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What we thought of 4/22

Here are some of our reviews of the great show put on by No Doubt on April 22!

"The No Doubt concert on Aprill 22nd was the best night of my life! I got there 2 1/2 hours early, but it was worth it! I didn't get front row, but I was still very close. The show was SO good. They played every single song I wanted them to. The crowd was a little bit rough, but I could see why. It was because ND was so teriffic. I also yelled to Tom "I love you!" and he looked right at me and smiled! I was so happy! I am also very happy that they played Different People. Gwen had everyone jumping! It was so awesome! Well that was my review of the 4/22 No Doubt concert. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!"

-Amy A.

"Well the show was a lot of fun and we got so close ahh I was about to shit myself it was awesome!!!!! I love No Doubt they're soooo super! Mari doesn't like them but she isn't kewl! So yeah about the show, well I was about to have a panick attack because i stood there for about an hour waiting for them to come on but it was absolutly worth it! It was a really awesome show and I can't wait too see them again!!! And we gotta go together Treena! I love Gwen Stefani! OOO and The Faint was great!!!!!"

-Karin M.

"That concert was a whole lot more than i expected, i thought the faint was on for a little too long but they were still neat! and i didnt mind the break in between bands because i knew it would be amazing once it started! i wish i was at the meet and greet tho. and i loved it when eve was on! that was so cool! and i wasnt right smack up front so the people around us were really nice and took pictures for us bc they were taller and they offered for us to stand in front of them. yay! but no doubt was totally awesome and i loved all of the songs they did and when tom sang and when adrian played the bells!!! i cant wait till next time!"


"Arival:Well i got to the venue at 5 PM because i had a backstage pass so there was no need to wait for up-close seats cause i couldnt get them. I snuck in the parking lot next to Adrian and Nina's bus. Then the sercurity guards kicked me out. Then i snuck back in and i saw them get off, then the sercurity guards threatened to not let me in the concert if i didnt leave. So then i went back to the parking lot/line and i waited , I saw Donny and i got his pic and an auto-graph. He was really nice.
Venue: The venue was a really awesome place. I loved the setup. It was quite small which i really loved. The security guys were a little mean though.
Backstage: It was soo cool being backstage. They said we couldnt ask Gwen too many questions because she was sick. Well before the band came in , Nina was there with Mason. I had gotten the band all gifts so i decided to give Nina Adrians gift ,it was baby clothes for Mason. She was so happy and very nice. I also got her pic and i got her auto-graph on a pic from her wedding. When i asked for her auto-graph , she saw the pic and was so happy to see it. First in line was Adrian. He was such a nice guy. Then came Gwen. She was so nice. I got her Muppet dolls she said something like " Aw thanks thats so sweet", because i knew she liked the muppets when she was growing up. Next came Tony, he was also so cool. I gave him a Monkey Lamp and a Jamacan Candle, he thanked me. Next came Tom. He was all smiles and I have a pic to prove it. I showed him this hat i got him that said "The Douche" on it.He also t! hanked me. Then when i got my pic taken with the band Gwen put her arm around me and said "hey girl" , i personally thought it was really cool, i dunno if it was a slang or if she thought i was a girl l but either way it was awesome.
The Faint : I didn't get to catch The Faint at the 4/22 show,but i saw them 5 days earlier at the 4/17 show. I know a lot of people hated them, but personally i thought they were cool. When i found out that they were going to open for NxD , i decided i would go and check them out so i downloaded some of their songs and they were cool. So I knew some of their songs. They were very entertaining. I also met the lead singer and the keyboardist backstage and i got high-fives from both of them.
NxD: I ended up getting good seats for the show cause when I came back from backstage the sercurity guards told us we couldnt go to the back and that we had to go through the crowd . So I ended up getting about 1/3 the distance from the stage to the back row. Then the lights went out and everyone started to scream (me included). The Intro came on and Gwen started to dance which got the crowd going. Then came Hella Good. It got pretty crazy, everyone was swaying back and forth and side to side , it was really neat. I thought they performed this really good. Then came Sunday Morning. As always everyone sang along and my favorite part whenever they perform this is when Gwen goes "F*CK YOU NOW YOUR THE PARASITE". A lot of people sand the real part ,but i knew it was coming so i said what gwen did. Then came Ex-girlfriend. Which is always good live.Again, Gwen cursed saying "Sho! uld've thoughta thoghty of that before we F*CKED" and me and some other people sang along with gwen words. Underneath it all, was next. Gwens voice sounded so beautiful. I also thought it was cool how Gabe and Steve play in place of Lady Saw's part, but i still sang the words to lady saw's lyrics. Happy Now was next. As always gwen started out by saying "Are you happy?(everyone screams) Are you happy now????" then the music started as everyone sings along to one of their favorite TK songs. Next on the list was In My Head. Gwen introduced Adrian on these wierd drums (sorry I do not know the name if the drums). Gwen showed her ring when she said "Lets talk about the wedding" and when gwen said "Lets talk about Gwen Stefani, Lets talk about how much ya like me and all that" it really got the crowd going. Next came my all time favorite live song, New. The energy was all there and it was so amazing to hear that great music live after she says "I'll probably end up at the st! art, I'll be back in line, with my BROKEN HEAARRT!" then they all rock out. Simple Kind of Life was up next and everyone was clapping along as gwen sang her story of wanting to have a family. Different People was next. They perform this song so great and interact with the fans so much. Gwen told everybody about the competition they have been having of who could jump the best during this song. Gwen told the crowd that Tony said that he think that Philly was the best so far. Gwen said it was Utah. Everyone booed. Then Gwen mentioned NYC and a lot of people booed. Everyone jumped and i personally thought it was a lot better than NYC. Detective,Home Now,and Don't Let Me Down were performed next. They were all very good live. Don't Speak started and then everyone was singing along to the most popular NxD song. Then came "Hey Baby" . The curtain dropped and the backwards "N" with the "D" showed. Tom played his keyboad/guitar thingy. It was VERY good live. Just a girl came next. Ha! lf-way through the song Gwen went over to the side and brought Eve on stage! It took everyone by suprise. Everyone started to scream. Then she rapped a segment of Let Me Blow Ya Mind. It was very cool. Then NxD finished the song and went off the stage before their encore. They came back on stage and everyone started to scream again. Then Gwen said "This is the best song ever!" and they started to play Rock Steady. I love this song and loved this performance. Especially when tony closed his eyes and smiled while playing base. Then came their closer, Spiderwebs. As always they perform it amazing. Gwen had everyone sing along and "put their hands up in the air." This song is usually bittersweet for everyone because it is almost always the last or second to last song. Then they all lined up and took a bow as gabe threw water on everyone and thrrough stuff into the crowd. All in all as always it was a GREAT show.
Extras: Someone threw oreo cookies on stage and Gwen cought them. She said "mmmmm oreo cookies" and was about to open them but then stopped. Inbetween one of the songs gwen coughed in the microphone due to her sickness. It was cute. During Spiderwebs , Gwen brought a girl onstage who had the TK cover tatoed on her back."

-NxD Fan Sam