WARNING THESE ARE RUMORS. THEY ARE NOT TO BE TAKEN AS FACT IN ANY WAY. I DID NOT MAKE THEM UP MYSELF; I DO NOT BELIEVE THEM (and neither should you); I DO NOT INTEND THEM TO MOCK OR DEGRADE MARILYN MANSON IN ANY WAY. I've collected these rumors from a wide range of sources. They are displayed here solely for their amusement value, and to partially stop the flood of e-mail I get about some of 'em. They are in NO way to be taken as being disrespectful to the band--the only people I'm laughing at here are the ones who persist in believing these.

Marilyn had sex with his dad. (They told me this long story which was something like his dad said he couldn't live with him anymore unless he agreed to have sex with him. Since that was easier than moving his stuff out, they did & eventually Marilyn started to like it.)

Marilyn's family has disowned him, and he's no longer on speaking terms with his mom and dad. [I don't think we can reconcile this one and the one above it, kids...]

twiggy's parent's disowned him after he joined the band

I heard that Mansons father is a real priest.

manson and gwen of no doubt a brother and sister

manson was Paul Pheifer from The Wonder Years

Manson gave Keano Reeves wife drugs and she died in a car crash because of it.

manson removed his rib to suck his penis

Marilyn Manson is Racist

Marilyn Manson is Gay

Marilyn Manson molests children

Marilyn Manson kills chickens & animals at his concerts

Marilyn Manson is against God

Mr. Manson was the little kid on Mr. Belvedere.

Mr. Manson was the youngest son on the Brady Bunch.

Mr. Manson played Mike Teevee in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. [ the *book*?...]

Marilyn Manson was Charlie in the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Marilyn Manson was Doogie Howser's best friend on the same named show

Marilyn Manson acted on the old sitcom "the Facts of Life" before moving on to his musical career.

Ginger was Paul on the Wonder Years.

one of the drummers was on The Wonder Years and he was ashamed of it so he went to the studio where they kept all the tapes of the show and destroyed them and that's why you never see that show on anymore.

I heard that the lead singer is really the older son from Mr. Belvedere. I also heard that Paul Pfifer from the Wonder Years is in the band.

Marilyn played the little kid on Small Wonder.

Manson was Corky from Life Goes On

Twiggy was Valerie on Family Ties.

twiggy is that chick from the wonder years

Marilyn Manson played Winnie on the Wonder Years.

i also "heard" that he was the OLDER brother on Mr. Belvedere (Rob Stone, I think his name was), and that when (-ever) Marilyn Manson was on Letterman, Dave asked him about his stint on Mr. B, and that Marilyn quickly stated that that was a long time ago, and that he wasn't like that anymore, etc.

I heard that Mr. Manson WAS the guy on the Wonder Years but then started his own rumour and then he SAID he wasn't, just to throw people off.

The Twiggy that is in the band now isn't the REAL Twiggy. The old Twiggy was replaced & you can't tell the difference because he wears all that makeup and wigs.

Someone at school told me that Twiggy and Zim Zum were the same person, but to make them look like two people they used holograms and mirrors.... They do this because the real Twiggy lost his hair from having chemotherapy for Ball Cancer, and he was ashamed cause his hair wasn't as cool as it used to be....

Daisy and Zim Zum are the same people, but Manson thought it would get him more publicity if he "got a new guitarist".

I heard that daisy is zimzum, and that he made up a alternate identity so he could marry himself.

Someone told me that Zim Zum is Izzy Stradlin in disguise.

I heard that Sara Lee and Ginger are really the same person, and that Sara had plastic surgery and changed his name so nobody would recognize him.

Manson IS Trent.

Vince Neil sings in the band.

HeY I HeArD oN MtV ThAt Mr. MaNsON UsED To Be ThE LeAd SiNgUr FoR ThErApY ThEy SuX ShIt MANSON ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trent Reznor can clearly be seen sitting next to Ginger Fish during Marilyn Manson's MTV Video Music Performance.

The Rev.'s real name is Marilyn.

The MM singer is G.G.Allin, G.G. did not go overboard but hid out and overdosed a a guy with shit on his face that looked like him! Thats why GG is in disguise now!

i heard that marilyn is a member of a cannibal group and he really is black and he bleached his skin (like michael jackson).

In Marilyn Manson's new video (Man That You Fear) the little girl that plays his duaghter is said to actaully be his duaghter.

Likewise, the girlfriend/wife of the video is alledged by some to be Manson's real girlfriend/wife...

**Pronoun Trouble--what sex was that band member, anyway?:

Marilyn just got breast implants--I kow it's true, I read it in a magazine...[ah, the things you find trolling the newsgroup...]

Twiggy is a girl. [guess they've got mighty strange looking girls in someone's neck of the woods...]

Twiggy is really a transsexual.

I heard marilyn was a hermaphrodite.

The only reason that Mr. Manson deals with child pornography is because he is a hermaphrodite.

Mr. Manson is actually a chick.

Manson wants to get a sex change.

Manson is a transvestite. That's why him and all the band members have chick's names.

Manson wants to be a woman so he can be a witch. [gee, I didn't realize that was a requirement..]

Manson is really a woman, SHE dresses like a man, only to have sex with other woman.

Missi (that's the correct spelling) is actually Twiggy in disguise. That's why they're always together.

could you please explain to me what it is with Pogo really being a female, or transvestite(sp?)

Fionna Apple is really one of the band members.

Wasn't Sara Lee Lucas a chick? I've seen pictures where Sara Lee Lucas is called tina or some name like that ( i can't remember...) and looks remarkably like a babe...

Twiggy is a girl

Also some guy that works in this record store i was in, was convinced that Twiggy was the sixth spice girl (sexy spice)?????

Manson wanted to run for president but missed some sort of deadline ....

Manson is a Minister in the Church of Goth.. You know, like Satanism and all that stuff

I heard at school that manson is really the pope

now i thought marilyn was an athiest (as any satanist should be), but appearently i heard that manson not only believed in god, but is doing all this to get people talking about religion again and make them more religious so god can save them.

I heared that Marilyn and Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins were going to make a Christian band. [I have to ask--make a Christian band do what? ]

Marilyn Manson (the band) started as a Saigon Kick side project. [and this guy can prove it to you...]

but a friend of mine just told me (and he "knows this is true") but the reason Madonna Wayne Gacy is sometimes called Pogo, is because he was a clown before he joined MM.

Twiggy Ramirez often dresses up in a cow suit and sexually harrasses overweight women in grocery stores. [it's the "often" I worry about here...]

Marilyn Manson makes up most of the rumors just for kicks. [my goodness-- finally a rumor that has a grain of truth to it!]

Gen Genitorturer and Manson has done a porno-movie together

Marilyn gave Keith Flint (Prodigy's lead singer) all those peircings. [Learned this skill while making the movie with Jen, we presume.]

Gen is the woman in the Hustler pictures with Manson [not too likely, since the woman in the pix looks nothing like Gen...] the girl in the hustler pictures with marilyn manson is Anton Lavey's daughter.

Is it true that marilyn manson is getting deported?

Manson has a seventeen year old son [precocious, wasn't he?]

Marilyn Manson is going to start his own line of designer condoms. [to prevent things like the seventeen year old son, obviously..] Marilyn Manson is a vampire.

Marilyn Manson is a witch

He's a satan worshipper

He IS satan.

Has anyone heard anything about the crow 3? It is supposed to be starring Trent Reznor as The Crow and also having Mr. Manson in it somewhere.

marylin manson's aol screen name is Man666son.

I heard manson and the hole band live together in Flroida. [wow; I'm surprised that he'd want to live that close to Courtney Love, considering how Twiggy feels about her....]
**Murder and mayhem:
After the Jan 10th, 1997 Manson concert in Denver, Co, the Reverend raped and killed some girl, wrote on the wall with her blood, "Manson was here" but, the cops were afraid of him, so, they didn't arrest him.

After SaraLee left Marilyn Manson, Marilyn shot him and the band ate his brains.

Marilyn killed Tupac and that other dead rapper.

manson killed Daisy

sara was set on fire in caraboro, NC and he was killed

the reverend is the only original member of the band the rest of them were killed (by mr manson) and fed to gorillas at some big zoo or something

I heard my friend say that Manson killed his wife because she was pregnant, then he took out the baby, named Lucifer Satan Damian, LSD, and put it in an abortion crib, (i think it is bullshit though) [and it is, but, it's creative...]

i heard from a friend that Pogo, like his namesake Mr Wayne Gacy, was apparently under suspicions of killing five little boys??????

**Who's the god with the biggest dick?:

---The Classic Rib Rumor:

I heard that Marilyn Manson had four [or three, or two] of his ribs removed so he coul give himself a blowjob!! ---and its many variants:

Trent, Twig and Marilyn ALL got their ribs removed so they can suck their own penises. [couldn't they just suck each others' easier?]

Manson is going to get his ribs removed so he could blow himself. [interesting variant--it's now moved into the future tense.]

Marilyn Manson got high and chopped off own penis!!! [well then, I guess he doesn't have to get that annoying surgery done after all...]

The good Rev died on stage, last week, while he was having an operation to remove four of his ribs so he could suck his own dick. [!I think that just about covers it...]

That guy's sick, he ripped his two bottom ribs out just to suck his dick!

It was not only 2 to 4 ribs...but all his floating and false rib...or 8 rather that he had removed to suck his own dick...(no...he doesn't need any protection for those vital organs, since he's immortal and all)

my roomate told me that this weekend somebody asked him if manson had two ribs removed AND a vertebrae added.

He got his vertabre removed to suck his own dick.

marilyn manson removed two ribs and had his dick extended (with a part of a dead mans) so he could give himself a blow job.

i heard that he got the ribs removed so he could suck his dick for the cover of Tool's AENIMA album...

He took hes ribs out to scroo hemself. [I'm having a hard time picturing just how having ribs out would help this...]

I heard that Marylin Manson only had his left ribs removed so he could only lick the side of his dick.

**Of course, there are other reasons to have your ribs removed:

Now Manson's getting them removed so he can give birth to kids!

(V)anson got two ribs taken 0ut becuase the devil has two less ribs (the devil does actually have 2 less ribs, its in the bible) [It's not. Trust me.]

Manson had two ribs removed so that he cauld suck his own dick to prove his love to twiggey []

Marilyn (Brian Warner) had one rib removed to make his penis larger.

Marilyn manson uses his removed rib to fuck small rabits anally [I love the insistence on *small* rabbits.]

Marilyn Manson had to get 2 ribs ADDED so he wouldn't choke on his dick!

Some little troll argued with me for 20 minutes that Manson had 2 ribs removed and 8 vertebrae removed. And she swore it was a fact and that her friend has pictures. When I explained that I was Pre-Med in college and that he couldn't walk and might not even live with that kind of surgery, she said that was what all his braces were for

Marylin Manson had cut two holes in his stomach to look like he had ribs removed.

I heard that Manson got 2 of his ribs taken out so that he could eat out his asshole, not so he could suck his dick. I mean you can get anybody to suck your dick, but not many people will eat out your asshole. [Ummm....that is a point...]

Truth - Things that you never knew about Marilyn Manson 1. Marilyn Manson wants to eliminate world stupidity, human weakness & false belief systems 2. Marilyn Manson is teaching teenagers how to make it through life with a strong mind 3. Marilyn Manson talks about important topics such as World Corruption 4. Marilyn Manson wants Parents to raise their children right 5. Marilyn Manson is against the misuse of God 6. Marilyn Manson is against people that misuse the Bible 7. Marilyn Manson is against people shoving their beliefs down your throat 8. Marilyn Manson is against drug & alcohol addiction 9. Marilyn Manson teaches his fans to protect their mind from all the lies out there in the world.