you too.” His green eyes were warm with emotion as the Gryffindor finally looked up.

Draco gently traced a finger down his companion’s face before leaning in to kiss Harry again, his lips lingering on the other’s as he spoke. “As much as I hate to say this, we have to stop so we can get out of here. I’m thinking that whoever took my place will be down here to find us soon.”

Harry nodded, moving somewhat out of his companion’s embrace but not far enough to lose contact. “I locked him in the Gryffindor common room but I don’t know how long my spells will last.”

The blonde nodded thoughtfully, “Then we should go check. I am sure that we can take care of him together.” Draco paused and he tilted his head a little. “He doesn’t know the password to Gryffindor Tower does he?”

“Well, I thought I had been foolish at the time but whenever I said the password I had always made sure that he couldn’t hear.” Harry answered, looking away in embarrassment.

Lips quirking up in a charming smile, Draco laughed softly and kissed Harry’s forehead. “That’s my Gryffindor. Now let’s get going before he finds us down here.”

Inclining his head in agreement, Harry cleared his throat to ward off the oncoming blush and together, he hurried silently down the corridors with his companion.

They ran with all haste, jumping and turning their heads at every tiny sound until they at last reached the same place that Harry had stood when he had first left Gryffindor Tower earlier that night.

Draco frowned as he peered around the corner and down the hallway holding the painting that led to the Gryffindor commons. He lifted his wand, giving it a flick and muttering a few words before raising an eyebrow. Eyes darting around for a moment longer, he shook his head as he moved back around the wall to join Harry. “I don’t see anything out of order but according to the charm I just cast, your spells have already been removed from the entranceway.”

Brow furrowing in worry, Harry cast a quick glance over his shoulder down the dark passageway they had just come from while uneasily licked his lips. “What should we do then? Should we go see if he’s in Gryffindor Tower still?”

“Do we have a choice?”

Harry raised one eyebrow and leaned back a little as if in thought. “Well, judging from the current situation and your hint of sarcasm. . .”

Draco rolled his eyes playfully, glad for the brief distraction. “You should have been in Slytherin. I don’t know what was wrong with that hat when it stuck you in Gryffindor House.”

Grinning, the emerald-eyed boy pressed a light kiss to Draco’s nose before slipping out of their ‘hiding place’ and towards the blank portrait. He looked back, waiting for the Slytherin to join him before whispering the password. The couple shared an encouraging glance and then as one, they made their way inside, the painting swinging shut behind them.

Both boys stood there for a long while, their backs safely against the exit and their wands trained at the room before them. Everything seemed still, as if time had stopped and the only sound in the room beside Draco and Harry’s soft breathing was the almost silent ticking of a clock and the crackling of an almost burned out fire.

Finally, Harry took a deep breath and turned his head slightly so that he could look at his boyfriend out of the corner of his eye. “Ready for this Drac?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be. Stay close to me though Harry. I have a few spells that will help us out along the way and we can watch each other’s backs.” As he said this, the Slytherin edged closer to the other and reaching over to give Harry’s hand a reassuring squeeze, they both stepped forward.


Well, this chapter was definitely a challenge for me to write and probably a little shorter than the other chapters but I hoped you liked it just as much.