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Chapter 6: And We Come to Piecing to Puzzle

It wasn’t until a few hours after night fall that Rai woke. Yawning, the necromancer stood and stretched. /I thought I told him to wake me up./ Blinking a few times, Rai slowly made his way out of the room. Stepping into the living room, the man found it to be empty. A sense of fear rose in him but the sound of clanging in the kitchen and Derek’s voice calling his name relieved him and he immediately turned to find the vampire.

“Sleep well?” Derek said with a smile, leaning against the counter sipping on a chilled can of soda.

Rai nodded and dug around in the fridge for his own drink. “Yeah but you were supposed to wake me up so that you could rest.” He sulked in displeasure, eyes narrowed slightly.

The blonde sighed depositing his now empty drink into the trash can before pulling Rai to him in a warm embrace. “I’m sorry but you seemed so exhausted after the healing spell I couldn’t wake you.” He placed a sweet kiss on the other’s lips. “Besides, I had to clean my apartment. It was beaten up pretty badly because of those two bastards.”

Gazing up into chocolate brown eyes, Rai leaned into the comforting circle of Derek’s arms, wrapping his own around the other’s waist. “I just wished you would have let me lend a hand. I can’t help but worry about you.” Kissing the pale, smooth neck, the wintry-eyed man relaxed completely.

They stood there in contented silence until the ring of the phone disturbed the couple. Muttering a curse at his time with Rai being cut short, Derek pulled away reluctantly and answered the phone. “Hello.”

“Yes. Is Rai Maxwell there?” Eyeing the receiver in his hand with suspicion, Derek nevertheless handed the phone to Rai.

Rai accepted the phone but he was confused as to who was searching for him at Derek’s apartment. “Who is this?”

“You wouldn’t recognize me Maxwell?”


The voice over the line laughed briefly before it turned serious. “It’s me Maxwell but we have a problem at Headquarters.”

“Damn. What’s up?” Fingering, the cord, Rai tossed a worried glance at Derek.

“One of the generals has disappeared. Apparently someone had taken him out of his room last night and not willingly.”

Expression grave, Rai made a mental note to retrieve his uniform. “Signs of struggle?”

“The whole bedroom was torn up but we don’t believe his dead yet. Or at least we haven’t been able to locate any sign of his body. Either way, we need you down here now.” Wufei said urgently as Rai heard someone calling for his partner.

“I’ll be right there.” With that he hung up the phone. For some reason, Rai was sure that this was connected to his preternatural case. He scowled lightly as the nagging sensation in the back of his mind crept into his consciousness again but he still couldn’t place what was bothering him.

“What is it? What happened?” Derek asked as soon as the necromancer was off the phone.

Rai looked up from where he was now distractedly checking his weapons and replacing them in their holsters. “One of my superiors has been kidnapped and I need to go check it out.”

Derek frowned, crossing his arms. “You’ll be safe right?”

“Hopefully.” The necromancer finished examining his last gun and attempted a weak smile. “I think that this may be linked to our own case but I’m not sure how. When I leave, I’m gonna set up a ward around this apartment. You should be safe until I return if you don’t walk outside.”

Hugging Rai tightly to himself, the vampire clenched his eyes shut. “I’m more concerned about you.”

The American smiled tenderly as he cupped Derek’s cheek lovingly. “I’ll promise to be careful.” Standing on tiptoe, Rai gave the other a long soulful kiss before backing out of his embrace. “I love you.” With that, he withdrew several parchments and muttered an incantation. Immediately, they flew from his hands and fastened themselves over every entrance. Throwing one last glance at Derek, he strode out of the apartment.

Helplessly, the brown-eyed man collapsed against the counter. “I love you too Rai.” He whispered but it went unheard, vanishing into the air of his lonely home.

* * * * *

Rai drove as quickly as he could to Preventer Headquarters from his apartment after throwing on his uniform. Pulling his Durango to a stop in a mostly deserted parking lot, the American clipped his badge to the front of his jacket, strolling up to the plain building. Flashing his badge at to the guard at the door, Rai hurried to the conference room, where he knew the others were waiting.

Heero paused in his explanation as the door opened silently and he grinned slightly at Duo’s younger brother when Rai entered.

“Hey itouto-chan.”

“Hi Duo. Guys.” Taking the nearest seat, the American took the portfolio that Trowa handed him.

“General Soji was last seen entering his house by a neighbor early last night. All inquiries as to any sounds of disturbance from the house were negative.” Quatre reported.

Rai nodded thoughtfully, a million facts and clues running through his mind as everything seemed to fit together. Pushing back his chair abruptly, his eyes flashed and he turned to his friends. “Give me until six tomorrow morning. I think I know where the General is.”

“What?” Wufei shouted after his partner but Rai had already gone. Exchanging a glance with the others, the Chinese man shrugged and shook his head. “Somehow I think he’s going to get himself into more trouble.”

* * * * *

“We need to get going. The people that attacked you are going to be on the move again tonight and if we let them get away with this it’ll be all over.”

Derek jumped up in surprise as Rai charged into the apartment. Wide-eyed with confusion, the vampire readily did as Rai asked. Hurrying to his room, Derek prepared while the necromancer got on the phone.

After a few rings, the phone was answered by a silky voice. Sighing, Rai interrupted the long welcome of the owner of the club he had called. “Jean-Claude?”

“Rai?” The other seemed surprised for a moment before Rai could practically hear the smirk that was growing on Jean-Claude’s features. “Well well, this is a pleasant surprise. What can I do for you mon cherie?”

“Cut the crap. I’m gonna need a few of your vampires to help me.”

The master of the city raised an eyebrow in wonder and slight amusement. “And why for?”

Rolling his eyes, Rai bit his tongue to keep from cursing at the vampire. He knew that Jean-Claude was aware of why he required help, the other was toying with him. “You know perfectly well why I need some of your people. Right now is not the time to pull any of your shit. Just send three vampires to 2424 West Street. You owe me for saving your life.” Not listening for an answer, Rai hung up and just as soon dialed the next number. Within minutes, he had contacted both Anita Blake and Richard.

“Where exactly are we going Rai?”

He licked his lips as he glanced up at Derek. “I know who killed all your vampires and why. If we don’t stop them this time, we’re all going to be in a lot of trouble.”

“But why?” The vampire rushed after Rai as the wintry-eyed man hurried out the door. “What are they doing?”

Rai hopped into the driver’s seat as the blonde took the passenger’s side. “Remember when I was called in by the police to investigate the case? Well, when I got there I had found two vampires killed and turned into zombies.” He stopped Derek from interrupting and continued urgently. “I had known that there was some connection to our own case but I didn’t know what it was just then although something was bothering me so I returned to those books that we found at the library. It took me a while but I located one spell that seemed to match what was done to those vampires. The only thing was that it didn’t make sense because there’s no way to turn one of your kin into a zombie unless the magic was done by a necromancer or a half-vampire.”

The vampire stared out the window in anger for losing his people and fear that there was a person or thing out there that could do such a thing to him as well. “So what are they trying to do Rai? And are they necromancers or half-vampires?”

“They’re half-vampires. There isn’t another necromancer but myself in this city and I’ve already double checked a few days ago to make sure of this.” Rai fixed silver-blue eyes on Derek and at once, the blonde was able to read the fear, anger, and strong love in the wintry orbs. “As you know, half-vampires are not truly vampires nor are they human and while they are not as drawn to the call of blood as you are, they have the majority of the weaknesses that the most inadequate of vampires are susceptible to. A lot see it as a curse but apparently they had found an ancient necromancy curse that’ll cure them and give them unimaginable powers at the same time.”

Derek frowned as everything finally fit into place. “So they must sacrifice vampires to do this and tonight will be the last sacrifice.”

“Mmm hmm. I wouldn’t have know it if General Soji had not gone missing. I hadn’t thought much about him when I had to first review his file but now I’m glad that I had read it because I remember that there had been abnormalities in his blood tests and they all match that of a half-vampire. With that sort of reading he should have never been allowed into the Preventers but he was, therefore he must have some sort of connections putting him higher in his own society. So of course he should be at the ceremony tonight and where better to hold it than his own house now that no one will go near it because they think it’s empty?” The car engine cut off as Rai parked on the side of a dark street. Both climbed out of the Durango and Derek waited for Rai to join him on the sidewalk.

“Are there others coming to help?” Concern was laced thickly in the quietly whispered question as Derek gazed down the road.

Rai nodded and captured Derek’s hand in his own drawing the other’s attention to him. “Yeah. I called in a few favors.” He took a deep breath and pulled the vampire to him. “Don’t worry Derek. This’ll be alright in the end.”

“But what if you get hurt?” He reached up and brushed his love’s cheek softly. “I’ve been alone for so long and I don’t want to lose you.”

Closing his eyes, Rai placed his hand on top of Derek’s. “There are always risks Derek. I don’t want to lose you either and I’ll try my best to be careful with this one. Besides,” Gentle winter-blue eyes smiled up at the vampire. “I’m still supposed to go to that dance with you.”

Placing a supple kiss on Rai’s lips, Derek leaned his forehead against this other’s in a loving gesture. “I love you Rai.”

“I love you too. Always.” Together they stood wrapped in the night until the sound of approaching cars broke through their trance and the moved away from each other to greet three other vampires and Anita and Richard.

The necromancer studied each face carefully and with a weighty sigh gave them their instructions that may lead them to the end of their life or the beginning of another.


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