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this would be my newest final fantasy vii: advent children page/mini-site. coz my last one was not only a flop but also had too little server space to make me happy. this'll have more stuff later, i promise.

march 5, 04:i will assume that everyone has seen the new subtitled trailer for AC? no?! well go forth and conquer! click that lovely link over yonder that has the pretty ffVII logo and go download that trailer by god!

also, i have heard that there are multiple translations of said trailer. i mean, not saying that the trailer has multiple versions with different translations, no sir. i mean to say that the trailer [in japanese] can be translated in other meanings other than what the subtitles tell us. i will post a link or something to some interesting forum debates about the meaning of the sexy trailer whenever i can..find..that site again. sigh..

but from memory i seem to remember something about okay so you watch the subbed version and some chick in the background says something like "the way i died was a good way, is that what you think?" or something like that.. don't quote me, i'm stupid. but who is this chick?? anyway, this forum said that if this particular translation is correct, than it sounds like something Aeris would say. [*groan* not that i have anything against aeris.. it's just.. uhhg. she's DEAD, damnit. leave her dead.] anyway, the forum also proposed that the translation could also mean something like "..." well i can't remember, but it was really cool, and anyway, THAT translation would have sounded like something Tifa would say, which i'm all for, you know. big cloud/tifa fan. coz she's awesome and i'm all against pink.

i'll prolly put a link up about "why some people like/dislike aeris" and i'd prolly just rant about why i really...really really really really really don't like her.



to for all your AC needs. i'm serious. ALL. like.. dude you could jack off to this site if you wanted to....if you go for very effeminate/computer animated guys. ...and if you were a guy. and if I *were* a guy, i WOULD jack off to this site!

back to home.


to my doodles of various ffvii:ac shtuff. not nearly as orgasmic as the website mentioned above. we'll see how this goes.

to my ongoing rant about aeris/aerith. i dunno what it is but she just gets under my skin. and not in the cool 'invasion of the bodysnatchers' way but the 'i just want sephiroth to kill her already' way.