As you all can guess, I'm kicking myself about this person I like. This poem's kind of ironic in regards to how I feel, since I'm not fully over them, but hey what are you gonna do?

C & C, if you want. I haven't shown this poem to anyone before, and I'm not used to sharing my works outside a school setting or friend circle. Be kind, onegai! *oversized doe eyes*

From One Friend to Another

You donít know, do you?

About the way I feel, the way I see you;

Youíve never known

You see me as just another friend

Someone to talk to when thereís nothing better to do

Someone to laugh with

(Or in some cases, laugh at)

Youíve never seen me as anything else

And Iíve never expected you to,

Though I hoped someday you would

Before she came along

I thought you were incapable of having feelings for anyone

But I see the way you look at her

I see the glimmer in your eyes whenever sheís around

I see the smile she causes to surface upon your perfect lips

At first I was jealous

And I tried to give you two as little time together as possible

That was selfish

And petty

And beneath me

Since then, I have been able to mask my jealousy

Why else would I leave the room when you two are together?

Iíve tried convincing myself that my feelings for you have passed

But I have never been very good at lying,

Especially to myself

I will deal

I will get over it

I will get over you

I am content to be just a friend

As long as she makes you happy,

Thatís all that matters