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Frost Byte Inc.'s members

From a long long wait to get a band fully has happened. It began with Clay Jones when he got his first electric guitar, he had visions of being on a stage infront of thousands performing. After a year or two of conveincing I decided to get an instrument to contribute to the dream...a bass, I immeadiatley fell in love with getting into songs and headbanging. Another year would pass before we found the other members of the band. A long time friend Jordan Youmans proved to be of use when he did vocals on a couple of practice songs, and soon after we found a drummer....Ryan Wagner. We just became a band, hopefully we will be writing songs soon FULLY as a band. It's been a struggle getting everything in motion, but I have a feeling it'll be well worth it. And to those who don't like our music, fuck off, you don't have to listen to our music, nor do you have to put it down. And if you still have a smart mouth on ya, say it to my face and I'll "slit your throat and fuck the wound." Don't ever fucking judge us.