Vanishing Point

Hi, everyone. I'm back with a new story. I'm hoping that people will like this one. Anyway, this is of course DxH and sap, there is slight angst and some action.

Chapter 1: The Only Ones

Emerald eyes blinked open sleepily to a strange silence. There were no familiar sounds of voices, snoring, and the typical morning hustle bustle in the seventh year Gryffindor boys’ dorm and it was unnerving to one Harry Potter.

At first, Harry had figured he had awakened late but a glance at his beside close belied that theory. So, frowning, the ebony-haired boy pushed his glasses on and carefully climbed out of bed. His unease only deepened when he found all the beds around him empty and his dorm mates no where in sight.

/What’s happening? Where is everyone?/ Changing out of his pajamas quickly, Harry made sure to tuck his wand safely into his school robes before sliding out of his room. /Perhaps they are all in the common room. . ./ He descended the stairs with that thought but it was only into a chilled stillness that he entered. /. . .or not. Where could they all have gone?/

Slightly panicking now, Harry raced out of Gryffindor Tower and towards the Great Hall. However, as he turned the corner into the Entrance Hall, the man found himself suddenly colliding with a sold, warm object. He and the stranger went tumbling down in a jumble of limbs and clothes and Harry’s glasses went flying as his face landed in the other’s chest.

They lay in a second of complete disorientation before the other spoke. “Potter. Get off of me!” A familiar voice drawled and Harry’s eyes widened as he shot up and squinted at the fuzzy form of Draco Malfoy.

“Malfoy!” The relief in Harry’s voice was evident, causing Draco to raise one fine eyebrow.

The Slytherin tilted his head as he considered the boy before him. “What’s wrong with you Potter? You seem almost happy to see me.”

Biting his lip, Harry shook his head. “It’s nothing Malfoy. And why would I be happy to see you?”

Draco snorted and climbed to his feet as his companion did so. For a moment, the blonde eyed the half-blind Gryffindor before sighing and bending down to retrieve Harry’s glasses. “Whatever Potter.”

The shorter wizard seemed surprised when Draco handed him his spectacles and more over that the Slytherin had left them intact. “Erm. . .thanks.”

Giving a sharp nod, Draco was about to turn away but he appeared to hesitate. “Actually, can I ask you something Potter?”

“What?” Harry questioned warily.

“Okay. Well, let’s get an understanding between us first. I just want it to be clear that if you laugh at me I will hex you so badly you won’t be able to walk straight for a month.” Draco received a glare at the threat but he continued undaunted. “Alright then. Do you by chance know where everyone is?”

“Do you mean all your housemates are missing too?!”

Draco scowled, mistaking the question to be a mocking one. “Potter. . .”

The emerald-eyed wizard shook his head vigorously. “I’m not insulting you Malfoy. I woke up in the morning to an empty room too. You’re the only other person I’ve seen. I was just heading over to the Great Hall to see if they were all in there.”

Sighing, Draco stared worriedly down the corridor, his eyes fixed on some random point. “I just came from the Great Hall. There is no one there.”

“Maybe they’re outside then?” Harry suggested, his green eyes darkening with concern. “Have you checked yet cause I haven’t?”

“No I haven’t.” The blonde frowned. “We may as well go look then Potter.”

If either were shocked by the fact that they were having a civilized conversation with the other, neither showed it as they walked out onto the grounds. They had just come down the front steps when Harry halted in his footsteps and groaned.

The Slytherin stopped as well and looked back at the other wizard. “What is it now Potter?”

Harry shot his rival an annoyed look. “This will take forever. The grounds are huge in case you don’t remember Malfoy.”

“Of course I remember you dolt. That’s why we’re going to use our brooms.” Draco said with a grin, his silver eyes sparkling.

Harry couldn’t resist smiling in return at the open expression on the usually cold boy’s face; even if that boy did insult him. /Wow, he looks totally different when he’s not sneering. . .kinda cute. . . What the hell? I did not just think that!/ Pushing away the disturbing thought, Harry nodded and both seekers muttered the spell to call their brooms.

As soon as they were mounted, Draco and Harry kicked off into the air, hovering about ten feet above the ground. “You take the south and east ends and I’ll cover the north and west. We’ll meet back here in half an hour.”

The Slytherin clenched his jaw as if he wanted to protest, having never been one to take orders well but Draco reconsidered it and just nodded rigidly. With a parting glance, the blonde flew off as Harry took off in the opposite direction.

* * * * *

Harry blew out a frustrated breath as he glided back into the courtyard where Draco was already waiting for him. “No luck?”

“None. I take it you didn’t have any luck either.” The Slytherin dismounted and slumped down onto the nearest bench “What are we going to do?”

“Maybe we could go into Hogsmeade and see if they know anything.” Harry answered, also taking a seat.

Draco’s silver eyes fixed onto the other but rejected that idea. “I took the time to check out the town after I looked over the grounds. There’s no one there either. We could always send an owl.”

“Good idea. C’mon.” He started for the front hall but Draco rolled his eyes and stopped Harry.

“We can use our brooms Potter. The owlry can be accessed from the outside remember? And it’s not like we can’t Accio some parchment and quill over.” His eyes glimmered with amusement as the ebony-haired wizard stuck out his tongue childishly and then began to turn red at his own actions. Chuckling, Draco lips quirked with a smile as he gazed at Harry. “Sometimes Potter, you are just too much.”

Harry dearly wished that he could vanish at that moment as he ducked his head to hide his blush. Murmuring some comment under his breath, the Gryffindor climbed onto his broom and together they flew up to the Owlry Tower.

“We should probably use your owl to send this. They may think that. . .” “I don’t think we’ll be using any owls Malfoy.” Harry cut in. He gestured for Draco to look behind him and the Slytherin let out a rather colorful string of curses as he saw that the owlry had also been emptied out.

“What the hell is happening here?!” The Slytherin growled out as he entered through one of the large bay windows. “Even the damn birds are missing?! I swear, when I find whoever is behind this I will kill them. Better yet, I’ll slowly torture them within an inch of their life before killing them.”

Harry sighed, brushing some stray bangs out of his eyes. “I think. . .as much as I hate to say this. . .that we have to work together to figure this one out seeing that we are the only two people here.”

Draco scoffed, heading for the door. “Me? Work with you? I don’t think so Potter. This was a one time thing and as far as I’m concerned this castle is large enough so that I won’t have to see your ugly face again. Just keep to your own affairs and I will keep to mine.” The blonde didn’t know why he reacted that way but for some reason, the mere mentioning of more alone time with Harry made him nervous. /What the hell is wrong with me?/ He slammed the door to the owlry shut and strode quickly down the hall. /You’d almost think that I was in love with that git./ Shuddering at the thought, Draco nearly broke into a run, desperately trying to get back to the safety of his room.

* * * * *

Harry’s expression of disbelief slowly contorted into anger as he his rival under his breath. Closing his eyes, the wizard took deep, calming breaths before forcing his body to relax. Waiting for a few minutes before he stepped out of the owlry, Harry wanted to be sure that Draco was well beyond his reach as he knew that if he saw the Slytherin right then, he wouldn’t hesitate to punch him square in the face.

Trailing out of the room, Harry made for the kitchen, finally realizing that he had missed breakfast and lunch that day. Coming to the portrait of the pear, the Gryffindor tickled it until he was permitted entrance into the kitchens. Seeing no house elves present, Harry sighed and shuffled around looking for something that he could prepare himself.

He had just finished cooking and cleaning up after himself when he heard the portrait swing open and Harry glared as Draco walked in. Taking his meal, the green-eyed wizard hurriedly found a plate to pile it on before brushing coldly past the other boy and stomping out of the kitchen.

Huffing, Draco crossed his arms and scowled at the entrance to the kitchens before turning around on his heels to stare blankly at the many pots and pans. /Shit./ He had no idea how to cook.

T.B.C. . .maybe. . .