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a/n: I took a challenge to write a fanfic that centered around the photo that I selected from Jennifer's website I hope you enjoy the story and I'm not going to ruin it by giving away the plot on this one so you'll have to read it to find out why I titled this one:


“This has got to be one of the most dumbest things you’ve convinced me into doing in months.....you do realize that don’t you Katie............Katie?”

Katie looked back at her best friend with a smirk on her face as she continued her fast pace through the dark alley behind the concert auditorium. “Just c’mon, the more you whine and complain, you’ll take all the fun out of it!”

“But I’m gettin’ cold---”

“Beth, quit being so grumpy. I’m doing this for you, remember?”

Beth stopped as she threw her hands into the air. “For me?! Oh for cyin’ out loud.....Katie, all I said was it would be cool if Nick Carter was in love with one of us... I was just kidding!” She narrowed her eyes at her best friend noticing that she didn’t stop. “Hey! How do you know that this will work and wait, how do you know that we’ll even get in there?”

The young woman held up a pass card as she kept up her pace, this time walking backwards to face her friend. ”Because I got one of these things and I can go anywhere I want with these!” She produced two laminated stage passes.

“How the hell did you get those?”


“You gotta be kidding me!” Beth squealed as she rushed up to Katie grabbing at the laminated passes. She looked at her friend again, furrowing her brow. “But still, once we get in there, how are you so positive that those drops will work and how do you figure Nick will look at one of us at all during this whole thing?”

“My...my...my, so many questions,” Katie laughed as she slipped the pass card into the slot causing the heavy door to buzz and then click as it unlocked. “Just follow me, alrighty?”

Following her friend through the open door, Beth stuck her hands into her coat pockets. “If we get caught, we’re gonna be in so much trouble.”

“You worry too much, c’mon.”

Their footsteps echoed on the concrete floor as they walked quickly down the hall. “This place is spooky...”

“Sh-h-h, quiet!”

Beth shivered as she glanced down the hall behind her. “I’m just sayin this place gives me the creeps.”

“Do you want this or not?”

“I guess I do, but like I said, this isn’t gonna work.”

“You’ll never know until you try it.... this is the door we need,” Katie stated as she slipped a card into the lock. The door hummed with electricity as it unlatched. “Bingo!” Reaching back, Katie grabbed her friend’s coat sleeve and pulled her through the doorway.

Beth’s eyes widened as she looked around the backstage. “I can’t believe that nobody is around,” she whispered as she followed her friend. “Do you even know where the water is and how do you know that Nick will drink the water we mess with?”

Katie stopped and sighed loudly. “You are seriously taking all the fun out of this.....this is only gonna be for one night!”

“You didn’t answer my question!”

“Shhh.......over here, look!”

Beth followed Katie over towards a table that was already set up with bottles of water, different name brands and the names of each Backstreet Boy in front of section.

“Aquafina.....that’s Nick’s see, there’s the name in front of the bottles,” Katie pointed.

“Why am I not surprised that Kevin drinks Evian? Figures, he’s such a puss,” Beth snickered. “Look at AJ’s, it’s Nicotine Water, I’ve never heard of such a thing. There’s actually a water for cigarette smokers, my God.”

“Who cares.......they drink specialized water, here’s your stuff, make sure you go just below the cap so it won’t leak,” Katie directed as she handed her friend a syringe and a bottle filled with the potion. “Don’t dink around doing this cause we still have to get out of here and not get caught.”


“How the heck did Stevie manage to get us front row seats?”

Slouching down in her seat, Katie shook her head. “Beth, you ask too many damned questions.”

“I have to ask one more....no two more and then I’ll keep my mouth shut for the rest of the night about this. How long until the potion works and how the hell are we going to get Nick to even look at us during the show?”

“Like I told you earlier, Nick should get the effects probably ten minutes after he finishes his first full bottle of water and this is the reason why we’re wearing tube tops.”

“You mean?”

“We flash him!”


“How else do you get a hottie like Nick to look at somebody like us in this crowd?”

After minutes of opening acts and commericals that were shown on the huge screen above the stage, the house lights were dimmed and screams of anticipation filled the packed auditorium. The pyrotechnics were cued on and one by one, the five Backstreet Boys appeared onstage. Beth sat in awe as she watched Nick Carter’s movements and she found herself mesmerized as he moved across the stage in front of her. She decided to herself that what she and Katie had planned was not such a bad idea afterall. She quickly became excited after the third song when Nick picked up a bottle of his water and uncapped it taking a sip. Her joy quickly turned into frustration when Nick took the bottle and started pouring it out over the crowd of fans.

“Great....he’s never gonna finish an entire bottle, I can already tell,” she mumbled.

Her fustration grew after Nick poured out bottle after bottle of his Aquafina over the crowd....the band......and his friends. Suddenly, after started to sing a solo song, Nick took another bottle of water and sat at the edge of the stage by the band and tipped the bottle up and drank it down without stopping. She elbowed Katie sharply in the ribs. “Did you see it! Did you see it?”

Rubbing her side, Katie glared at Beth. “See what?”

“Nick drank a whole bottle of his water.....just now! How much longer? Do we start flashing him?”

Katie grinned. “Give it one song and then we start, okay?”

Beth kept her eyes on Nick as he laid on his back during Brian’s solo and then sat up, spinning around on his butt and then finally fidgeted and threw a stuffed animal at Brian, hitting him in the head. Brian seemed to not notice, keeping his focus on the audience in front of him, singing the song with passion in his voice.

Once the song ended, the group reassembled and started the moves for Everybody. As soon as Katie and Beth decided that Nick was looking in their direction, they lifted their tube tops exposing their breasts to the band.

Nick continued to concentrait on his dance steps but AJ seemed to be working his way over towards the two young women, a smile playing on his lips and his head bouncing up and down to anything but the rhythm of the music.

“I think AJ noticed us,” Katie yelled.

“But we want Nick, not AJ!”

“I dunno, he’s kinda cute.”

“Nick’s coming back.......do it again!”

Both women flipped their tops up again, this time Nick breezed right on by and Brian’s face turned red and a look of disgust replaced his smile.

Katie laughed. “I think we just grossed Brian out.”

“Yeah but AJ is still looking at us, are you sure we spiked the right bottles?”


Several times after the girls lifted their tops to the stage, Nick suddenly stopped in mid-step, his eyes focused on something off on the side of the stage. Katie and Beth hugged each other.

Jumping up and down both girls squealed. “It worked...ohmygod it worked!”

As Nick darted off the stage, Beth started screaming. ”NICK....NO OVER HERE NICK, WE’RE OVER HERE!”

“What the hell is he doing?” Katie wondered outloud as she watched Nick rush over to Brian’s bodyguard, Raul.

An ‘Event Staff Security’ guard wearing a red tee shirt stood in front of Katie and Beth, his arms folded across his chest. “Ladies, you’ve been asked to leave, please follow me.”

Katie and Beth watched as Nick wrapped his arms around Raul and started kissing the man’s cheek, ignoring the security guard.

“Ladies, I said you have to leave, we can go peacefully or I can have you dragged out of here!”

Katie shifted her body out of the man’s reach. “I’m going.....don’t put your hands on me!”

As the two girls were shoved out of the venue, the door slammed shut behind them.

“I can’t believe Brian snitched us out, he’s an asshole,” Katie muttered.

“I can’t believe that Nick didn’t look at us, good work Katie, you turned him gay!”

Katie rolled her eyes in reply. “God, it’s not like it’s forever stupid......midnight and he’ll be the same dorky guy we know and love.”

“But still....”

“Let’s analyze this.....we grossed Brian out, Howie never looked at us once, so I bet he’s not into girls and Kevin was off into his own world as usual....the only one that seemed to enjoy our breasts was AJ, you know if we didn’t get escorted out of the concert I bet we could have hooked up with him,” Katie stated as they walked down the alley.

Beth slowed her steps. “Oh no......forget it! We are not going to try this again with AJ!”

“It worked with Nick sorta, so we know we can do this and besides, AJ’s a natural born pervert,” Katie grinned as she grabbed Beth’s arm. “Let’s have some fun!”

“I can’t believe I’m gonna do this,” Beth replied as she followed Katie to the tour buses........

The End

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