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Welcome to the Reminisce Band Webpage

Reminisce is:

Reminisce was born on november2003 with the idea of forming a cover band of heavy metal music.The band has 4 members;guitar,bass,drums and vocals.And plays heavy metal music from the masters like;Ozzy Osbourne,Iron Maiden,Judas Priest,Dio,Black Sabbath and more. The musicians are from the west of Puerto Rico.With plenty of experience and years of dedication and study. They have played in other bands in the west of the island with a lot of other musicians and with other kind of styles of rock. At this time Reminisce has 25 cover songs and have played in various pubs around the west of the island,and they are ready to play at anytime in anyplace. Thank you for visiting our webpage at come back and visit again. For band contact please use the email.

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