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Enter the Seraphim


Seraphim is a band with a message, Christian hardcore with a bite, and a force to be reconed with! Devin Williams, the lead singer and one of the guitar players, has a voice that could be compared to a fusion of Daniel from Zao and Davey from A.F.I. (two of Devins favorite bands). Tyler Shelly, Seraphim's newest member and guitar player loves his gear. Shane Sanford is the drummer. He is the youth pastor at Mercy Hill church in Rainbow City, where the other Seraphim members attend service. Last, but not least, is Brandon Bowman, a bass player who has an amazing newly found scream that sends shivers. This Is Seraphim!

This website was created by a fried of the band's who believes they deserve more recognition than they are getting. There is an area on this site to contact Devin and order an album, tee-shirt, or for booking. You may also e-mail him just as a fan and encouragement; but please do not pester him too much, he is very busy.

Click here for updates and news from the band.