Okay, I wrote this after reading something (don't remember what it was). Perhaps I was just feeling depressed or something. There's no point to this, so please be kind in your comments (yes, I want comments! *big puppy dog eyes*) This "poem" is basically just a rant, like all the others. Done with my notes. Enjoy!


I want you to know something

And I know you donít know itís you Iím addressing

I just thought you should know

Just how important you are to me

You know that Elton John song, ďYour SongĒ?

Does anybody even know who that was for?

(And to all you smug Elton John fans, sssshh!)

My point is that, in a way, Iím writing this for you

Whether or not you know it

And though this is not a song,

And it probably sucks in your opinion,

I think you should try to understand

I donít see you as often as I would care to

And I know that, as the years pass on,

We will grow further and further apart

Probably never speaking to each other again five years from now

But until that happens,

I donít want to ride this feeling off as some teenage infatuation!

(Though, thatís probably what it is!)

Oh, if you only knew how many sleepless nights Iíve spent

Hoping you would at least drop me a line,

Write me a note saying, ďHey, whatís up? Howís it going?Ē

If only you knew how many times Iíve wanted to cry out

Trying hard not to burst at the seems,

Keeping my feelings tamed within

Gods, can you possibly understand what itís like?!!

You probably see me as immature

And Iíll admit, Iím not as chique and demure as your friends

But please know that I try!

The gods only know why I want to be with you

I sometimes even question it myself

Oh, but the looks you give me when weíre hanging out

The smiles, the eyes that just make me want to melt in place

I refuse to let my teenage hormones get the better of me!

I must continue with my original topic!

I know you sense my nervous actions when your around

Does it make you as uncomfortable as it does me?

Do you know what itís like

To fall so completely for a person

Simply because of their smile or their eyes?

I doubt you can

You tend to be pretty dense at times

But I digress, getting back to the issue at hand. . .

I know you canít understand how I feel

Itís foreign even to me; how odd it might be for you!

And I know you canít understand

How much your silence eats away at me

I know you canít understand

That I would rather perish in the fiery bellies of Hades

Than begin to know your rejection of me

I have a picture of you on my bed stand

Itís what I look at before I turn off the lights and drift away to sleep

Where I go to a place in which

Weíre together, without a care in the world

And when I wake in the morning

I can almost swear that it was your arms wrapped around me

Your warming kiss that helped me to feel safe through the night

Ah, but alas!

ĎTis but a fleeting dream,

Perhaps that of just another hormonal seventeen-year-old girl

Do you not understand what thatís like, either?