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You can give our band lots of love by clicking the link below(Email Me!). I'm using HTML to make this, so as of now, it won't be the best, but it will still rock! Ok, down to buisiness. There are 5 guys in the band. Me(Steven)>drummer. Moses>vocals. Glenn>lead. Scott>bass. Doug>rythm. We've been together, with a name, for almost a month now and we're acually pretty good. We have a few songs that we have written, but no lyrics to go with them to date. Moses needs to get going with the lyrics, so if you see him at school, give him a little pat on the back and that should make him write them faster. Oh well, I'll have postings now and then so that you all can check on our progress. Laterz!

Ok, good and bad news. Moses got lyrics, but now we are one member short. Glenn thought it was needed to kick Doug out of the band. He said,"hes getting annoying and he doesn't do his part. He needs to get out." Oh well. Now Moses wants to play rythm, but I don't think he can hack it. I want him to be able to, but it could be putting a little to much pressure on the poor kid. well, that is pretty much our newest update, so be sure to check in at another date. Laterz!

Our band dates and stuff will be posted here for you all to see. I hope that they will be easy to understand.

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