Heya everyone! Well, I finally got the fifth chapter up and this fic should be done in another chapter or two which will give me a lot of extra time but I enjoyed writing this it’ll be kinda sad too. Oh well, same warnings apply as before. Now onto the story. . .

Chapter 5: Trail of Attacks

Skipping several steps at once, Rai reached the landing to the third floor in no time. Taking a deep breath, the necromancer tried to collect himself. It wouldn’t do well for him to run into Derek’s apartment with the state he was in. Slowing his pace, Rai drew his Browning, it was small for his hands but easier to hide. Creeping down the hall, the American calmed his breathing and focused all his senses on the open door at the end of the passage.

As he got closer to the doorway, Rai could pick up the sound of two arguing voices and neither belonged to Derek. Anger grew within the brunette and he swore softly under his breath. /If they have done anything to harm Derek. . ./

Pressing into the wall just outside the entrance to the apartment, Rai listened carefully to the conversation within. After a few moments, the necromancer shook his head. They were speaking in a tongue that was not known to him even with all his studies. /Who the hell are these vampires? They don’t even use their own common language./

Rai’s head shot up though when there came a muffled groan and then a voice he knew to be Derek’s spoke up painfully.

“Who are you?” The platinum-haired man asked softly.

One of the vampires knelt down to sneer in the master’s face. “That will not matter for you are to die soon. When our master arrives you shall perish.”

/Good thing to know that they still speak Lamia. To bad for them I can understand it./ Checking the barrels to his gun one last time, the silver-blue eyed man rolled in front of the opened door and shot as he immediately targeted one of the threats. From the monster’s silent crash to the ground, Rai could tell that he had pierced the heart with his bullet.

Climbing steadily to his feet, the necromancer took one hand from his gun and removed a parchment from his belt. Mouthing a few words of enchantment, Rai’s eyes glowed dull silver as the parchment flew from his hand and froze a few feet from Derek. There, a flash of light surrounded him and he was encased in a protective shield. /Now with that taken care of, time to find the other bastard./ Taking one step into the apartment, Rai grinned dangerously. “Come out, come out, wherever you are.” There was a faint shuffle of feet to his right and automatically his gun was trained in that area, searching for his prey. “Let’s not play games now. I have more important things to do in my life than participating in a game of hide and seek with you.”

“Rai. . .” Came a faint plea from Derek but Rai ignored the other.

Suddenly, there was a low growl and the American found himself pushed over by the rogue vampire. Gripping his gun tightly to make sure he didn’t loose it, Rai used the momentum provided to roll and force himself away from the vampire. “Who the fuck do you work for?”

Laughing, the creature hissed and avoided answering the question. “Why would you, a necromancer, save a vampire?”

His aim was unwavering as Rai replied. “Now that’s my secret. I’ll make you a deal though. If you tell me who you work for, I’ll tell you why I protect him.”

“I don’t think so.” Snarling, the vampire leapt at Rai who just barely dodged the oncoming attack of fangs and claws. Twisting his body around, the brunette just managed to find the right angle to aim and fire at the vampire’s head. Blood splattered everywhere as Rai’s shoulder collided painfully with the wall and there was a resounding snap. “Damnit!” Cursing under his breath, the necromancer clutched his arm agonizingly while pointing his gun at the vampire’s heart. “Never mess with a necromancer.” With that, Rai pulled the trigger and what chance remained of the creature being alive had vanished.

Falling forward when the barrier dissolved, Derek quickly summoned up what remained of his strength and crawled over to Rai. “Are you alright Rai?”

Rai groaned in pain. “When I get this shoulder fixed I will be. Goddamn this can’t be good.” He looked up, his silver-blue orbs laced with worry. “What about you Derek? I came as soon as I realized what was happening.”

“I’ll be fine since my abilities allow me to heal quickly but we have to get you to the hospital.” The platinum-haired vampire carefully scooped Rai into his arms and stood.

“Listen. Don’t worry about me. You’re the one that they’ll be after.” Rai sighed. “Let me lure them away and you can find somewhere safe.”

“No!” The vampire hugged Rai tightly to himself and buried his nose into the dark locks. “I won’t let you do that. Not for me and not when it’s such a large risk to your own life.”


“No!” Derek glared at the man in his arms. “I care about you too much for that.”

Rai froze and slowly met the chocolate colored eyes. “You care for me?”

“With all my heart Rai. I told you before and I’ll tell you again. I will do anything to have you with me forever and if that means risking my own life, so be it.” Determination shone on Derek’s face as Rai studied the blonde.

“You’re serious aren’t you?”

“Quite.” Sighing, Derek lowered Rai onto the bed before settling on the edge of it. “Please let me remain with you.”

Shutting his eyes, Rai leaned into the warm hand caressing his face and whispered. “How do I say no to you?”

A beaming smile crossed Derek’s lips and he bent to down to gently capture Rai in a kiss. “I love you.”

“I love you too Derek.” The American gave Derek another kiss before gripping the vampire’s hand tightly. “Now I’ve got to get my arm healed.”

“Should I call the ambulance?”

“No.” Rai motioned toward his belt. “Lay one of my parchments on it.” He laughed when the blonde eyed the papers warily and reassuringly squeezed Derek’s hand. “They won’t harm you unless I recite the spell.”

Derek studied Rai intently before nodding, trust prominent in his brown eyes. Carefully extracting only one sheet of parchment the chocolate-eyed vampire set it lightly on the wound. “Now what?”

“Just hold onto my hand because this tends to hurt and I want someone here with me.” Rai took a deep breath, looking up at Derek through his eyelashes.

Concern marred Derek’s features but he nodded and gripped the necromancer’s hand.

“Alright.” Rai closed his eyes momentarily before reopening them. Derek was stunned to see that they were now glowing bringing back faint memories of their first meeting. He listened with slight apprehension as Rai began to mutter foreign words.

As soon as the incantation was completed, the American gritted his teeth in pain. An excruciating throbbing started in his shoulder and gradually began to spread. Even though Rai failed to notice the popping and tearing sounds that accompanied the wave of agony but Derek didn’t. The vampire watched in horror as Rai’s body twisted, trying to run from the pain it was enduring but all he could do was watch and hope for the best. This went on for several minutes and Derek was beginning to wonder if the other would ever escape from the obvious torture he was in now. He was relieved though when one last convulsion shuddered through Rai’s body before he quieted. The wintry-eyed man laid there panting from exertion and fading pain, eyes clenched shut tightly.

“Rai?” Derek called softly, running one hand over the other’s sweaty brow. “How are you feeling?”

“Painful.” Rai mumbled and pushed himself up with a small wince. “Never mind that. We should get going.”

Derek’s narrowed his eyes. “No way. You are going to rest for the rest of today. I’ll keep watch for a while in case anyone else decides to show.”

“But Derek—“ Rai quickly shut his mouth at the look on his partner’s face. “Fine.” He pouted and settled back into bed. “But wake me in a few hours so you can also get some rest. Somehow I think we’re both going to need it.”

“So do I.” Answered Derek in a whisper and stood to straighten out his ruined apartment and prepare for the day to come.


Fifth chapter all done and so is this fic in a few chapters. I know that this part was short but I promise that the other will be longer. Other than that I’ve had fun writing this one and I hope everyone enjoyed reading it just as much. *smile* Well, see all you people next time.