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Barefoot Bar
Gulf Shores, AL
April 9-10,2004
Another great weekend at the beach. This weekend was two days of fun
in the sun with great entertainment by Jimbeau Hinson, Rusty Golden, Ken
and Barry Somerville, and special guest T Graham Brown. TGB brought a
fabulous guitar player, Ricky Whitley, with him. Barry Somerville was
delighted to play bass and even sing a little backup.

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The beach was beautiful!

Rusty, Ken, Jimbeau, Barry

T Graham Brown
Ricky & Barry


Jimbeau & Barry

Ken & Jimbeau

They were really gettin' down!

Rusty & T Graham Brown

Singing "Big Ball of Life"

Rusty Golden

T Graham Brown

Ken Somerville

Jimbeau & Barry

Ken Jimbeau Barry

TGB, Ricky, Barry

Rusty really had those
keys smokin' tonight!

Ken was burnin' up the strings!

Jimbeau Hinson
It was a great weekend. Start planning now to be there with us
next Easter weekend. You'll be glad you did!
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