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Copyright © 2003, 2006 by Richard I. Schwartz and Iris J. Schwartz




It is with great pleasure and honor that the authors present this book to the public. Four years of intense research and compilation has resulted in a highly documented work that contains over 450 pages of information about the bands at the St. Louis World’s Fair. 

This work has been acquired by the Missouri History Museum Library and Research Center (St. Louis, MO), Washington University Gaylord Music Library, the National Music Museum Library, Smithsonian Institution (Museum of American History Library), Northwestern University Library, Oberlin Conservatory Library, The State Historical Society of Missouri (Columbia, MO), the 1904 World's Fair Society Library and Archives, band conductors, researchers, and historians .


This work contains two parts: Part I documents bands at the event including Sousa's Band, Innes' Band, Banda Rossa, Boston Band, Conterno's Concert Band of New York, The Ellery Band, Fanciulli's Band, Government Indian Band, La Garde Républicaine Band, Grenadier Guards Band, Haskell Indian Band, Indianapolis News Newsboys' Band, The Kilties, Mexican Artillery Band, Philippine Bands, Phinney's United States Band, Reeves' American Band, Weber's Band, and Weil's Band (The Official Band of the Fair). Entries for twenty bands that performed at the event compliment this part of the work. More than fifty photographs (many in color and very rare) of bands, conductors, and various documents dealing with bands complete Part I.  

Part II is a 315 page listing of over 12,000 compositions (in alphabetical order) of all band compositions printed in the 185 Daily Official Programs for the event. Information listed about each composition includes composer, title, band, soloist and instrument (if applicable), place, date, and time of performance. Part II also includes a discussion about composers' pseudonyms, a listing of over ninety performance venues on the Fairgrounds, and designations for the many bands. Bibliographies are included for both parts as well.

The SUPPLEMENT TO BANDS AT THE ST. LOUIS WORLD'S FAIR is completed and ready for purchase as well!




Max Storm, Founder of the 1904 World's Fair Society, and co-author of 1904 Olympic Games: Official Medals & Badges writes in the Foreword to the work, "This book has been formed with the same passion [as that when the authors give live presentations on the topic] and is a true labor of love." "Almost half of the photographs and documents are in color, many are indeed rare, and certainly as a group, could not be found elsewhere." Furthermore, he writes, the database "will certainly become an extremely valuable research work and brings out details, perhaps for the first time in one hundred years."

Steve Givens, Assistant to the Chancellor at Washington University in St. Louis, writes, " 'We [Richard and Iris] wanted to unearth the names of the lesser-known bands and rediscover the names of musicians who played there, so their families could rediscover a part of their own family history...We wanted to to do service and justice to all the great band musicians who were present at the Fair.' Mission accomplished."(Washington University in St. Louis Magazine, Summer 2004, p. 41).

Trevor Herbert of the Historic Brass Society writes," Richard and Iris Schwartz have compiled a massive body of data, to provide one of the most comprehensive snapshots of the role of bands at a major event...This book does more than provide an account of the music of those heady days of 1904, it also provides researchers with a massive resource, particularly for the study of repertoires and their reception. Richard and Iris Schwartz have done all of us with an interest in this field a great favor."(Historic Brass Society Newsletter, Summer 2004, p. 25).

Dr. Margaret Downie Banks, Curator of Musical Instruments, National Music Museum writes, " It really is a tremendous resource and will be of immeasurable assistance to scholars in many disciplines, not only to those like myself who specifically research and study the bands and their musical instruments, but also to musicologists; historians of American history; cultural historians; specialists in the histories of Missouri, St. Louis, and World's Fairs; and, not to be forgotten - conductors and performers of band music, like yourself." (correspondence to the authors)

To view the Table of Contents and the Authors' Preface, click here: Table of Contents and Authors' Preface


 If you wish to have more information, or to own a copy of the work, please e-mail the authors at The work is normally comb-bound, because this type of binding makes visual access to the Photograph and Database sections very easy. Libraries, with identification, can purchase a copy of the work at a special rate, and can also request the work unbound, if desired.

 Thanks so much for your kindness and interest in the work.

Respectfully yours, Richard and Iris Schwartz.


Author of many articles, and published music, Dr. Schwartz also is the author of the highly acclaimed The Cornet Compendium: The History and Development of the Nineteenth-Century Cornet and The Supplement to the Cornet Compendium. See ( for more information.


Brief List of Credentials for both Authors:

Dr. Richard I. Schwartz

Bachelor of Music in Instrumental Music Education from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 1973.

Master of Music in Clarinet Performance from Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri in 1975.

PhD in Music Theory from Washington University in 1982.

Retired Professor Emeritus of Music and former Coordinator of Music Theory at Virginia State University, Petersburg, Virginia. He continues to write music and perform on clarinet, saxophone, and cornet in the Richmond, Virginia area.

Iris J. Schwartz

Bachelor of Music Education from Webster University, St. Louis, Missouri in 1975.

She is Conductor of the Richmond Symphonic Winds (see ), conducted the Richard Bland College Community Wind Ensemble for over 36 years, the Richmond Concert Ballet Orchestra, The Richmond Symphonic Winds, and the newly formed Tri-Cities Community Band. She directed the band program at St. Joseph School in Petersburg, Virginia, for over 36 years, and received Teacher of the Year award from that same institution. She was also adjunct Professor of Flute at Virginia State University, and continues to perform the flute and piccolo in the Richmond/Petersburg area.