Welcome to the place where the insanity is mixed and characters from different series collide. Enjoy and don't get lost in the traffic!

Hopes, Dreams, and Happiness By: Sakura

Subaru Sumeragi, after that fateful day on Rainbow Bridge, decides to take a vacation in sunny Los Angeles, California. However, he soon realizes that he cannot escape his destiny. Co-written with Kira Seldon.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Gundam Wing/Pet Shop of Horrors Insanity Fic By: Sakura

Duo wants to buy a pet. Unfortunately, the petshop the boys attend is not entirely what it seems. . . Co-written with Kira Seldon (We needed a break from HDH!)

Gundam Wing Meets X By: Sakura

A scary little script of what happens when you mix genki gundam pilots with angsty Seals.

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