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This page is dedicated to the Kennebunk, Maine street punk band The Pinkerton Thugs:


December 9th, 2007 GREAT NEWS! The Pinkerton Thugs are doing some reunion shows!
Since the band is at least temporarily back together I plan on redesigning and updating this page before the first show.


September 9th, 2006 Dear lord again. Here are the links to the interview.
Pinkerton Thugs Questions
The Unseen Questions
Paul and the Strings Questions.
As a preface I would like to say that Paul Russo is one of the coolest people I have ever met in my life. It was a ton of fun to chill with him. On a funny side note, this interview was done sitting around at The Biltmore, which if you've ever been to Phoenix, you know is where rich people shop on Sundays. Hilarious.


January 26th, 2006 Dear lord. I have finally pulled and compressed all the audio from the interview with Paul Russo. Better late than never right? He just wants to review what he said, and once he gives me the Ok I'll make the links public. Expect this in a few days.


October 2nd, 2005 I finally did the interview with Paul Russo. I should have the audio of the interview up by the end of this week to see what Paul had to say about The Unseen, Paul and the Strings, and The Pinkerton Thugs...reunion show?


June 26, 2005 BIG NEWS. I talked to Paul Russo today, and he agreed to give an interview for the site. I don't want to waste his time and give some bullshit interview, so I am going to do research, ask good questions, but I want questions from you. That's right, e-mail me your questions that you would ask Paul Russo if you could sit him down. You can find my e-mail in the Contact Me section.

January 5 2005 Happy New Year everyone. People seem to always ask me where to get Thugs albums. Usually I just tell them to check e-bay and odd record stores. Well today I discovered that Amazon has End of an Era at that link listed, so go get it.


November 3 2004
Good news bad news day. Bad news, George Bush got re-elected. Good news, I got an e-mail saying Paul has a new band. Its called Paul and the Strings, and you can find their webpage here Paul and the Strings Its not exactly punk, but its something. Check it out, and post your feelings on the message board.


September 8 2003
All right, I know I thought about selling Thugs merch on the page for a bit, but that would be a lot of work, and money, so here is the BEST and only place on the net to get Pinkerton Thugs Merch. Go Kart Records Store They have a t-shirt, Life Liberty and the Persuit of Shit EP, End of an Era CD, and a Go-Kart compilation featuring the Thugs. The shirts only $11, great price, eat it up.

August 23 2003
I updated the page a little bit, I synchronized the side-menus for all the pages, and most importantly, I added a Tabs section. I have Guitar Tabs, Bass Tabs, and Drum tabs will go up in a few days. Eat 'em up.

August 12 2003
Some good news. I have gotten a few e-mails from kids looking for places to buy Pinkerton Thugs apparel. I had never found any anywhere, until yesterday or so. I know of one t-shirt that exists. The logo is the cover for the "The Times 7" ". Discography I was considering offering it for sale on this webpage for $13 - $15, depending on how cheap I can snag a bulk order from the guy. Lemme know what you think on the board Message Board

August 2 2003
Some bad news for all you Thugs fans, not only did Paul Russo leave the Unseen, but I got a definative e-mail saying there are no plans for a show. However on the upside the e-mail came from Mr. MIA, James Whitten! So I'll update his section in the where are they now, not to mention its great to hear from someone in your favorite band.

August 2 2003
The webpage will be updated very soon with a reviews section for any review I have found on The Pinkerton Thugs, also an FAQ with stuff like where to buy Pinkerton Thugs albums. (hopefully)

July 23 2003
I got an e-mail today saying the Pinkerton Thugs might be doing a show in Rhode Island. I know the Unseen are finishing up The Warped Tour, and will soon be starting a tour with Dropkick Murphys, so I don't know where Paul would find the time to do the show. Micah has a show with the Shods on July 26th in Cambridge MA. at a place called The Middle East. However a venue called AS220 in Providence Rhode Island says Micah Smaldone and the Vitatonics are playing on the same day. THat show does end 2 hours before the one in Cambridge starts but I am still confused. Or so say the webpage, and James Whitten is as always MIA. I checked teh schedules of every prominent venue in providece Rhode Island where it appears there is a great scene, but found nothing about the pinkerton Thugs. I'll try other cities later. If you have any info hit up the message board, or e-mail me in the Contact Me secion.