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Stories - Fancy Free
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Party Crowd
David Lee Murphy
The year Brenda and I married, 1980, we moved into a little log cabin in Green Hills that was a guest house with a pool! We lived beneath the shade of those tall trees for two years.

With the advent of “Fancy Free” we bought a house in the same general vacinity. Not long after we moved, I got a call from my ex landlady, Lois Knight. She had seen this young man somewhere in town and thought I should meet him. Always one to leave my door open, I gladly invited him over to the new digs.

She was right, he looked like a movie star and had a down home attitude that made him real star material. One of the first songs we wrote was recorded by Reba McEntire, “Red Roses Won’t Work Now.”

One thing I will say about David’s character is, it took him ten years to get Tony Brown to sign him to MCA records, and when he did, he looked me up. He said, “Jimbeau you were the first person to show an interest in me when I first came to town. So I want to make sure and have your name on the credits of my first CD.”

Let me say, it took some looking to find me. In this circle of life I had bottomed out with some major health problems that had led to some major mental problems.

Depression is no laughing matter. It almost killed me. I had moved out to the country to get away from the stress of the business and had quit writing altogether. He came out and we sat around and talked and he had an idea he really was hot on. So we spent an entire afternoon working on the chorus. We’d write a while, get stumped, get in the jeep and tear around our three hundred beautiful acres and come back and write some more.

Several tequilas later we were more than happy with our progress. He came back a couple of more times and we knocked out the verses. I will say that David not only reminded me of the joy songwriting had once held for me, but he brought my career back to life and my spirit back to town with a tune that became the number one airplay song of 1995 “Party Crowd.” Proving what goes around eventually does come back around!

Thank you Mr. David Lee Murphy.

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