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Africa has a very diverse culture. Humans developed societies in the Sub-Saharan Africa long before they developed a form of writing. Linguists, used computers to compare African words. This shows how Bantu, a family of closely related African languages, have spread. These studies suggest that people have migrated throughtout Sub-Saharan Africa for centuries. Over time, the Bantu language group has become one of Africa's largest. The study of Oral tradidtions also yielded information about the history and development of Africa. Scholars have also found other means of discovering Africa's past. Among these are the ones who study music. They have found that the design and tuning of xylophones in East Africa is similar to that of those in Indonesia. Trumpets were also a big part of African music and culture(*guess who made this page*). Trumpet music conveyed universal themes that have been sounded around the world for centuries. People used trumpets to mourn at funerals. Early Africans also used horns to send messages over long distances. Today, in present Nigeria, trumpets are still sounded during celebration.