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::Here's What's New::

May 18, 2004

Added pictures of Aesthetic. Im going to put up some pics from their show at the YMCA and possibly the valley view talent show soon... and there's prolly going to be more pictures of Tapas up soon too.

April 20, 2004

Added some more pics of Cyphilis and some older ones of Electric Candy Shop. I'm going to be adding some newer ones of eCs, and i going to be adding some new bands too, and im going to add some pictures of Ozzfest 2002... Im not posting the ones from Ozzfest 2003 because they turned out really shitty...

April 19, 2004

Changed how the links look when you click on 'em and shit... Im gunna get the rest of the pics of eCs, Cyphilis, and a few other bands up soon...