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Members of Sindicate

Dan Loverde

Dan looking as normal as he can

This was Updated Recently and will be kept up more frequently! Thanks for your patience!

Dan is the other guitar player for SINDICATE!. He went with everyone (but me) to Metalfest. Dan is the best person in the world. Reason Number 1: he sold me his old laptop for 15 bucks which made this site possible (partially, all but the pictures). Reason Number 2: He made his own sindicate site that is super cool. it uses all sorts of things that i have never even played with. i will have a link here as soon as i know it. Reason Number 3: He gave me a free beer at a party even though he is super poor and was rationing it. Reason Number 4: He is the Coupon Man. He is the reason why we will get to see Sean take a shit on the side of the road. Dan is the Man!

Pictures of Dan at Band Practice and on the South Carolina Trip and at a party a while back