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Brain Exercise Questions

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What happens if
Australia is the right
way round and we're the
ones that are upside
down (downunder)?

When we die, we could be re-incarnated into another animal!
"Oh my god I must of killed a thousand people if they were ants!"

Why can't elephants jump?

Why do we have the word why?

If the unexpected is expected then doesn't that make
the expected unexpected

Where is the edge of space?

Why is when you want to sneeze you can't?

What would happen if you
coughed sneezed and farted at the same time?

Why are hampsters nocturnal?

Why are old people so grumpy and frumpy?

Can you imagine if pigs can actually fly

Why do we need two eyes instead of one?

Do you know the muffin man?

Why are people supprised when they find out they are going to die?

They say education is supposed to expand your mind,
then why is it so boring

Why do chicken nuggets taste like cardboard?