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Stories - Woodstock
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Jimbeau Plays Woodstock
with Somerville

Thirty years ago, my roommate Tommy Ptak and I were packing up my then managerís baby blue, Oldsmobile convertible and heading out for Woodstock.

Seventeen and stupid I decided to check in with him before we left and he put the big nay-say on the get away.

It was one thing I wished I had done for the rest of my adult life.

Thirty years later I got a call from two brothers Iíve been writing with who live just a few miles from the original sight.

Somerville is their surname and the name of their group. They were booked to front Reba and Randy Travis and wanted me to come up and sing Party Crowd with them! So you know I was on my way. It was the thirty-year reunion of the event and I havenít seen that much tie-dyed shit in years. It was like old hippie heaven and Brenda and I had the greatest time.

So I might have missed the first oneÖbut I got to sing at thisín!

Be looking for my good buddies Somerville. They are two of my favorite, talented folks on the planet.

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