Midwest Conspiracy was formed when three members of the former Stranded Outlet -- Ryan Gaddy, Tracy Hattan and Brandon Gaddy,
  of Box Elder, South Dakota -- joined forces in September 2002 with Dan Williams and Jon Koval, of Rapid City, South Dakota.  This
  current configuration of local musicians has given the band such a burst of energy and new sound that it was time to start fresh with a new
  band name and web site.  If you like metal music, come out and see us!  Upcoming shows are posted on the Shows page.
September 2002 - Present Dan Williams - Lead Vocals Ryan Gaddy - Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals Jon Koval - Rhythm Guitar Tracy Hattan - Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals Brandon Gaddy - Drums
While Stranded Outlet is now history (November 2000 to September 2002), we would like to list the past band members who put in many hours helping those of us who are still rockin', to hone our skills and carry on. Thank you all ...
Vocalists Ryan Gaddy (11/00 to 9/02) Mike Loomis (12/00 to 2/01) Adam Thompson (3/01) Kelly Afu (3/01) Zoey Peliegro (5/01 to 7/01) Genevieve Gollan (5/01 to 7/01) Lead Guitarists Ryan Gaddy (11/00 to 9/02) Rhythm Guitarists Amethyst Thorpe (2/01) Matt Stallings (2/01 and 8/01 to 1/02) Ian Vytlacil (3/01 to 5/01) Andrew Nault (1/02 to 8/02) Bass Guitarists Matt Mays (11/00 to 1/01) Tracy Hattan (2/01 to 9/02) Drummers Andrew Strand (11/00 to 8/01) Brandon Gaddy (8/01 to 9/02)

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