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"The Jeff Oliver Story" ... by Crista Rinaldi

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Pg1 Pearl Coast The Jets Matt Taylor/Chain Poor Boys Pg2 Ian Kenny Ian Kenny Band Worlds End True Colors pg3 Jon Ryder pg4 Everest Saracen Trilogy


Pearl Coast - Western Australian 
Cover Band featuring Peter Dean, Rod Coxell and Jeff Oliver

The powerful trio PEARL COAST was the brainstorm of PETER DEAN (Bass guitarist/Vocals/Manager) a former founding member (Lead Singer/bass/Manager) of the hard hitting rock 'n' roll band 'The JETS'. DEAN invited Rod COXELL another former member of 'The JETS' and a string of other great bands (VAMPYRE/GRAPEVINE/CURFEW/FM/ LASER BLADES/TEQUILA SUNRISE) to sign on as lead guitarist. The Drummer, Jeff OLIVER was a former member of the popular IAN KENNY BAND, POOR BOYS, (had the number one hit - More Wine, Waiter Please), toured with Australia's leading Blues Musician, MATT TAYLOR and the band 'CHAIN',, and has supported famous acts such as STATUS QUO, and DEEP PURPLE

All three members have been involved in the Australian Music Industry for over thirty years, and during this time have established well-known reputations as being part of Western Australia's most talented musicians. Since its conception, PEARL COAST took off in the music scene, fast gaining critical acclaim, and building a solid reputation as a real crowd pleaser. PEARL COAST was also reputed as being one of the “hardest working little bands” in Western Australia. They supported such bands as 'The ZEP BOYS' at recent events in Perth. Early in 2004 PEARL COAST became a regular support band for the 'JIMMY BARNES' regional tours. In 2003 the band featured on an episode of the ABC’s “NEW DIMENSIONS” hosted by “GEORGR NEGUS”. The guys were also the final act to play at Perths' legendary RAFFLES HOTEL, before its closure, as support for 'The JETS'..

When you put three such talented and experienced muso's like this together, you can expect the result to be a top-notch, energy packed, crowd pleasing rock 'n' roll experience, and PEARL COAST never failed to deliver what their audience wanted. PEARL COAST toured Western Australia on a regular basis, for over three years. However following the leading member’s desire to return home to the East Coast, the amicable disbandment of PEARL COAST occurred in 2004.

==> For further information contact PEARL COAST.


The Jets - Legendary Cover BandThe Jets - Legendary Cover Band. 
To view The Jets full size picture 'Click Here'

Founded by PETER DEAN (vocals/bass), with members JOHN SPITERI-OUNGA (Drummer/Vocals), TREVOR DINSMORE (Guitar/Vocals), FENTON OLDMEADOW (Guitar/Vocals), and featuring lead guitarist ROD COXELL the hard rock classic cover band 'The JETS' soon became one of the best-known and popular bands in Perth, if not Western Australia. 'The JETS' were all about hard-hitting Rock, playing all the heavier hits, from AC/DC through to 'THE ANGELS'. The Band featured many great players like PAUL FELTON - guitar(Houserockers, Sitting Bull), CAM and LINO DELROIO - guitar(Boys), and cameo performers like MATT TAYLOR(CHAIN). The Band was always extremely professional in all aspects of its performances, and never skimped on the effects. 'The JETS' always put on a big show with an abundance of fireworks, and of course with good solid playing. The Flame Throwers were always a huge crowd favourite!

The unique style and 'Hard Rock' approach of 'The JETS' band became very popular amongst the bourbon/beer-drinking crowd, and quickly evolved into a huge fan-base. 'The JETS' band always played to packed venues, including The RAFFLES HOTEL in Perth. 'The JETS' also struck an accord with the bikie movement, playing most of the tattoo shows and bikie festivals, including Bindoon Rock and Sandhurst Run. 'The JETS' had the potential to reach beyond cult status, but much to the distress of many a fan, PETER DEAN had enough of the ongoing internal band politics and decided to fold instead. 'The JETS' played eight out of ten shows at Bindoon Rock, often upstaging the main acts, and have played at THE RAFFLES, Perth's best loved rock pub, more than any other band. 2003 saw the closure of THE RAFFLES, and 'The JETS' were invited to rock the joint for the very last time. 'The JETS' still occassionally get together for reunions and special events.

==> For more details visit the Official Website of 'The JETS'

THE JETS MEMBERS - Past and Present:
PETER DEAN (Lead Singer/Bass Guitar/Manager - 1980 to Present Day)
JOHNNY OUNGA (Drummer - 1980 to Present Day)
PAUL FELTON (Lead Guitar - 1981 to Present Day)
GARDIE (STEVE GARDE - Guitar - 1985 to 1995 - 2003 to Present Day)
FENTON WILD (Guitar - 1980 -1981)
TREVOR DINSMORE (Guitar - 1980 -1982)
PAUL EWING (Keyboards - 1982 -1984)
LINO DEL ROIO (Guitar - 1991 -1992)
CAM DEL ROIO (Guitar - 1991 -1992)
ROD COXELL (Guitar - 2001 - to 2002)


MATT TAYLOR and his band CHAIN is at the forefront of Australian Music Legends. Many of Australia’s top musicians boast a stint in CHAIN including the IAN KENNY BAND. However MATT TAYLOR and PHIL MANNING are the pulse of CHAIN, as well as BARRY HARVEY (known for his polyrhythmic jazz) and DIRK DU BOIS (on Fender Bass).

MATT TAYLOR is at his absolute best when behind a harmonica, and his live performances need to be experienced to be believed! CHAIN was the first band to formerly introduce the Blues to Australia, over thirty years ago, and soon had a string of hits under its belt, including the No.1 Hit ‘Black ‘n’ Blue’, closely followed by ‘Judgement’ which reached No.2. The Album ‘Towards the Blues’ is still a top seller and has been permanently on release since 1971, attaining a gold Aria Award in 1997. CHAINS' latest album release, ‘The first 30 years’, should be included in the cd collection of all music lovers. No doubt CHAIN, will still be rockin' 30 years on from now.

==> For more information visit the Official Website


The band 'POOR BOYS', managed by Brent ECCLES, had talented members, such as; Anthony SKEINE(Skeinie), Julian GREENGIS, Matt WHITBEY, Jeff OLIVER (Drums/ex-member) and replacement drummer James YOUNG (Angus YOUNG'S Nephew!) The Poor Boys released the number one hit, 'More Wine, Waiter Please', last released on EPIC Records as a 3Track-CDsingle in 1994 (grouped with the songs, "No Cuss Words" & "Hair Of The Dog") and played at venues such as Bindoon Rock. The band seemed to be doing really well, until the departure of Jeff OLIVER. After Jeff left the POOR BOYS, the band never quite recovered its 'spark', and ended up as a one-hit wonder. Jeff OLIVER. seems to be the only member who is still successfully performing today.

Pg1 Pearl Coast The Jets Matt Taylor/Chain Poor Boys Pg2 Ian Kenny Ian Kenny Band Worlds End True Colors pg3 Jon Ryder pg4 Everest Saracen Trilogy

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