Haha! Chapter 2. Same warnings go as before, check out chapter one if you really wanna know what they are otherwise, here’s the continuation of the story. . .

Chapter 2: Revelations

“What’s up?” Duo blearily rubbed his right eye as he opened the door. Rai still wasn’t used to having to walk down the hall to find his brother, and it had been almost a year since Duo and Wufei had traded apartments so that his brother could live with his boyfriend.

“I have to speak to you and Heero D-chan.” Rai whispered as Duo opened the door further to allow him to enter. He froze though when he saw Relena.

“What the hell is she doing here?!” The violet-eyed man demanded softly as he glared at Relena.

Rai held his brother back, glancing behind him to see that Heero was beginning to draw his gun. “Don’t worry you guys. I need her here to confirm something for me. I assure you that she is not here to bug you Heero.” The last comment was delivered in a firm voice directed at the blonde woman, which visibly wilted and nodded her head. “See? Now calm down. We need to speak to you. Wufei is already retrieving the others.”

As if on cue, there came a knock at the door and Duo opened it to reveal their other three friends, which he also allowed entry.

This time Heero spoke. “So what do you need to see us about?”

“Ok, this may sound sorta crazy but I want all of you to look out the window and into the woods and tell me if you see any movement.” Rai was already by the window, staring intently out into the darkness. “Heero turn off the light please.” There was the soft click as the light switch was hit and then the bedroom was also consumed in the blackness of the night.

Quatre glanced up at Trowa but shrugged and did as Rai asked of him, the rest followed after him. They stood transfixed for a moment and the situation would have been funny if it wasn’t meant to be serious. Finally Heero spoke.

“There is something moving in there but it might just some animals that. . .” Rai cut him off.

“No. Look closely at their figures. They don’t look like animals.” He whispered back.

Duo’s eyes widened. “I think he’s right but it can’t be what I think they are. I mean cause they look. . .”

“Human.” Trowa finished for him. “Is that what you mean Rai?”

Rai nodded. “But they aren’t human Trowa. Tell me if you see anything that glows red. Just keep studying them. It should happen eventually.”

The group stood there for a good twenty minutes and just as Duo was about to complain, he saw it. It was bright against the forest backdrop and he could tell that Heero had also spotted it from the way that he had tensed beside him. “There. I saw it.”

Again Rai nodded. “Then they have spotted their prey.” He watched without emotion while the others gasped. From the forest emerged six human-like figures, beautiful but the fangs protruding from the mouths defected their image. Shifting his eyes from the pack of vampires, Rai swept his gaze over the empty parking lot until he caught sight of a lone girl, making her way back to the building with an armful of books. /I guess it time for me to interfere./

He motioned for the others to step back slightly and he opened the windows. The night air seemed to assault him as it came rushing into the room and he yet again pulled out a slip of parchment with the same strange print. “I’ll be right back.” With that he jumped out the second story window and hurriedly made his way to the girl. The others continued to watch from the window.

Out of the corner of his eyes, Rai saw the small hunting pack stop when they caught sight of him, giving him enough time to reach the red-haired girl and he pulled out his id that he usually used when the police called him in to investigate preternatural crimes. “Police. Sorry miss but I do not believe you should be wandering around this late.” /Good enough. I hope she wasn’t able to read the badge./

“Oh, I’m sorry but I got caught up at the library and wasn’t able to return home until now.”

Rai nodded. “Come on then. I’ll lead you back to your apartment.” He felt a sudden surge in the night’s energy and knew the vampires had resumed their sneak attack on the girl and now he was also one of their victims.

They safely made it to the doors of the apartments and he watched her enter the building before turning to face his enemies. “Well look at what we’ve got here.” He searched the pack of vampires and noted that Derek was not among them. /Must have gone off to speak to their master./

What seemed to be the lead vampire grinned and when she spoke, her voice was smooth and calming. “Ah, it is a pleasure to finally meet you necromancer. My name is Kristy. I have heard so much about your conquests. I would love to hear some stories from you. Why don’t you come back with us so we can talk for a while? In exchange I could give you more pleasure than you ever imagined.”

“Not a chance in hell, bitch.” Rai smirked as he raised his hand, the scripture in his grasp. “Ego citation pesco qua vis vires caeli lumen, contego me.”[1] He muttered quickly and the paper flew forward, forming a shield between himself and the vampires. One of Kristy’s lackeys decided to test the faint silver wall and shrieked in pain when it disintegrated his hand and slowly spread through his body until he disappeared all together. “Tut tut. Now that was not a very good choice was it? There’s no way any of you can get past this shield without turning into a nice pile of ashes and while we’re at it, you may also want to stay put since there might be the same problem if you attempt to get past the one around you. You would think I learned a few things from hunting you guys for so long.” Grinning smugly, Rai crossed his arms and leaned against the invisible wall. “So, why don’t we play Q and A? I ask some questions and you are allowed to ask one after I’m done.”

Kristy snarled. “You bastard. Let us go. We won’t play your game.”

“Really now?” Rai raised an eyebrow and he eyes glowed momentarily. One of the vampires cried out in pain as the area within their shield lessened and he was disintegrated. “How about now?”

Reluctantly, the silver-haired vampire agreed.

“Good. Knew you’d see it my way. So question one. Who do you work for?”

Biting her tongue, the vampire glared.

“Ah ah uh. You agreed so play or we’re down another team member.” Rai smirked coldly, he was going to enjoy torturing them for the pain that they caused.

“Fine. Our master is Derek Asgaroth.” That struck Rai as a massive shock. /He was the head?! No way in hell! I should have been able to detect that amount of power. Unless of course, he somehow managed to hide it or he’s weak as hell./

Regaining his composure, Rai smirked. “See that wasn’t so hard. Now question two. I’ll be easy on you. Why did you choose my apartment complex?”

“Because we wanted to hunt here.”

The shield closed in again and the vampires pressed closer together as two of their number fell into a pile of gray dust. “Don’t lie to me. I feel it in the night.”

Kristy glared. “We had found out that you were here and we were ordered to find you and bring you back to our master.”

“Oh. How interesting. Not succeeding are you though? Although that’s beside the point. Question three. How many more vampires are here at the moment?”

Gritting her teeth, Kristy answered. “Thirty four more. Counting us, there are forty.”

“Ok. Question four. Where is your camp located?”

“At the caves in the northeastern woods.”

Looking totally relaxed Rai nodded. “Question five. What are the protections that surround your camp?”

Seeming very angry now, Kristy nonetheless answered. “There have been two protection charms. The lockera and the endiendum. We have also placed guards at the entrance of the caves.”

Rai seemed to be satisfied with the answer and seemed to think for a moment before shrugging. “Well, can’t seem to think of anymore so it’s your turn.”

“Fine. Then I want to know how we can kill you.”

Sighing, Rai pushed off the wall and shook his head. “I was hoping you wouldn’t ask that. Now you’ll have to die since that is definitely not something I want your kind to know. I enjoyed our chat session. Good bye.” With a faint flash, the shield closed in completely and the remaining vampires turned into dust. Keeping the shimmering wall around him, Rai leisurely made his way back to his friends. /Damn it’s a wonder that I can keep this cool facade when I’m shaking so much inside./ He sighed again. /Guess it just comes with being in the business for so long. I’m just thankful I don’t have to fight anymore of those bastards tonight. I may be powerful but this is still a major drain in energy when I was already so tired from the raisings earlier./

Once the silver-blue eyed man set foot in Duo and Heero’s apartment, he was assaulted with a barrage of questions. “HOLD ON!” He shouted over the noise. Everyone quickly hushed at his outburst. “Ok, now that we’re civilized. Just let me explain this from the beginning and if there are still any questions I’ll answer them when I’m done.”

So taking a deep breath, Rai began to relate his story to the others. Risking his life and trust to them as he told his darkest secret.

When he had completed his tale, the silence in the room was so thick that Rai almost couldn’t breath. /At least they’re taking it better than I thought they would./ Honestly, Rai had thought that as soon as he had finished retelling his life as a necromancer it would’ve cost him an arm at the least.

Quatre was the first to speak; in a soft tone he asked his question. “How many have you had to kill Rai?”

Rai winced; he was hoping that no one would think to ask that. “Counting tonight. Four hundred twenty eight thousand six hundred and ninety six. I’ve had to keep track on their population, as it is the job of necromancer to know if there had been a sudden surge. I know how many I’ve killed and how many others have killed.”

Duo was the next to ask. “You had said that you were over two thousand years old. So are you really my brother?”

Nodding, silver-blue eyes locked onto violet ones. “I am. My soul is what has lived the full two thousand years. My body is reborn like every other normal human being but all my physical features remain the same so I don’t switch between a female and a male every time that I return to the earth in physical form. As it turns out, I became your brother this lifetime.” Rai asked the next question fearfully. “You aren’t considering not looking at me as your brother anymore are you?”

The braided man shook his head furiously. “Oh god no. I was just curious and it didn’t matter if you said you weren’t you will always be my little bro.” Duo ruffled Rai’s hair and laughed when the other pouted and tried to straighten his mop of dark brown hair.

Grinning Rai felt a weight lift off his chest. He had always dreaded that he would lose the only family that he had left if he had told Duo about who he was and his obligations.

Wufei, who was standing next to Relena turned to Rai. “What are we suppose to do with this onna? I hardly believe that it would be safe for her to wander out there tonight.”

Rai shrugged. “I guess she’ll stay in with you and me tonight since I was the one that brought her here.”

Wufei was about to protest but Relena beat him to it. “Wait a minute. You expect me to spend the night in a room with to members of the opposite gender? Why can’t I just stay here with Heero and Duo can move in with you two?” Relena shrieked.

/Does the girl even realize that they are holding hands?/ Rai thought to himself. “No you may not stay in here with them. And I don’t think Heero will like having Duo moved since they are probably used to sharing the same bed by now.”

Relena glared. “What do you mean they share a bed? Why would they if they are two males?”

“This onna really is dense.” Duo heard Wufei mumble and resisted the urge to laugh.

“We share a bed because we’re lovers.” Everyone stared at Heero.

Rai shook his head. /That was the bluntest statement I’ve ever heard./

“Wh—what? You can’t mean that Heero.”

Heero pinned Relena with his glare. “Of course I mean it. Now either take Rai’s offer or find a nice place in the hall.”

From the stricken look on Relena’s face, the message that Rai, Heero, and Duo had been attempting to drill into her head had finally reached her brain. “F-fine but I still want something to sleep in.”

Sighing, Quatre jumped into the conversation before either the American or Chinese could rip out the girl’s neck. “You can borrow a pair of my pajamas. Just leave them with Rai and Wufei tomorrow when you leave and they can return them to me.”

“Thank you Quatre.” Silently, the two blondes exited the room so that they could retrieve the sleepwear.

Frustrated Wufei and Rai stood and made their way to the door, though before Rai had stepped out of the room he turned back to the others. “All of you do promise not to breath a word about this to anyone right?”

“I promise we won’t itouto-chan.” Duo answered and Heero backed it with a nod.

“Thanks guys. Oyasumi.” With that he shut the door and hurried to his own room, trusting that Quatre would bring Relena there.

* * * * *

“Are you alright?” Rai asked as he sat down on the bed they had to share tonight.

Wufei nodded. “I’m fine.”

Worriedly, Rai frowned. “Are you sure? You aren’t reconsidering hating me are you?”

“No. That thought had never crossed my mind to begin with.” Sighing, the ebony-eyed Chinese fell back onto the bed to stare up at the ceiling. “You know I usually don’t like to admit things like this but I’m worried about you. I know that you’ve been hunting for a long time but I still can’t seem to stop myself from wondering if something will happen to you every time that you aren’t with one of us now.”

Smiling reassuringly Rai spoke. “I’m not saying that there isn’t a chance that I could get hurt or, even though I hate to say it, killed, but we risk that every day already. We’re humans and we’re Preventers Wufei.”

“I—“ The Chinese boy could see the truth in his friend’s eyes and reluctantly nodded. “I guess.”

“We should get some rest.” Rai settled comfortably on his side of the bed and was about to drift off to his dreams when there came a knock at the door.

“I’ll get it.” Wufei told Rai and rose from the bed and shuffled out of the bedroom. He opened the door to let Relena in and exchanged a few words with Quatre before shutting the door. “The bathroom is through there. Just turn off the light when you’re done using it and you can take that bed.”

Relena nodded looking pale and shaken from everything she had to endure that night. “Thank you Wufei.” She carried her bundle of borrowed clothes and disappeared into the room across from the bedroom.

Sighing, Wufei returned to the bed. He couldn’t help but feel sorry for the young blonde. /Relena is a major bitch but she doesn’t even deserve to be scared and shocked like this in the same night./ Wufei shifted his thoughts to the smaller man who had already fallen to his exhaustion. He sighed and settled on the edge of the bed. /I would do anything to make sure that he doesn’t get hurt unnecessarily. I just don’t know what I’ll do if he died and I knew I could have done something to help him./ Shoving the thoughts away, the ebony-eyed man fell into a dreamless sleep, reassured by the warm weight of his friend beside him.


1. This basically means I call upon the power of the light, protect me. I realize that it could be wrong cause I don’t speak Latin but hey it was the best I could do.