Chapter 10: Seeing Through the Facade

Harry bit his lip as he read the same sentence over for what seemed like the thousandth time. Sighing, the ebony-haired boy closed his eyes as he leaned back in his chair. He peeked open one emerald gem at he heard his boyfriend shift and then come to sit next to him.

“Are you alright?”

Removing his glasses, Harry pinched the bridge of his nose as he again pushed away his uneasy feelings. “It’s nothing. I think I’m going to go off to bed though. Good night Drac.”

The blonde frowned, his silver eyes clouding over with emotion. “Alright then Po—Harry.”

The Gryffindor raised one eyebrow at the slip but slowly nodded his head and made his way to the stairs. “Are you going to stay up long love?”

Silver eyes glanced up from where the other was again studiously skimming over a text. “Not for that long dear. Maybe for another hour or so. I just want to finish this book. I think I may be onto something.”

“Dear?” Harry whispered as he felt a twisting feeling starting up in the pit of his stomach. Clearing his throat, the green-eyed wizard gripped the railing to the stairs tightly. “Alright then. Just don’t stay up all night.”

His gaze lingering on the boy before the fire, Harry quietly climbed the stairs. /He called me dear. After what he said this morning I wouldn’t think that he would go against it. If anything, I know about him, he would never change his mind about something this fast without some good reason behind it. Then to add to that he almost called me Potter. He hasn’t done the on accident for a while. What’s wrong with him? It’s like he’s converted into a whole new person in the span of a few hours./

Changing out of his day clothes, the Gryffindor prepared for bed with those troubling thoughts on his mind. Finally, settling under his blankets, Harry sighed and shut his eyes. He laid like that for a long time but no matter what he tried, the wizard couldn’t find sleep. Shifting restlessly in his bed, Harry turned so that he back was to the door and he was not facing the light from the common room. Several minutes passed and just when the boy thought he was about to fall asleep, he heard the creak of the stairs as someone ascended them.

“Draco?” Sitting up, Harry frowned when he heard no reply. He shoved the covers aside and reached for his wand as he crept towards the door. “Draco?” He tried again but to no avail.

Harry clutched his wand firmly and braced himself as he heard the footsteps draw closer. Taking a deep breath, the Gryffindor counted to three slowly before jumping out in front of the doorway and shouting out the first spell that came to mind.

“Woah!” Draco just barely managed to leap out of the way as the spell went whizzing by his ear. “Watch it Harry!”

“I—I’m sorry Draco. I thought. . .” The green-eyed boy licked his lips nervously as his eyes darted down to the wand in his companion’s hands. “Why do you have your wand out?”

/Shit!/ The blonde squirmed unnoticeably and thought up a quick lie. “I had heard something up here and I thought you were already asleep so I thought it might have been that man from the dungeons.” He winced mentally at the lame lie. /He probably suspects something and this potion will wear off by the morning. I have to kill him soon if I am going to do this./

“Well there’s no one here but us.” Harry replied and his emerald eyes flickered with distrust but he quickly hid it.

“Yeah. I guess. I’m going to go to bed too then.” The fake Draco moved further into the room. “Are you coming?”

The Gryffindor chewed lightly on his lip as he considered this. “Actually, I think I’m going to go for a walk. Don’t worry, I’ll have my cloak with me. I’ll be back soon.” Shuffling over to his trunk, Harry reached in for his Invisibility Cloak and on instinct, secretly pulled out his Marauder’s Map as well.

Cursing to himself, Draco’s impersonator forced a smile. “Be careful then.”

Harry nodded stiffly at the discomfort grew to unbearable levels and he nearly ran from the room. /What is wrong with him? Why do I feel so uncomfortable around him? I mean, he used to make me feel so safe and now. . .now he doesn’t even try to talk me out of walking into the halls by myself in the middle of the night./ Sweeping the cloak around his shoulders, Harry slipped out into the corridors of Hogwarts and hurried along until he reached an unused classroom.

He released a troubled breath as he sat down on top of a desk, not even bothering to remove his cloak. /Maybe there’s just something upsetting him. He’s acting a lot like he did before we got together but even then I didn’t feel like this around him. I’ve always felt some sort of sense of security when I’m with him and now it’s just. . .gone. I can’t help but feel cold and in danger when I’m near him./

Shifting in his seat, Harry paused when he heard a rustle of paper and he pulled out the Marauder’s Map from his pajama pocket. /And why didn’t I want him to know that I took the Map with me?/

Harry scrutinized the Map as if it would provide him with all the answers before deciding that he would give into his instincts no matter what he wanted to believe in the situation. Unrolling the parchment, the Gryffindor almost reluctantly said the commanding words. “I solemnly swear I am up to no good.”

Expectantly, he looked over to the spot marked Gryffindor dorms but to his surprise, Harry found that Draco was not there. Furrowing his brows, the black-haired boy swept his eyes over the rest of the map and his concern deepened as he found a semi-transparent dot labeled with his boyfriend’s name. /Why’s he down in the dungeons? And he’s hurt?!/

“Mischief managed.” Stuffing the Map urgently into his cloak, Harry was in near panic as he rushed out of the room and raced down to where he had seen Draco was. Running past several doors, the Gryffindor skidded to a halt as he reached his destination. He grasped the doorknob but to his dismay found that it was locked.

“Draco!” Pounding on the door, Harry was relieved to hear a response even if it was weak. Taking a shaky breath, the Gryffindor refused to let his tears fall. Harry allowed himself to slump against the door as he tried to calm his emotions. Counting to ten a few times, the black-haired boy finally pushed himself up straight and again focused his attention on the problem at hand.

“Alohomora.” The wizard tried the knob with held breath and then cursed as the spell had no affect on the door.

Brow furrowing in concentration, Harry tried to drudge up the hazy memories of his forced study periods in the Library by none other than Hermione Granger. /I know we went over a more powerful charm for this. . .what was it?/ The Gryffindor was so lost in trying to remember the spell that he didn’t hear the light footsteps until a familiar voice called out his name.

“Harry?” The next moment, the fake Draco emerged from the shadows farther down the hallway and Harry nearly jumped as the other come within reach of him. “What are you doing down here?”

“I—“ Clearing his throat, Harry clutched at his cloak with a death grip as he forced a composed demeanor. “I was just walking. I guess I didn’t even realize where I was until just now.”

The blonde wizard nodded, a frown on his face. “You should be more careful. Anyway, I came to look for you because it’s getting late and we should get some sleep. Not to mention it’s not safe to wander around in the dungeons with everything that’s happened recently.”

Harry squirmed uncomfortably but he dared not glance toward the door the led to the real Draco while the other was before him. Mind racing for an excuse to remain in the dungeons, the Gryffindor hardly noticed when his companion raised an eyebrow in suspicion.

“Harry? What’s wrong with you?”

Snapping out of his contemplation, Harry chewed roughly on his bottom lip as he tried to think of any last minute excuse. To his chagrin though, he found himself shaking his head and following the imposter down the hall.

/What am I going to do? He can kill me at anytime and there’s no knowing what he did to Draco. Oh Merlin, I hope Draco’s okay. I pray that he will survive for a little while longer just so I can take care of this./ Reluctantly, Harry entered the Gryffindor Tower with his enemy and together the two ascended the stairs to the dorms.

They each silently prepared for bed but tonight, Harry watched as Draco climbed into a separate four poster than his. /He is definitely not Draco. Even if I had not found Draco down in the dungeons, this would convince me without any doubt he’s an imposter. Draco and I haven’t slept apart even before we got together./ Sneaking his wand with him, Harry tucked himself under his covers and like his companion, his emerald eyes did not shut in sleep.

“Good night Harry.” The blonde said after a while, his silver eyes emotionless now as he looked over to his companion.

Harry nodded stiffly before drawing his curtains to his bed. He heard the other tug his own drapes close and taking a few soothing breaths, the Gryffindor waited for the inevitable attack.

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