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Mitsubishi Eclipse

This is one of my most favorite cars. the 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse. I dont like the new Eclipse's(2000 and up) their to flat and shit, no curves to them.

Honda Civic

This is a 1999 Honda Civic Si. I think these cars are great. Easy to tune, awesome looks, and not very expensive.

My Car-Pre Wreck

This is my car before my lil accident. Hopefully I can have it all fixed before February. It Needs a new hood, and new passenger side headlight assmebly, and a radiator support. I plan on buying a pre-primed hood, and leaving it as-is, and a new headlight assembly, then just leaving the radiator support how it is for now cause it runs fine for now. Eventually I want to paint my car either black or metallic blue, like the civic and eclipse above.