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Mikes Zer Toll Page

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My bands web site
Dynamite Boy- A fellow Austin punk band
Cruiserweight- Another fellow Austin punk band
Cool Cars-Including Mine-Pre Wreck
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My Car Before and After I Wrecked It

Welcome to my page! <<>> Well, My Mazda served me well but I have decided that after my mom gets her car, Im going to trade in my car for a 95-99 Honda Civic. Thats all for now.<<>> I am glad to see you here. I am 17-m-Texxas. I am in a band called The Rehab Rejcts. We are a punk-alternative band. I am very into art, music, cars and girls. I am currently single.----Birthday: 12/18/86----Status:Single----Bands:MuDvAyNe, Slipknot, POD, Subject:Defect, Shadows Fall, Nothing Face, Prodigy, old Metallica(pre-St.Anger), Pantera, Static-X, Unloco, Dynamite Boy, Cruiserweight, Good In the Sack, Manatee, Murderdolls and alot of other bands.----Movies: The Matrix, SouthPark:Bigger,Longer,&Uncut, Scary movie one two and three.----Colors:Black, Red, Blue----Fav.#: 66, 50, 78 and 18----Likes: Street racing(watching, my car has no upgrades avaleble for it), drawing, playing music with my band.----Dislikes: Snobs, self-centered people, assholes, preppies, sell-outs.----Current Mood: Tired----Wants: to be famous someday----Goals: make money so I can buy my parents and friends cars.----Hobbies:Taking care of my car, drawing, playing guitar and drums----Quote: "Girlfriend? I dont have a girlfriend! I have a car." PS: SIGN MY GUESBOOK!(when i get it fixed)
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