To anyone who's been reading my poems lately, this poem is about a DIFFERENT person! This is the latest one I wrote, but I like posting in bulk, ya know? Just easier for me, I guess. Annoying for the fan(s), but who's gonna kvetch at me for it?

And just so you know, the term "himitsu desu" is Japanese for "it's a secret." Kind of an odd title, but it's the only fitting thing I could think of! It'ssupposed to be a sad poem, as most of my poetry is. Hope you all like, and please be kind in your comments, which are all very gladly taken. ^__^

Himitsu Desu

What would you do if I told you I loved you?

Would you take me into your arms

And whisper, ďI love you tooĒ?

Would you tell me you feel the same way,

Yearned for as long as I have,

Waiting for the perfect moment to finally tell me?

Would you cast me aside

And tell me that love was for the weak,

That you will never give in to such a ďtrivial emotionĒ?

Or even worse, would you say nothing at all

And stare at me in disbelief,

Mouth gaping while you try to grasp reality?

Would you go without saying anything,

Leaving me to wonder how you feel?

Maybe now you can see why I havenít told you yet,

Why Iíve kept my feelings a secret.

I do no want to hurt myself,

Nor the friendship that we share.

I do not want to loose you as a friend,

But I do not want to remain in wonder of how you think of me.

I keep hoping you will be the first to confess your feelings,

But I know you too well;

You would never be so bold and open with your emotions.

Itís a pity you donít know Iím aiming this at you;

It would make my job so much easier.

Well, no one ever said life was easy,

Or that love wasnít difficult.

You know me well enough to know how hard it is to explain my feelings like this.

And I can sense your silence as you hear these words.

But that is the worst thing I can hear from you now.

Please do not hate me when you find out.

I would rather keep you as a friend,

Have you remain completely unaware of my feelings,

Than have you despise me for finding out the truth.

I have hidden in secret for so long

That more time will not make any difference.

However, I hope that someday you will realize how I feel,

For no one can wait forever.