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Structured Insanity

News/January 5, 2004: Structured Insanity is no longer a band. the band has split into two seperate groups, both of which I alvaro, will be a part of. So this is just going to be the main page that will have links to the other two band sites. No names for either bands as of now. But, here are the line ups. Alvaro - Vocals/Bass, Sam Clements - lead guitar, Kyle Kitchen - Guitar, and David Warren on drums. and for the other it will be, Alvaro - vocals/bass/guitars/keyboards, cody ruthko - drums and percussion. and will also more then likely have Members from the other band appearing in songs, along with adam rushford, who may help out with a lot of it. With that said, look for the links at the bottom of the page.

News/November 16, 2003: Two songs written, vocals and gutiar parts. New member in Sam Clements/Lead Guitar. We recorded the start of the two track demo, with songs "tonight" and "solace". New lyrics up also. New member comming soon!

News/November 14, 2003: Two songs written, Two new band members may be coming in, im not at liberty to say who or what they are doing yet until i know for sure. But we are going to be recording a guitar track tomorrow and possibly some vocals if my voice is back, so look for that on our site.

News/November 13, 2003: We have been added to local bands. Go vote

News/November 13, 2003: We have almost completed our first song called "Tonight" and are having practice today to start on the next one, we are busy my friends and this will all be happening soon.

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