Okay, here’s chapter 3. Same warnings apply as before.

Chapter 3: Satisfied Meetings

Bright morning sunlight filtered in through the half open drapes and crept its way over the sleeping occupants if the bed. Rai frowned as the light hit his eyes attempting to wake him. Fighting a losing battle against consciousness, silver-blue orbs finally fluttered open in defeat. Yawning, the young American carefully extracted himself from the bed and stood, stretching and tossed a glance at the bedside clock. /7:30 am? God I have lost it to wake up this early on a Saturday./ Sighing, he knew that there was no way that he could fall asleep again and decided to shower before either of his companions awoke.

When Rai had reemerged from the bathroom he was surprised to find Relena’s bed empty. Panicking, he threw on his clothes and opened the front door with a bang and raced down the hall. As Rai rushed down the stairs, he went crashing right into another person sending both of them back a few feet.

“My apologies. I didn’t. . .Relena?!” The person that stood in front of him looked enough like a guy but he could tell from the features that it was indeed the girl that he had housed in his room the previous night.

Cornflower-blue eyes peeked out from under the black cap that covered the girl’s face in the shadows. “Rai?” She blushed. “Sorry, I wanted to go for a walk so I borrowed a few things so that people wouldn’t get suspicious if they saw a girl exit your room.”

Glancing down at Relena’s outfit, Rai raised an eyebrow. The girl had obviously gone through his and Wufei’s clothes since she had on one of his loose midnight black shirts and hat accompanied with an old pair of his roommate’s jeans. /Wufei will not like this at all./ “Don’t worry about it. But how’d you manage to stuff all your hair under my hat?” Rai began to mess with the cap.

Relena laughed and batted the man’s hands away. “That’s my secret. Now we should probably wake Wufei since we still need to get some breakfast soon.”

“Actually, why don’t you go get him?” He laughed at Relena’s frightened expression. “Don’t worry. He won’t kill you.” /Which is a shame but oh well./ Rai added silently. “I’ll go grab some breakfast for all of us so that we don’t miss our chance waiting for Wufei. Afterward, I will take you back to your hotel, alright?”

Nodding reluctantly, Relena disappeared into the building once again. Rai shook his head and chuckled. Turning, he began walking through the deserted parking lot. /Everyone must be inside sleeping./

One moment the American was studying the ground in thought as he made his way to his car but the next he was lying in the dirt looking up at the sky. “What the hell?” Clutching his head, Rai slowly stood up. He jumped when someone grabbed his arm and helped him to his feet. “Thanks. I’m so—“ He cut off in disbelief. In front of him stood Derek, wearing tight blue jeans, accompanied by a skin-tight gray tank top, and hiking boots. Dark sunglasses hid his chocolate brown eyes from view but Rai knew what would be in his gaze if he could see them.

“So we meet again necromancer.” Derek said with a sly grin.

Eyes narrowed, Rai took a step away from the vampire. “Why the fuck are you here? And how the hell do you live in the sunlight?”

“I still need to return your jacket. As for the sunlight, I have been a vampire too long for it to bother me.” There was no sign of the coat in his hands.

“But you said. . .” Rai began but cut himself off when Derek came within inches of him.

“Like I said last night.” He trailed a finger over Rai’s cheek and the silver-blue eyed necromancer shuddered and moved back. “I want you and I will have you.”

“I will kill you.” Rai answered.

Derek laughed softly. “If you were going to kill me you would have done it already. You had a chance last night and right now.”

“I—“ Glaring, Rai turned and stormed away from the blonde man.

Removing his sunglasses, the brown-eyed vampire’s smile faltered as he watched the retreating back of the necromancer. /Why did I have to fall in love with a necromancer? And why do I continue to be an asshole around him?/ Sighing, the vampire made his way back down the sidewalk.

* * * * *

“Duo!” Rai yelled as he brother cannonballed into the pool, soaking him thoroughly.

“Aww. C’mon Rai. You’re gonna come in soon anyway.” Laughing, he ducked under the water when Rai dived in after him. They chased each other around the pool for a while before Heero grabbed Duo by the braid and Rai got the chance to get away.

As he climbed out of the pool, Quatre threw him a towel, which he caught absently and gathering his book and towel, found an isolated corner of the pool out of sight of his friends to read in peace.

After an hour, the heat began to overcome the brown-haired man with sleep. Setting his book aside, Rai sighed and closed his eyes, soaking up the warm rays of the sun. Rai frowned when the sun was blocked and a shadow fell over him.

“Fancy meeting you here Rai.”

Eyes flying open, Rai saw Derek standing over him, gaze sweeping over his body hungrily. Hastily, Rai stood and yanked on his shirt. “Stop following me. And how the hell did you learn my name?”

“But why? You’re too beautiful to let out of sight. As for your name, that’s my secret.” Wrapping his arms around Rai’s waist, he pulled the necromancer forcefully to him.

Rai pushed back as far as he could but his strength was nowhere near a vampire’s. “Don’t you understand that we cannot be together? Just leave me. . .” His eyes widened, Derek was kissing him. /Oh my god! I should stop him but. . .he tastes so good./ His eyes closed as he lost all his senses. Wrapping his arms around the blonde man’s neck, Rai moaned into Derek’s mouth when the vampire flicked his tongue between his lips teasingly.

A sudden shout from the pool brought Rai swiftly back to reality and he pulled away abruptly. “W—What did you do to me?”

“I didn’t do anything but kiss you.” Derek reached one hand up to cup Rai’s cheek but the vampire’s grip had loosened and the brown-haired man moved away completely, shaking his head.

“No. I—I have to go.” Collecting all his belongings, Rai withdrew from Derek despite his protests.

Once Rai had gone, the vampire slumped onto the lawn chair that the other had just previously occupied. /Why does every meeting always end like this?/ Sighing, Derek gingerly touched his lips and grinned. /At least he seems to like the kiss./

* * * * *

Sunday passed and Derek had not caught any sight of the necromancer but he knew that Rai had been out since the number of vampires under him had reduced yet again. Troubled, the blonde boy hurried into the whitewashed building before him.

* * * * *

/Reports. This sucks. I’m gonna kill Adam for assigning me this case. Him and his ‘you are the best we have so handle it’./ Sighing, Rai flopped into his seat. Burying his face in his arms, Rai tried to block out the loud whirring of the air conditioner so that he could rest for just a bit.

Derek couldn’t believe his luck. There was Rai seated right in front of him. /Something seems to be wrong with him./ Shrugging, the master vampire cleared his throat, finally catching the American’s attention.

Rai looked up and his eyes narrowed. /Great. Now he even follows me to the office./ “What the hell do you want?”

“Is that any way to treat a client?”

Standing, Rai glared. “What the hell would you want to hire me for?”

“Hey, I’m not here to molest you.” Derek sat and smirked. “Although I would gladly do it if you wanted.”

“Just cut the crap and tell me what you really came here for.” Muttered Rai darkly.

“Fine. Your boss said that you could help me solve a case.”

Raising an eyebrow, Rai retook his seat. “What kind?”

“There have been some missing vampires from my order. I need someone to investigate this. Of course, I’ll give my full cooperation and help. I want to be there every time you are to work on the case so that I know what happens.”

“You cannot be serious. I don’t do missing vampires.” Anger flashed through the necromancer’s eyes. /I have got to talk with Adam about assigning me these goddamn cases that I cannot do./ “I specialize in slaying vamps and sometimes resurrecting the dead but no more.”

“That’s not what I heard and your boss has already taken my money so you are already bound to this case.” Derek said smugly.

/Damn!/ Rai cursed and slammed his fist into his desk.

* * * * *

At lunch, Rai found himself seated in front of a small café. He was chatting happily with Quatre and Wufei when someone tapped him on the shoulder. When he looked up, Rai tensed and tried to fight the blush that threatened to rise on his cheeks. It was Derek. “What do you want?”

A look of hurt flashed through the brown eyes, surprising Rai but then the emotion was quickly erased. “Well, if you’re going to work on my case, I just wanted to set a time for us to get together so that I can give you some of the notes I’ve collected.”

Still infuriated, Rai excused himself from his friends. Motioning for Derek to follow him, he began to search for a quiet spot. Finally, finding a bench at the city park, Rai set his belongings on a bench, the man crossed his arms and turned to Derek. “Okay. So what do you have?”

“It’s all in this folder but I do not want to just leave this with you.”

Studying the other man for a moment, Rai finally nodded. “I don’t know why I’m agreeing to this but I don’t need any more pain. We can meet around five. There’s a library just down the road from here.” Rai said, making to leave.

“I’ll meet you then.” Derek smiled as he and Rai parted ways.

* * * * *

Yawning, Rai rested his head on his arms. It was already very late but they still had a lot of work to do. They had discovered a clue worth researching and so Rai had found himself staying at the library much longer than he had intended. He looked up tiredly when Derek returned from searching for more books.

“Hey, do you want to go get some coffee or something? I think that there’s a little shop that’s open all day just about two blocks from here.” Derek offered gently as he stacked a few book out of the way so that he could see Rai.

Rai raised an eyebrow in question. “Vampires don’t eat or drink.”

“Actually we can but we don’t need food to survive but you’re not a vampire and you look tired.” The blonde smiled at the man across from him and added when he saw Rai eye the darkness outside. “Don’t worry. I won’t do anything to you and I promise that none of my people will either. You have my word.”

After several minutes, Rai nodded reluctantly. /For some strange reason I believe him./ He thought to himself. “I guess so. The library’s gonna close soon anyway. It’s already ten.”

Picking out whatever books they needed, Derek and Rai hurriedly checked them out and left the library behind for the cover of the night.

Rai shivered as they stepped out into the cold. He was only dressed in a simple t-shirt since he had not thought that they would be out that late at night.

Derek glanced over at the man beside him in awe. Rai’s silver-blue eyes seemed to glow brightly in the darkness, his hair shone with the moon and the stars, and his creamy white skin stood out in the night. The brown-eyed vampire frowned when he saw a shiver run down Rai’s body. Removing his own jacket, he placed it around the necromancer’s shoulders. When Rai looked up at him, surprised, Derek only smirked and stared ahead of them.

Shocked, Rai could only slip on the coat. “Err. . .thanks.”

Nodding, Derek glanced at Rai from the corner of his eye. “No problem.”

Rai remained silent as he pulled the sleeves up. The jacket was a little too big for him but it kept him warm and he was thankful for it. /Heh. I never thought that I would actually be getting along with a vampire./

As they stepped into the brightly lit shop, Rai tried to locate a seat among the many other people that had been caught in night shifts or on their way home from a tiring day of work.

“Here. Why don’t you find us a seat and I’ll go buy the drinks? What would you like?” Derek asked as he looked around the small café.

“Just coffee with some cream and sugar. Here’s the money for it.” He began to dig through his pocket but his companion stopped him.

“I’ve already ruined your lunch today so this is on me. Just find a seat.” With that he turned away from Rai leaving the American to himself.

Finally, Rai managed to secure a table in the back away from most of the noise and bustle. Keeping an eye on Derek, Rai waved him over when he saw that he had gotten their order.

“You’re actually gonna drink something?” Rai asked as he noticed the cup that Derek held.

Grinning, Derek nodded. “I haven’t had any cocoa for a long time and it’s my favorite.”

To Derek’s delight, Rai actually laughed. “You know. “He blushed lightly and fingered the zipper on the jacket. “Maybe I had it wrong about you. You hardly seem like any other vampire that I have met.” He paused. “Well, tonight anyway.”

“I try my hardest not to take it as far as some of the other master vampires.” Answered the blonde vampire. After a moment he added. “You know, I am sorry for the way that I treated you when we first met. I shouldn’t have kissed you without your permission but it has been that way for me for a long time now.”

“Hmm.” Rai frowned. “You do understand that even though we are at a truce now that doesn’t mean that I will stop hunting.”

Wincing, Derek nodded. “I know. It is in your nature like hunting if also in mine.”

“You have my word that I will not harm you unless you force me to though.” Rai said, locking eyes with Derek.

“I trust you.”

For the rest of the time they were in the coffee shop, Rai and Derek spoke only about simple everyday matters both fearing that any other subject might upset the other.

Around midnight, they found themselves back at the necromancer’s apartment.

“Well, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow. Do you still want to work on the case in the morning?” Derek asked, standing awkwardly in front of Rai’s door.

Rai, for his part was nervous. “Sure. I’ll see you tomorrow. Umm. . .here’s your jacket back. Thanks for letting me borrow it.”

Derek pushed the coat back towards Rai. “Remember. I still have yours so you can keep mine until I return your jacket to you.”

“Ok. Well, then good night.” Before he lost his nerve, Rai placed a chaste kiss on Derek’s cheek and then quickly entered his home and shut the door.

Frozen, Derek stared dumbly at Rai’s door. Slowly he raised a hand to where he had been kissed and a genuine smile grew on his face. That night, he slept with pleasant dreams and hopes.

* * * * *

It had been exactly one week since the first time Derek had met Rai. Even though most of the vampires that had come with him had been either slayed or disappeared, Derek was still determined to help Rai solve the case.

“Thank the heavens that fall is almost here.” Rai stated on a particularly chilly Friday afternoon. “Have you found someone to go with to the Winter Ball down at that club you were talking about earlier?”

“Well, err. . .” Derek muttered. “I’m sort of embarrassed to try and ask this person considering that I don’t think they may want to go with me. How about you?”

“No, I haven’t asked anyone. I don’t even know if I’ll go. But who exactly would this they be?” Rai asked with interest.

“I. . .umm. . .”

/He might as well have written on his forehead./ Rai thought to himself but was determined to not answer unless Derek asked him. “Listen. I won’t press. Just tell me how it goes when you get the guts to ask them to the dance.” Rai checked his watch. “I’ve gotta get going. I promised my brother a game of basketball before dinner. I’ll see ya then.” Waving, Rai disappeared around the building.

Derek watched in shock as the other man sauntered away from him. /I know he understands who I’m speaking of. He’s not that dense./ He narrowed his eyes. /So he wants me to ask him first, eh? Well, then I guess I have no choice./ Deep in thought, Derek hurried back to his room.

* * * * *

Wintry eyes narrowed as Rai’s prey for that night exited the bar. From what he had learned, this was the main hide out of vampires in this town and every night he had been successful in locating at least one of those creatures. Tonight it was a man of about twenty with long black hair tied back into a ponytail. He had ice blue eyes and had been dressed in a long trench coat.

/As if that isn’t obvious./ Rolling his eyes, Rai slipped into the shadows, tailing the vampire back to an old abandoned building.

Smirking, Rai quietly ran along in front of the dark looking man, crouching near the entrance of the old house. Though just as he was about to strike, the man turned to him with a strong current of power, knocking him into the fence surrounding the house. /Ok, so he’s stronger than he looks./ Rai thought bitterly as he stood.

“What do we have here? A little boy out to play at night? You know that it is not safe for people like you to be out here. You might accidentally get killed.” The man landed a hard punch in Rai’s stomach forcing the necromancer to his knees. “And now you die for daring to follow me.” He was just about to sink his fangs into Rai’s neck when two things happened at once.

Rai, who had finally regained his senses, pulled out a scroll and had shouted a strange spell sending the vampire crashing into the wall of the house. The next thing Rai registered was that the vampire he had been hunting was now screaming in agony. /Wait. My spell wasn’t suppose to do that!/ He grimaced when the man imploded, covering the white concrete in a sticky, glittering black fluid; his blood. “This’ll do good for the mentality of whoever finds this mess.” He mumbled knowing full well that at night it matched the surroundings but when day came the red would stand out remarkably on the building.

“Are you alright?”

“Gyaaaahhhhh!!!” Rai jumped as someone came to stand behind him. Relief flooded through him when he recognized who it was. “Don’t do that Derek!”

Derek wasn’t paying attention though, instead he had pushed aside Rai’s collar and had begun inspecting the man’s neck with one hand while the other rested on the small of his back to keep him from moving away. “He didn’t actually bite you did he?”

Blushing, Rai shook his head. “No. My stomach just really hurts now since he decided that I needed to be punched there. Other than that I’m fine. Was that you who killed him?”

Absently, Derek brushed his fingers over Rai’s neck. “Yeah. I saw that he was hurting you and I’m was not about to let him kill you.”

Smiling, Rai thanked the blonde vampire. “What are you doing out here anyways?”

“Huh?” Derek had been staring at the necromancer for several minutes now. “Oh, I had been hunting.” He laughed at the face Rai made, the sound rolling over the other in comforting waves. “Don’t worry. I wasn’t hunting humans. I had been in those woods.” He said gesturing to the dark line of trees behind them. “I haven’t fed for a week now and so I had to tonight or. . .well, you know what happens.”

“Hmm.” Rai stood there quietly in Derek’s arms and even rested his head on the other’s shoulder after a while, closing his eyes as the warmth of his companion washed over him

The brown-eyed man glanced down at Rai when he had nuzzled his neck and sighed but what he saw made him chuckle softly to himself. /I can’t believe he actually fell asleep./ Sighing, Derek carefully lifted the smaller man in his arms, wary of waking him. His worries were washed away though when Rai snuggled closer to his chest and slept on, now with a small smile on his face. /My poor love. He must be exhausted. I know that he has been working non-stop for the past week./

Derek knew that it would be best not to arrive at Rai’s room to face the wrath of his roommate for having arrived with an unconscious man in his arms. So after a moment’s contemplation, the blonde finally decided to allow Rai to rest in his room for that night. /Great. My self control is going to be tested to its limits tonight./

Struggling, Derek finally managed to open the door to his apartment. Pushing it close with his foot, he gently set his precious bundle down. Smiling, Derek swiftly removed Rai’s shoes and jacket before tucking the American in under the covers. Settling on the edge of the bed, Derek lovingly brushed aside some of Rai’s bangs and leaned down to place a sweet kiss on his forehead. He was about to move away when Rai shifted and silver-blue eyes blinked open hazily from sleep.

“Derek? Where am I?” Rai whispered softly.

“You’re in my room. You fell asleep when we were outside and I didn’t want to wake Wufei so I brought you here. You can stay for the night since I already got you settled in.” He made to get up.

Rai frowned. “Where are you going to sleep? You don’t have another bed in here.”

“Don’t worry. I have some extra sheets. I can just sleep on the floor.” Derek responded with a shrug.

“But this is your bed. I’ll take the floor.”

“No. It’s fine.”

Rai sat up and crossed his arms. “I’m not gonna let you sleep on the floor on my account.”

“But you’re my guest so I should take the floor.”


“But Rai. . .”

“I said no. Since it seems that neither of us will let the other sleep on the floor we can just share the bed. Problem solved.” Rai nodded determinedly and moved over to allow Derek to climb in beside him.

Eyes widening, Derek flushed and slowly removing his own shoes and jacket slid under the covers. /This is not good. God, I hope I get through tonight without giving Rai some reason to kill me./


Well here you have it. Hopefully it’s okay.