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note from Howie- I did not write this, i found it on a website back in 2003 and it stuck in my i share this story with you::::

What is punk? Although I did not write this myself, it's so damn true What is punk music all about? I will tell you what punk is, in my opinion.... Punk is lying outside on the grass in the middle of the night smoking. Being happy cuz you just bummed a quarter, your going to buy a package of ramen and everybody's gonna get to eat lunch today. It's doing zines. Spikey hair. Getting drunk and having your best friend shave your head. Still thinking it looks cool the next morning. Punk is a big PISS OFF to everyone that made fun of you in second grade cuz you dressed funny. A revolution. Being loud and not caring. It's going to school dances and passing out q!#%& propaganda. Bright pink hair. Punk is everybody being broke. It's the first time I kissed a girl. Sharing hair dye. Sneaky eyes. Losing your virginity while trying not to wake up the other people sleeping in the same bed. It's anger. Not just sitting home angry anymore, but doing something to change the things you think are screwed up. Punk is resisting psychic death. Getting drunk. Being sober. It's refusing to let the world turn you into a bitter, abusive person. Falling in love with another girl. Staying up all night watching cheezy eighties movies. Poetry sex being proud. Punk is finally forgetting all the ideas our parents tried to instill in us, finally starting to think for ourselves. Writing articles. Refusing to sit down and shut up and smile. Punk is spinning around in the rain. Talking loudly, to anyone that will listen, about freedom. Freedom to be who you want, say what you feel, love who you will. It's refusing to be silenced again. Standing up for people who cannot stand up for themselves. Drinking lots and lots of caffeine. Proving that all punk kids aren't illiterate and mean. Punk is what you make it... "Someone asked me, 'Whats punk?' I said, 'Punks not a look, it's a lifestyle.' ...They looked confused, so I kicked over a trashcan and said, 'That's punk.' Then they kicked a trash can and said, 'Is that punk?' I said, 'No, that's trendy.'"