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Previous name: AlgART HTML Packer (AHP)
WebWarper is new free Web service, allowing to speed up your access to Internet and to reduce your traffic.
Sorry, your Web browser doesn't support GZip format of HTML pages, which is required by WebWarper. The following browsers do support it:
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 4.0 or later;
  • Netscape Communicator, version 4.06 or later.

However, you can try to use WebWarper. If the packed page will be viewable under your browser, please inform us. Please specify the internal identifier of your browser (User-Agent); in your case it is:
        "Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; MS FrontPage 4.0)".

Enter the Web address you want to view by WebWarper:
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MS Windows users can simplify use of this service a little, by downloading and installing the free Browser Integration Module - WebWarper BIM.

The program WebWarper is based on new standard of any HTML data compression, known as "Content-Encoding: gzip". Most modern Web browsers are compatible with this standard. Furthermore, WebWarper contains intellectual algorithm for correction of hyperlinks; so, all Web pages, which you visit from any WebWarper-packed page, are also packed.

In some cases, viewing of a Web site through WebWarper can appear more slowly, than without WebWarper - namely, if a channel between your computer and our server much more slowly, than between your computer and the original Web site. The commercial software WebWarper Site Optimizer, installed on a Web server, can is guaranteed to speed up access to pages of this server. Apart from the greate speeding up of access to the server, the buyer of WebWarper Site Optimizer gets also significant economy of the outgoing traffic. The Demo-version of WebWarper Site Optimizer is available.

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Daniel Alievsky
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