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Group Pic 01- From Left to right; Chad, Bridget, Chris Brannick, Christian, Zack, Chris Roberts, Jamie, Tyler, and Jerod. LOOK CLOSELY, IM A PIMP! 2 beautiful girls on each arm. heh, just kidding they are only friends.

Group Pic 02-From Left to right; Chad, Jamie, Roberts, Scott, Christian, Zack, Bridget, Jake, Tyler, Jerod

Brannick is a hippy.

Chris roberts rode in the trunk for about an hour, while we went to the old bridge, and confused the hell out of him, he rocks for that.

this WILL be in my album someday.

Chad and zack, performing some Chackandzad stuff.

Jerod was bagged By roberts, He deserved it.

A damn good pic i took of brannick More pics when im not lazy.